Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 26

### Chapter 26 - So much in love with each other

Although it was separated by a layer of artificial skin, Feng Xinglang could still feel Xueluo's face that could be broken with a flick of his fingers;

She was thin, but a woman was good at it.

Feng Xinglang's breathing became rough. Only now did he realize that he hadn't seen a woman for a long time.

"Xueluo," he called out to her in a low voice, his ancient voice carrying a trace of emotion, making it sound much more melodious.

Couple gift? Xueluo was startled, he immediately raised his head from Feng Xinglang's powerful leg, and uneasily stammered, "No, Lixin … "Can you not be like this?"

It was the same offer, but this time Xueluo rejected it gently. People couldn't bear to violate her.

"Haven't you already married me? Why don't you fulfill your wife's obligation to marry me? Are you saying that you dislike me because I'm ugly? "

When Feng Xinglang saw the red blush on the woman's face, he was delighted. He enjoyed her uneasiness, as if he were looking at a helpless little lamb that had fallen into the jaws of a wolf.

"No, I don't find you ugly!" I... "I …" Xueluo stammered, "Sorry, Lixin, I'm not mentally prepared yet."

"You don't have to be prepared. As long as you obediently lie down, I will take care of the rest. " Feng Xinglang's words were tainted with a blush of love. Although it was coarse and old, it was extremely viscous when it entered one's ears.

Xueluo's face blushed even more. Almost a drop of blood. This man's movements are already so inconvenient, why is he still thinking about the matters between men and women? Xueluo was speechless.

"Lixin, don't do this. Can we get along like friends? "At least give me some time." Xueluo was truly embarrassed.

"Don't call me Lixin!" Suddenly, Feng Xinglang bellowed.

Xueluo was startled, then looked at Feng Xinglang blankly, as if he felt that there was a sense of déjà vu in this man's eyes.

"I won't call you Lixin … "Then what should I call you?" Xueluo asked suspiciously.

Feng Xinglang turned his face slightly, and said solemnly: "Call me husband."

Xueluo pursed her lips, as though she was too embarrassed to say anything. Ye Zichen felt rather embarrassed for her to suddenly call him an unfamiliar man husband.

"Let's just call him Mr Feng." Thinking about the possibility that this woman had some kind of unfathomable motive, Feng Xinglang returned to being cold and detached.

Jumping from being an intimate 'husband' to being a distant 'Mr Feng', Xueluo was faintly sad, but he still obediently called out to Feng Xinglang, "Mr Feng."

"Were you forced to marry into the Feng Family because of the Xia Family?" Feng Xinglang probed, "It couldn't have been voluntary, right?"

Xueluo was silent for a while, and then decided to be frank with him, "It was my wish. I cannot fail to repay the grace of my uncle's upbringing. Lixin... "No, Mr Feng, I will do my best to take care of you."

"What are your plans for the future?" Is he going to tire himself to death in Feng Family in this lifetime? " Feng Xinglang asked coldly.

Exhausted to death in Feng Family? Xueluo lowered his head and fell silent.

Was this woman hiding too well, or was it as her brother Feng Lixin had said — Was she clean?

In short, for the time being, Feng Xinglang was still unable to see any signs of greed, conspiracy, or desire in Lin Xueluo's eyes.

"Alright, since you're already here, feel free to come!" Xueluo, since you have already married into the Feng Family, then feel at ease to be my woman. " Inadvertently, Feng Xinglang once again saw her skin that was as rich as cream, her throat tightened, and her vital energy and blood seemed to uncontrollably surge down.

Xueluo nodded. She took a tray from the cupboard, "Mr Feng, let me give you dinner. Nanny An has stewed pig's feet for you, melting immediately. It is rich in collagen, which can promote cell regeneration. "

After trying to test the temperature, which was just right for his mouth, Xueluo finally brought the spoon to Feng Xinglang's mouth.

Feng Xinglang took a sip of the greasy pig's paw soup. This was because Feng Lixin's diet was filled with very little seasonings, it was really light and tasteless. However, under the woman's gentle hospitality, he had no choice but to eat it piece by piece.

"Lixin... Mr Feng, in the future, just let me feed you three times a day. Xinglang was very busy at work, so she gave him more time to rest. I can do it. " Xueluo said gently.

"What? You want to distance yourself from the relationship between us brothers?" His heart might have been moved, but when he spoke those words, they became cold and detached.

"NO!" No! I think that Xinglang will eventually get married and have his own children, and as a wife, I should take care of you more than him. " Xueluo explained.

Feng Xinglang stared at the gentle looking woman. Maybe she didn't have that kind of love in her eyes yet, but her gentleness was quite attractive. It was the same scene as last night when he took off his high heels and beat up a hooligan. The woman's charm was really strong.

"I will stay tonight." Feng Xinglang suddenly said.

That he was going to sleep on the wedding bed tonight? Then should I share a bed with him?

Xueluo's face immediately turned red again. What should he do? Was it to refuse, or to obey him?

Can you refuse? He was his legal wife! Sooner or later, she would have to sleep in the same bed as him.

Actually, Feng Xinglang's suggestion was extremely risky. This was because this set of man-made skin tools only had his upper body. The moment he went onto the bed, if Xueluo saw or touched his lower body, he would be exposed.

But Feng Xinglang chose to take the risk. At most, he would just let her know that the one he married was him, Feng Xinglang, and not his big brother, Feng Lixin. But what would she look like when she found out the truth about the little woman's bad impression of him?

Cheers? Or angry from embarrassment? Most of them were probably the latter!

Actually, the other important reason why Feng Xinglang did this was to appease the angry brother Feng Lixin. So that he could feel that he was really, really, really loving Lin Xueluo tonight!

The bedside lamp was turned off. Feng Xinglang lied down beside Xueluo. He slept with his clothes on.

His long arm moved forward and wrapped around Xueluo's slender waist; Feng Xinglang could clearly feel the woman's body shivering.

"Are you afraid of me?" In the darkness, Feng Xinglang asked with his hoarse voice.

"Yes. "A little." Xueluo was not only afraid, he was extremely nervous as well. Even if 'Feng Lixin' looked completely different, he was still a man.

"Don't think too much. Relax, take a deep breath. I won't touch you. " Feng Xinglang consoled the woman in his arms.

You won't touch her? Then, was the arm on her chest considered to be touching her?

Xueluo's tiny movements did not stop. The strong scent of a man directly seeped into her nose. It was the familiar smell of cool mint. This smell seemed to be … It seemed to be very similar to the smell on Feng Xinglang's body!

It was probably because the two brothers liked the same type of toiletries.

"Don't move." Feng Xinglang held the woman tightly in his embrace, holding both of her hands tightly, making it impossible for her to touch his body.

"Um …" Lixin, I, I'm hot. " Although he had activated the central air-conditioning, Xueluo still felt that it was extremely hot.

"You are not to call me Lixin! Call me husband! " Feng Xinglang said coldly.

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