Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 6

Feng Xinglang had a handsome and resolute face, with a sharp and distinct expression on it.

Handsome and wild: thin, clear lips with excellent contours; a straight nose, full of a domineering shrug.

Even his cold and handsome face was filled with a sexy tension.

His wheat-colored skin had been well-preserved because he wanted to perform a skin grafting operation on his big brother, Feng Lixin. Good as silk.

A black leather suitcase had been opened. It was filled with artificial skin custom-made at a high price in the United States, and it was covered with scars. It's more exquisite and lifelike than the actors in the movies.

These props had only been used once. It was something that Feng Yiming had used to fool Feng Lixin when he had brought people to visit, his nephew. At that time, Feng Lixin's body was in a very bad condition, and his life seemed to be hanging by a thread. Feng Yiming did not come to visit out of good intentions, but to see if his nephew, Feng Lixin, was dead so that he could inherit the Feng Group.

He didn't think that he would have to use these props again tonight.

"Second Young Master, Xueluo is a good girl, are you really going to put these on to scare her?" Butler Mo couldn't bear it.

Xueluo should have already felt wronged when she was in the Xia Family, and Second Young Master Feng Xinglang did not like her at all. How hard would her life be!

"Is a woman who pretends to be a hypocrite worthy of your protection? If you dare talk to her more, I'll divorce her! to make her miserable to the point that it's hard for her to take even a single step in the city! " Feng Xinglang's voice was so cold that it could turn into ice.

The Butler Mo was silent as he started to help Feng Xinglang to put on the artificial skin. Because it was customized for Feng Xinglang, after five minutes, the handsome Feng Xinglang turned into a monster with a ferocious face.

That face was eerie to the point that it caused one's hair to stand on end.

Feng Xinglang pasted a mini voice transmitter onto his vocal cords, and his voice immediately became old: "Call that woman in. Said I was waiting for her on the wedding bed! "

Butler Mo shook his head and sighed, he could not help but feel pity for Xueluo, who had just gotten married. They couldn't help but suspect whether First Young Master was right or wrong in rushing to arrange this marriage for the Second Young Master!

In the living room downstairs, Xueluo was quietly reading a book that Nanny An brought from the study, beautiful like an oil painting.

"Miss Xueluo … No, I should call you Madam. The Young Master is waiting for you in the bridal chamber upstairs. " Butler Mo cautiously used a form of address.

"Oh... Good. Butler Mo, just call me Xueluo. " Xueluo said gently. Xueluo was really not used to being called 'Madam' all of a sudden. She was a kind person to begin with.

When he was trying to keep up with Butler Mo's footsteps, Xueluo's heart was heavy. She secretly encouraged herself in her heart: Feng Lixin was a pitiful person who was burnt to death. Since he had become her husband, she had the duty to take good care of him. After working in the orphanage for more than two years, Xueluo believed that she would be able to take care of Feng Lixin.

The bridal chamber was filled with festive red color. The rose petals were spread out on the carpet, extending all the way to the wedding bed.

Xueluo saw a person lying on the bed. From the back, it looked like he had a robust physique.

Xueluo didn't know how to communicate with the man on the bed, but when she subconsciously looked back, Butler Mo had already left, and the door behind her had already closed up.

"Hello. My name is Lin Xueluo. " Xueluo muttered. Her small face couldn't help but turn red.

After all, this was her wedding night, and the man in the bed was her new husband, whom she had never met.

But when Feng Xinglang turned around, "Ah …" An ear-piercing scream, filled with fear that came from the depths of the soul, shook and spread through the entire villa of the Feng Family.

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