Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 28

### Chapter 28 - Be a bit more obedient in the future

Or was there some other motive?

"Why did you have to go into the medical room to take care of me?" Feng Xinglang asked coldly.

Xueluo pursed his lips, "I just feel that I have more responsibility to take care of you than your brother Feng Xinglang." Then he said angrily, "If you don't want me to take care of you, then forget it. I'm glad to have some free time. "

"Enough, you and Xinglang don't need to take care of me! Dr. King will take good care of me. "

Feng Xinglang stretched out his sturdy four limbs, as if the ball of primordial flames from before was also slowly fading away. It had been a long time since a woman had gone missing, but now she was interested in a scheming woman?

"You and Xinglang have to get along well, don't take advantage of my treatment to cause a scene where you are heading back to your parents' house! Did you hear that? "

Using Feng Lixin's tone, Feng Xinglang gave Xueluo a precaution in advance. He did not want to go to Xia Family to get someone for this woman again.

"Yes." Xueluo replied meekly. Actually, all the rebellious factors in his heart were shouting: You should have said those words to your precious little brother.

Therefore, Xueluo changed to an even more tactful method, "Lixin, let's move in to the guest room downstairs."

Move to the guest room downstairs? What new tricks was this woman up to this time?

"Why?" Feng Xinglang asked coldly without batting an eyelid.

"Um …" That Xinglang will be working very late. He must be very tired when he comes home, so he doesn't want to climb up the stairs. We can just let him sleep in the master bedroom on the second floor. " Xueluo stammered.

"Then wouldn't it be more considerate of him to sleep in the guest room downstairs?" Feng Xinglang replied indifferently. A woman's excuse was really terrible. Neither front nor back can be used as a plausible causal link.

"But the living room downstairs doesn't have the large bathroom your baby brother likes." Xueluo could not help but ask, "After all, you are someone with a family, unlike you two brothers who could freely shower in any bathroom in Feng Family."

This woman had been beating around the bush for a long time, wanting to complain to her big brother, Feng Lixin. The day she showered in the master bedroom on the second floor and let her see everything?

That was clearly him, Feng Xinglang, the victim. Not only did this woman take advantage of him, she was also so righteous.

Please, Second Young Master, not all women are interested in your inaccessible body.

"Alright, I will tell Xinglang. "Let him be careful not to come to the master bedroom on the second floor to take a shower. It would be a huge loss if he was seen by you." Feng Xinglang said in an aged voice.

Did he lose too much? It was her who suffered a huge loss, alright? Who wants your precious little brother to take a shower! This Feng Lixin was too biased towards his precious little brother. In his eyes, his wife was not even on par with his precious younger brother.

Although he felt aggrieved in his heart, with Feng Lixin's company, Xueluo could still be considered to have slept soundly that night.

Some people probably didn't sleep well. He wanted to eat, but he couldn't.

The next day, when Xueluo woke up, he discovered that he was actually safely sleeping on the huge marriage bed. There was no longer the figure of 'Feng Lixin' by his side. Of course she wouldn't know that the man who slept in the same bed as her last night was her legal husband, Feng Xinglang.

Thinking about what happened last night, Xueluo couldn't help but blush slightly. She really did not expect her husband, Feng Lixin, to have such a healthy man. What should he do? An indescribable pressure surged in his heart, causing Xueluo to let out a long sigh.

He thought that all he had to do was wait on him, but who would've thought … Sigh!

Fortunately, that man hadn't forced her to give him a couple salute last night. Then she would have to be nervous to death.

After cleaning up the wedding bed, Xueluo realized that there was something by his pillow. It was about the size of a dollar coin and looked like an electronic product. Xueluo picked it up and took a look, he did not know that this was the sound-changer that Feng Xinglang accidentally left behind last night. Paste it on your vocal cords to change the timbre of your pronunciation.

What is this? Xueluo placed it into his pocket doubtfully. After washing up, he came downstairs.

But it was too late. The Nanny An said that Feng Xinglang had already served Feng Lixin well and had breakfast.

"Butler Mo, what do you think this is?" I found it in the room. Could it be a listening device? If it was someone who is monitoring Lixin, things would not be good. " Xueluo felt that it would be better to tell Butler Mo. After all, Feng Lixin had been framed to the point of disfigurement. It's not easy to keep a life, so you have to be careful.

Butler Mo took a closer look, it was a voice modulator. Wasn't this object supposed to be stuck on Second Young Master's neck? How did it end up in his wife's hands? Could it be that the two of them shared a bed together last night? If that were the case, it would be a good thing.

"Suddenly, a powerful arm extended over, and Xueluo's sound-changing device landed in his hand. "I'll check."

Knowing that Feng Xinglang was more concerned about Feng Lixin than she was, Xueluo didn't ask any further questions.

"Oh right, my brother will need to undergo further treatment in the near future. Don't bother him in the physiotherapy room. In the future, you must behave yourself and not cause a scene. " Feng Xinglang returned to his seat and sat in front of the table, gracefully eating his sumptuous breakfast. She had an almost perfect side profile and was extremely handsome.

What? This man actually wanted her, Lin Xueluo, not to cause a scene? Does he have a conscience?

"Feng Xinglang, the one making a ruckus isn't me, right? It should be you, Feng Xinglang! " Xueluo replied harshly, "Please respect my sister-in-law more!"

Last night, he was still a docile and obedient little house cat. How did he become a wild cat in front of Feng Xinglang? It made all kinds of people itch and want to beat her up.

"I have never thought of you as any sort of 'sister-in-law'! So don't call yourself 'sister-in-law' in front of me! " Feng Xinglang scoffed, his handsome face had a tinge of respect.

"..." Xueluo was so angry that his teeth itched. Last night, he promised 'Feng Lixin' that he would take good care of his precious little brother! Look at how arrogant and arrogant this man was. How was she supposed to take care of him?!

Just as Xueluo was about to explode in rage, a diamond card was delivered between Feng Xinglang's fingers. Take it. This card can overdraw countless hundred thousand gold coins. "

Does this man still remember that I asked him for a hundred thousand taels of gold? So what? After giving it a slap, he would give it to Candy.

"Thank you Second Young Master Feng for your kind intentions. I have already thought of another way." Xueluo did not accept such a sugar-coated artillery shell. Furthermore, she had already decided to accept Xia Yiqin's help.

"Return the Xia Family's money! You are now a member of our Feng Family. " Feng Xinglang said coldly, "You have to figure out your own identity! We must protect our Feng Family's dignity! We Feng Family's wives do not need anyone to support them. "

Although Feng Xinglang's words were a little harsh, they made sense. Since he had already married into the Feng Family, he was already a member of there. Returning to Xia Family to get the money was indeed embarrassing for Feng Family. However, this man's analysis was really sharp, he actually knew that he went to the Xia Family to get money.

Since Feng Xinglang's character was not good, using his money to do good things could be considered as doing good for him.

Thinking about it this way, Xueluo reached out for the diamond card, feeling much more relaxed.

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