Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 5

Inside the main villa of the Feng Family, it was brightly lit.

The red carpet extended all the way to Lin Xueluo's feet. Under the guidance of Butler Mo, Xueluo passed through the courtyard filled with beautiful flowers and entered the Feng Family's elegant living room.

"Miss Xueluo, please sit and rest for a moment. I'll go to inform the Young Master. "

"Butler Mo, please go ahead." Xueluo replied politely.

After Butler Mo left, Xueluo was the only one left in the empty living room. She looked at the arrangement and furnishings of the living room. She was attracted by the large bouquet of roses in the middle of the living room.

A rose represented love. But could she still have love?

Xueluo retracted her hand that was reaching out to touch the rose, and stood quietly at the side, waiting.

The monitoring system in the living room was connected to the screen in Feng Lixin's room.

"Xinglang, I feel that this girl called Lin Xueluo is not bad. Her eyes are clean." Feng Lixin was very satisfied with his future sister-in-law.

Feng Xinglang just glanced at the Xueluo on the screen indifferently, with his expression still as cold as before, and his words were cold and haughty: "Clean? If it were not that she was forced into a corner, she must have some other motive. "

"You are not allowed to be willful! Hurry and get the marriage certificate with Xueluo! so that I can be at ease! " Feng Lixin felt that it was getting harder and harder to speak.

"What about tomorrow? The Department of Civil Affairs won't be working at night." Feng Xinglang said in a perfunctory tone.

"There's no need to wait until tomorrow! I've applied for a door to door service. "

Feng Lixin did not give his brother a chance to avoid or retreat. His intuition told him: This Lin Xueluo would be a good girl, a good sister-in-law. She would definitely take good care of her brother Feng Xinglang for him.

The most important thing was: Feng Lixin was afraid that he wouldn't be able to wait for long!

In the living room of the Feng Family.

Two members of the Department of Civil Affairs walked in and placed a marriage registration form in front of Xueluo, "Miss Lin, if you voluntarily marry Mr. Feng, please fill out this registration form and sign your name. It's inconvenient for Mr. Feng, we will send him upstairs for him to sign. "

After filling out the registration form, Xueluo quietly stared at the woman for a few seconds before signing his name.

Meanwhile, in the master bedroom on the second floor …

"Alright, I'll sign! Brother, you do call the shot! "

Even though he said that, Feng Xinglang still obediently signed his name on the marriage registration form: Feng Xinglang!

Feng Xinglang didn't have the heart to talk about love, much less marry a woman and become his wife. He only did all these to make his big brother Feng Lixin feel relieved.

An hour later, the marriage certificate, which had been stamped with steel, and had gained the force of law, was delivered to Feng Lixin's side.

Male: Feng Xinglang; Female: Lin Xueluo

"Bro, I've already obediently gotten the marriage certificate. Then, will you also have to obediently perform the skin grafting surgery?"

This was why Feng Xinglang had obediently signed his name. My skin is being taken care of for you every day. "

In fact, he did not know that Doctor Jin had concealed Feng Lixin's illness from him. With Feng Lixin's current condition, maintaining his life would be difficult, let alone operating an operation.

"Every minute of the wedding night is precious! Today is your and Xueluo's day of marriage. Quickly go back to your bridal room! Don't neglect Miss Xueluo! " Feng Lixin then told Butler Mo to temporarily keep the two red marriage certificates.

Bridal room? With this woman?

Feng Xinglang's gaze fell on the Xueluo on the screen: She's really good at disguising herself!

The corner of his lips curled up into a faint cold smile, making one feel as if their bones were being chilled. His cold eyes were as secretive as ever!

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