Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 27

### Chapter 27 - Don't miss me too much

Why was this man angry again?

He wanted her to call him 'Mr Feng' in a while, and 'husband' in a while, what a fickle man. However, when he thought of how such an outstanding man had once been burned to death, his heart couldn't help but be filled with excitement. Xueluo could understand why the man would struggle in his heart.

Her submissive mumble cried out: "... Husband, I, I'm hot. I want to sleep on the couch. "

"No way!" Feng Xinglang held his arms tighter. Xueluo's back was facing him, so his face couldn't be seen.

"But I'm really hot." Xueluo struggled slightly again, reminding her in a soft voice, "It's too hot, it's not good for your skin's metabolism."

"Don't move, it's not hot anymore!" Feng Xinglang said coldly, "If you find it too hot, you can take off your clothes. How about I help you? "

Hearing that this man wanted to help her get undressed, Xueluo shook her head and used her small hands to hold onto her collar tightly, "I'm not hot anymore, I'm not hot anymore."

Not only was Xueluo feeling the heat, Feng Xinglang was feeling it even hotter than her. His upper body was still covered by his artificial skin, and the woman in his arms was twisting irregularly. He was sweating profusely, but the heat didn't dissipate. His breath seemed to boil.

"Raise …" Just as the words left his mouth, he thought that a man might get angry again, so Xueluo hurriedly changed his words, "... "Hubby, don't hug me so tightly, okay?"

Xueluo's voice was soft and gentle, even if she had refused, her ears would not have felt any pain.

Why was this woman so virtuous and virtuous, as docile as a little cat when she was disguised as Feng Lixin? Yet, she had turned into a little wild cat with bared fangs and brandished claws in front of Feng Xinglang, how could she be so unruly and unruly?

Feng Xinglang loosened his grip on her body and allowed her to breathe freely. To be honest, he was also extremely frustrated.

"Xueluo, treat Xinglang better." Because Feng Xinglang's voice was pasted on his vocal cords, it changed the frequency of its pronunciation and became hoarse and aged, "He really cares about his big brother Feng Lixin. "Sometimes, his temper will be a bit bad, so you have to put up with him as much as possible."

These words were followed by a demonic air. Could it be that someone also wanted this woman to be a little more tender to him after removing the artificial skin? Be meek? It didn't seem like that at all! Perhaps the more unobtainable something was, the more attractive it would be!

Xueluo pursed her moist red lips, and muttered softly, "Don't worry, I will treat Xinglang well. I know he cares a lot about your big brother. He was afraid something might happen to you. Therefore, you should take good care of yourself and try to recover early. That way, Xinglang would not be able to live through the deep guilt and gratitude he had towards you. In fact, I can see that he's suppressing himself! "

The woman's words touched the softest string in Feng Xinglang's heart. A cold heart warmed by these heartfelt words.

"You are actually quite concerned about Feng Xinglang?" This question carried a bit of evilness and a bit of arrogance.

"I'm her sister-in-law." Xueluo replied softly.

"Shut up!" Feng Xinglang yelled again.

"..." Xueluo was slightly startled: Why does this man always like to get angry? He was Feng Xinglang's sister-in-law to begin with, did he say something wrong? But Xueluo would never haggle over nothing with a patient.

Shut up and shut up. Xueluo did not want to provoke 'Feng Lixin' anymore, so he gently shifted his body to the side of the bed and leaned on it again, until he almost fell off.

Xueluo wanted to dodge, but someone refused to do so. Feng Xinglang also moved over, with a swing of his powerful arm, he wrapped Xueluo, who was about to fall, into his embrace.

"If you move again, I'll eat you." Feng Xinglang was speechless. Smell her hair, light and pleasant, lavender fragrance, also safe.

Xueluo did not dare to move again. Of course she knew what 'eating' meant.

His heart was calm and naturally cold. Calm down the messy emotions, and then let his heart slowly calm down. This was a very difficult process. But Xueluo did it.

It was with great difficulty that he managed to accumulate some hazy sleepiness, but Xueluo inadvertently somersaulted him in fear and disappeared without a trace.

Although Xueluo was still a girl and had not experienced the joys of sex, he had still learned about physical hygiene classes. She suddenly felt that the man who was hugging her waist had grown up somewhere. Not only that, he was tough as well.

Xueluo instinctively realized that this man's male function was normal!

Didn't they say that Feng Lixin was burned to the point that he couldn't even take care of himself? Then his male capabilities should have been destroyed as well? How could it be like this, so tall and straight! That shouldn't be!

Xueluo was so scared that he didn't even dare breathe. She was forced to cuddle up in Feng Xinglang's embrace, trembling like a cicada in the winter.

"Scared?" The man's voice sounded playful, "If you don't listen, I really know how to eat you."

To be honest, even with all these thoughts, Feng Xinglang was still worried. Putting aside the fact that he would feel uncomfortable with the artificial body, just the fact that a woman was married into the Feng Family without being found out would cause him to feel resentful.

"Seal... Mr Feng, I think it's better if I sleep on the sofa. " Feeling that the man was no longer against him, Xueluo rolled down the bed like a frightened bird, then crawled and tumbled before rushing to the sofa. He then covered his mouth to suppress his rapid breathing.

Xueluo wasn't mentally prepared to accept this man. Because that hideous face was still circling in her mind, not something that could be removed in a short period of time. Xueluo was also just an ordinary little girl. Although she wasn't part of the Appearance Association, she still couldn't calmly accept a man who was disfigured beyond recognition.

The fact that his arms failed made the man lose what he wanted to hold tightly to. His movements seemed to have become rigid as well.

"Starting tomorrow, I will do a cycle of treatment. Don't miss me too much. " Feng Xinglang explained to Xueluo about recent events.

"Can't I go into the physiotherapy room and take care of you?" Xueluo was startled, and asked anxiously.

"No need! Dr. King will take good care of me. " Feng Xinglang replied indifferently. He wouldn't let Lin Xueluo, whose plan was still unclear, into the medical room to see Big Brother Feng Lixin's true condition.

As an uncle, Feng Yiming had long coveted all the movable properties of the Feng Family and Feng Family. In other words, Feng Yiming was just waiting for Feng Lixin to die. Only the second successor would be able to get the upper hand.

"Then... Then, can Xinglang come in and take care of you? " Xueluo asked again.

This question stunned Feng Xinglang quite a bit. With a cold voice, he asked, "What do you mean?"

"No, it's not interesting!" I just wanted to know if your brother Feng Xinglang can go into the treatment room to take care of you! If he can, then so can I. He's your blood brother, but I'm still your wife! " Xueluo muttered.

Feng Xinglang's feelings were mixed: Is this woman fighting with him for the sake of being able to enter the medical room to take care of her big brother Feng Lixin?

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