You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 25 - How could I Long Aotian get cucked

Chapter 25 – How could I Long Aotian get cucked

“Yutong, how long do you intend to stay this time?” Zi Han asked with concern, for her daughter to not be at home all year round, she missed her very much.

Yutong spread out her hands, “Since I have gotten the Oscar Trophy, I don’t have much to pursue anymore, so I have decided to retire and enjoy life.”

Qing Huaxuan was very gratified, “You should have long done that. Come and work at dad’s company alright?”

“I don’t want to, if I am going to work at the company, I am going to go work at big sister’s company at the least. What do you say big sister?” Qing Yutong was really intending to retire from the entertainment industry. Qing Yuton was a woman who likes challenges, during the moment when she had gotten the Academy Award for Best Actress, she had already decided to retire.

“Whatever you want.” Qing Ya said indifferently.

Logn Aotian felt that his chance has arrived. Qing Yutong is definitely going to be a member of my harem, just thinking about being able to sleep with a best actress in the future is enough to give me goosebumps all over my entire body.

Qing Chengren suddenly thought of something and reminded, “Long’an City is a bit chaotic those days, Yaya, Yutong, you two be careful a bit.”

“Grandpa, what’s going on, did something happened?” Qing Yutong asked curiously, after all, she only just came back today.

“An international hit-man died yesterday night.” Qing Chengren said unhurriedly.

Qing Ya wrinkled her brows, “Where did the hit-man die at?”

“I think it was at the building that is at the opposite of He River.”

Opposite of He River, Ye Hua and I were even taking a stroll there yesterday night…Qing Ya wrinkled her brows and took a look at Ye Hua.

“Mister Ye, what do you work as?” Qing Chengren asked.

Qing Ya hastily snatched to answer, “Ye Hua is the owner of a bar.”

Qing Yutong went into a daze, the boss of a bar, this plot is not bad.

Wang Muqing and Zi Han were a little displeased, seemingly not having any good opinions towards a person that opens a bar. How could my daughter have mingled with a person that opens a bar?

Long Aotian mocked, “Opening a bar is quite good, there are prospects in opening a bar. I reckon that there should be quite a lot of beautiful women at the bar during the night right.”

Ye Hua has decided, I will definitely swat this housefly to death!

“Long Aotian, don’t think that I don’t know about the things that you are doing in the company, what is going on with you and the director of human resources!”

Long Aotian was astonished, how did she know about that, the director of human resources does indeed have an affair with me. But, that woman is indeed very charming. And what’s more, I conquered her with my charm.

“Qing Ya, you misunderstood, there is nothing going on.” Long Aotian hurriedly explained, I must have definitely been discovered when I went to her house.

Qing Ya sneered and said towards her family, “This is the person that you guys fancied, coming to the company for not even a week, and he has already had an affair with the director of human resources. You sure are formidable, to be able to swindle a director into your hands as a security guard. As expected of an immortal doctor indeed, embracing beautiful women with both hands huh.”

The gazes of Qing Family all gathered onto Long Aotian, seemingly wanting to confirm if this matter was really true or false.

“Qing Ya, you misunderstood, Ai Bihan is a single parent mother, what problem is there with me helping her out for a bit, isn’t the company’s slogan ‘to be united’? I didn’t expect that it would create a misunderstanding like this, it doesn’t really matter for a man like me, but how would others look at Ai Bihan, aren’t you forcing Ai Bihan to resign by saying that!”

Long Aotian said those words vehemently, portraying himself as a super nice guy, and portraying Qing Ya to be the kind of person to deliberately make trouble without reason. Long Aotian was still nonetheless someone that has brains.

“Qing Ya, how could you look upon your subordinate like that!” Qing Huaxuan said displeasedly. Qing Corporation and Qing Ya’s Qing International were two separate company, but Qing Huaxuan had taught Qing Ya since she was small that, only by treating your subordinates well, then would they be able to repay you.

Qing Ya was a smart woman, she knew that since she did not have any evidence to show right now, whatever that she was going to say was going to be meaningless, and would only furthermore set their mind that she was deliberately making trouble without reason.

“Big sister, did Long Aotian really did some did dirty things under your eyes? He is being too much already!” Qing Yutong helped her big sister to cry for injustice, however, who knew if she meant it or not.

Qing Yutong’s mother, Zi Han, reminded, “Yutong, speak less.”

Qing Chengren seemed a little jittery, “Alright, all of you speak less and start eating, serve the dishes!”

Ye Hua, on the other hand, had a face of indifference, I am not interested in listening to this kind of small things. However, I am a little curious about the dishes that will be served.

Delicious dishes were brought to the dining table in succession, and Ye Hua immediately had his eyes on the bowl of crayfish. Qing Ya immediately became startled, feeling that this fellow was going to bring forth the arrogance of a big boss, she immediately said in a low voice, “I will peel it for you.”

“And that crab over there too.” Ye Hua said indifferently.

Qing Ya was angered to the point that she laughed, just you wait, there will definitely be a day where I will get my revenge on you!!!

The scene that unfolded next made everyone present to have their jaws dropped, Qing Ya this strong woman actually didn’t start eating, and instead first peeled seafood for this man to eat, and furthermore even had a smile on her face. Is this still the Qing Ya that I know of!

Qing Chengren was stupefied, Qing Huaxuan went into a daze, Wang Muqing was stunned, Zi Han was stunned, Qing Yutong had a face of astonishment, and Grandma Mei Xunshuang, on the other hand, had a face full of smile.

Holding onto the chopsticks, the veins on the back of Long Aotian’s hands could be seen bulging a bit. Why is this man able to have Qing Ya peel crayfish for him, and furthermore not even have a bit of gratitude at all, seemingly as if everything is normal!

Qing Chengren felt that something was wrong, if my granddaughter hired an actor, she would not definitely act like this, that expression of hers when she is peeling the crayfish seems to even have the meaning of trying to curry favor with the guy, just what is going on with my granddaughter!

Wang Muqing could not take it anymore and said in a deep voice, “Qing Ya, peel a few crayfish for Aotian too.”

“He is not worthy.” Qing Ya placed the crayfish meat that she peeled into Ye Hua’s bowl, and Ye Hua calmly picked up his chopsticks and picked up the crayfish meat, everything seemed that harmonious.

Long Aotian’s hands there were under the table were both clenched tight into a fist, no matter where I went, others would always respect me, except for just today, this is a day of humiliation!!!

Qing Huaxuan’s was not able to suppress his anger anymore as he shouted out, “Qing Ya, you better explain to me just what you are doing today!”

Qing Ya wiped her hands, then took out a certificate from her bag and straightforwardly threw it on the table.

Without waiting for everyone to react, Qing Yutong immediately went up and snatch the book over, then shout out in astonishment, “Big sister! You are really married! This isn’t a fake right…”

Qing Chengren’s brows wrinkled and said in a deep voice, “Qing Ya, what is the meaning of this marriage certificate!”

“Whatever that is shown is whatever that I mean.” Qing Ya appeared to be very calm, she had already imagined this scenario countless times in her mind.

Qing Ya once again took out a paper from her bag and threw it on the table, this was a succession attack, an attack that the others was unprepared for! Qing Ya’s title of cold CEO did not come from nothing.

Qing Yutong snatched it away first again, and her eyes revealed out astonishment, big sister is playing it big this time!

Wnag Muqing took over the paper from Qing Yutong, and after finish looking at it, she had the same expression as Qing Yutong, as if she was struck by a lightning. After everyone finished looking at the paper, the scene became completely silent, and the air seemed as if it froze.

Qing Ya actually gotten a marriage certificate with this man, and even has a child too! My god!

Long Aotian’s expression was changing every second, totally not being able to accept this kind of ending. How is it possible that Qing Ya has a child, those are all fake, how could I get cucked! I am Long Aotian!

“Qing Ya, tell me, all those are all fake right, those are all made up by you just so that you can anger me.” Long Aotian was still struggling, his ordinary face was twisted to a point that it was a little scary.

Ye Hua took a look at Long Aotian, I have seen this kind of expression too many times already, this is the expression one has when they are not willing to accept the truth that is in front of them.

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