You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 26 - I Long Aotian have to not let down this name!

Chapter 26 – I Long Aotian have to not let down this name! 1/2

“It is all real, Ye Hua is my husband, and we have a child already.” Qing Ya said indifferently.

“Alright, alright, Yaya has a child already.” Mei Xunshuang clapped her hands and shouted, just like a child.


Qing Chengren slammed onto the table and left in anger. Qing Huaxuan coldly shouted, “I don’t have a daughter like you, get lost now!”

“Just nice, I also don’t want to have a dad like you.” Qing Ya said, but only she herself knew just how pain her heart was.

“Ye Hua, let’s go.”

Ye Hua paused for a moment, so long as Qing Ya wants, I can eliminate all of them and help her vent.

“Ya’er.” Looking at her daughter’s departing figure, Wang Muqing hurriedly shouted.

Qing Huaxuan coldly said, “I forbid you to call out to her, if not, you can leave the house together with her!”

“Huaxuan, Qing Ya must have definitely been bewitched by that man.”

“Don’t plead for her anymore, this is Qing Family’s misfortune! I, Qing Huaxuan, will just take it as I have never had a daughter like her!”

Qing Yutong poured a small glass of wine for herself and drank it all in one gulp, “Big sister is just too formidable, this move of her is really awesome!”

“Uncle Qing, I will leave first.” Long Aotian could not continue sitting down anymore, his entire body felt as if it was going to explode. This damned Qing Ya, to actually cuckold me!

Qing Huaxuan said with pain, “Aotian, uncle has let you down.”

Long Aotian was also a person who has his own pride, he turned around and left straightforwardly. Qing Huaxuan sighed, such a promising young man is let off just like this…Let me take a look at my small daughter.

“Dad, don’t look at me, do you believe that I will also be like big sister and just casually find a man to have a child with.” Qing Yutong did not know just what her dad was thinking about and said immediately in order to cut off his thoughts.

Zi Han shouted, “Yutong, speak nicely to your dad!”

“Forget it, I’m leaving too, bye bye~”

Qing Huaxuan was angered to the point that he held onto his chest and mumbled, “Family’s misfortunes…Why did I give birth to daughters like this, not one of them doesn’t have to be worried about, it would be great if we had a son!”

Wang Muqing and Zihan took a look at each other, and was totally filled with helplessness…

At the outside, Long Aotian sat inside of a Passat and smoked ferociously. This matter definitely cannot be let off like this! I will return today’s humiliation in folds in the future. Ye Hua and Qing Ya, just both of you wait!

I still have that engagement letter with me, since I cannot get Qing Ya, there is still Qing Yutong available. Although she does not intend to continue working in the entertainment industry, her fame is still very big right now, letting her be my big wife is not counted as throwing face!

Just that, I must properly show off my capabilities today, not only do I have to let Qing Ya regret, I also have to let Qing Yutong fall for me!

Thinking up to here, Long Aotian picked up his phone and looked for Jiu Ye’s number and called the number. When the call got through, Long Aotian laughed and asked, “Jiu Ye, how is the prescription that I opened for you?”

Jiu Ye’s forthright voice rang out from the phone, “Oh, so it is little brother Long Aotian, you don’t say, after I used the prescription that you opened for me, doing it three times in one night is not a problem for me, it is as if I have become the young man that I was back then.”

“Jiu Ye, I have a better prescription here, if Jiu Ye you used the prescription, I guarantee that you will be able to do it for an entire night, and all the ladies will definitely be begging for mercy.” Long Aotian grinned.

“Oh? Little brother Long Aotian, this isn’t sincere of you, to only tell Jiu Ye now…”

“You misunderstand Jiu Ye, I had only also just recently discovered this prescription.”

With how smart Jiu Ye was, he immediately knew that this youngster had something to request from him, “Speak, what is it?”

“Jiu Ye, I want you to help me for a bit.”

Listening to Long Aotian’s recount, Jiu Ye felt that what Long Aotian wanted him to help with was to simply send his people to rob someone, and afterward, Long Aotian will come out and save the person that was being robbed, a typical hero saving a beauty plot.

“Small matter.”

“Thank you JIu Ye, I will send you the license plate number in a while, the position will be at the fork road of north suburbs.” Long Aotian stretched his neck around, it is time for me to use my strength later on!

“Alright, leave it to Jiu Ye.”

After hanging the phone, Long Aotian looked towards Ye Hua and Qing Ya and clenched his fist tight! I, Long Aotian, have to not let down this name of mine. The day where I grow and become strong will be the day of you guys’ judgment day.

At the other side, Jiu Ye made a phone call to his own underling, “Call some people to go act out a show later on.”

“Jiu Ye, what kind of show?”

“Hero saving a beauty kind of show, I will send the license plate number and address to you later on.” Jiu Ye said.

“Who is the hero, we have to know so that we know who to be easier on.”

Jiu Ye went into a daze, “A youngster that appears to be classy and also a bit handsome.”

“Alright Jiu Ye, classy and handsome, understood!”

“The show has to be acted out realistically, do you understand!”

“Jiu Ye, you can be at ease, I guarantee that others will not be able to tell that we are putting on a show!”

After hanging up the phone, the underling immediately gathered 10+ people and headed towards the north suburb.

Chapter 26 – I Long Aotian have to not let down this name! 2/2

At the villa, Ye Hua looked at the obstinate Qing Ya and his tone became a bit gentler, “Are you okay?”

“Don’t need you to care!” Qing Ya who was currently in a fit of anger was a bit heavy on her tone, which made Ye Hua felt very angry, this woman definitely cannot be given any face.

Ye Hua was also too lazy to care, you just have to obediently give birth to the child. Sitting into the front passenger seat, Ye Hua said, “Drive the car, time to head back!”

Qing Ya glared fixedly at Ye Hua, seemingly saying, forget about it that others are bullying me, but even you are also going to bully me too?!

“Big sister, brother-in-law, wait for me~” Qing Yutong could be seen dragging her suitcase and waving her hand towards Qing Ya and Ye Hua.

Qing Ya sighed, if I had known earlier, I would have just listened to Ye Hua and drove the car and left…

“What are you trying to do?” Qing Ya asked in a deep voice.

Qing Yutong spread out her hands, “What else am I trying to do, I am of course coming to stay with my big sister.”

Qing Ya’s brows wrinkled, “Isn’t it fine staying at grandpa’s and grandpa’s place? If you are not used to staying here, big sister will open a room at a hotel for you, or perhaps buy a house for you.”

“Big sister~ We have not lived together for a very long time already~ Can’t you just do a good deed and take in your little sister~” Qing Yutong shook her big sister’s arm and entered into acting cute mode.

Qing Ya wouldn’t be fooled by Qing Yutong, after all, she had already been fooled countless times by Qing Yutong when she small.

“I will make a call and arrange things for you.”

Seeing that it was useless to plead to her big sister, Qing Yutong immediately start pleading to Ye Hua who was smoking at one side, “Brother-in-law, speak in something good for me please.”

“Isn’t it just a matter of having 1 more bed, what is there to be long-winded about.” Ye Hua said impatiently, for this kind of small matter, what is there to be long-winded about for.

Qing Ya immediately became stupefied, just a matter of having 1 more bed! Do you think that it is as simple as having 1 more pair of chopsticks!

Qing Yutong immediately threw her suitcase into the car’s trunk, sat into the back passenger seat, fastened her seatbelt, and remained still obediently. Her sitting appearance was simply just like that of an obedient model student.

I originally thought that it would be very boring after retiring, but in the end, I discovered that big sister actually had a child with a man, and was even married to the man too. There is nothing that is more interesting than this! Within this story, just is it the distortion of human nature or is it the depravity of morals?!

“Both of you! Come down, both of you! This is my car!” Qing Ya who was flustered and exasperated was speaking incoherently.

Ye Hua said indifferently, “I’m not coming down.”

“If brother-in-law is not coming down, I am not going to come down too.” Qing Yutong said with a pitiful expression. She was not a best actress for nothing.

“The both of you sure are good, both coming to anger me huh!” Qing Ya was feeling very angry. Sitting into the car, and not even fastening her seatbelt, she stepped onto the gas pedal with all her strength. This was the tempo of intending to perish with everyone that was in the car.

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