You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 27 - Why did you all leave…

Chapter 27 – Why did you all leave…

However, Ye Hua and Qing Yutong was very calm and collected, totally not afraid at all.

Long Aotian who was at the back hurriedly drove the car and followed after them. I didn’t expect that Qing Yutong would not drive her own car, seems like there is a change to the plan, it shouldn’t be too late to inform them about it now.

Ye Hua who was in the car opened his mouth and said, “Remember the thing that you promised to do during tonight.”

Without waiting for Qing Ya to reply, Qing Yutong who was at the back asked curiously, “Brother-in-law, what thing did big sister promise you, to even have to do it at night, wow, you two sure are romantic~”

Qing Ya’s face was black and did not say anything. Ye Hua said lightly, “You will know what it is when the time comes.”

“My god, it can even be shown to others? You two sure all open.”

“Both of you, enough already!” Qing Ya couldn’t help but shout.

Suddenly, Qing Yutong cried out in surprise, “Big sister! There is someone in front!!!”


The tires left 2 tire prints on the ground. If the car was not an Audi, the fool that was in front of them would have definitely been run over by the car.

“Aiyo, my forehead…” Qing Yutong rubbed her forehead.

Ye Hua on the other hand had a cold face and shouted, “Don’t you know how to drive properly!”

“I just precisely don’t know how to drive properly, what about it, come bite me then!”

“Foolish woman!”

Qing Yutong who was at the back observed her big sister and brother-in-law quarreling, this is just too interesting!

10+ men stood outside of the car. The atmosphere is a bit awkward…Could it be that the people in the car didn’t discover the problem? We are blocking the path and robbing you guys! Can you guys show us some face!

That’s right, just a while ago, at the final moment, this underling just received the latest report, that the Ferrari was changed to an Audi A8.

One of the underlings knocked onto the car window, and Qing Yutong, with a jittery face, lowered the window and said, “Don’t disturb, I am watching my big sister and brother-in-law quarrel right now.”

On the other hand, when the window was lowered, the quarreling sound that was within the car immediately emitted out of the car!

“Letting Qing Yutong move in with us, is it that you have some sort of idea towards her!

“So what if I have any idea towards her, didn’t you say that you would send protection over?”

Listening to them, Qing Yutong was dumbstruck, “Big sister, brother-in-law, you all are too bad already, quickly let me off the car, this is not the car that is headed towards a nursery school…”

“Shut up!” Qing Ya turned her head around and shouted angrily.

Qing Yutong pouted her mouth, “Big sister, you even want to send over protection for me and brother-in-law, you sure are perveted~”

“Scram!” Qing Ya felt that she was about to explode.

The 10+ men that were outside the car were listening to them quarrel with great interest. Those people within the car sure are hardcore, big sister, brother-in-law, and a sister-in-law, their relationship sure is messy. The life of the rich sure is hard to understand…

Long Aotian was observing from far away, and discovered that those 10+ men surrounded the car, but wasn’t doing anything at all, and seemed to instead be listening to something. After waiting for quite a while, he discovered that those 10+ men were getting more high-spirited to whatever they were listening to. You all are here to work, not here to listen to the daily life of a family!

“You brazen bunch, what are you all trying to do in broad daylight!” Long Aotian could be seen appearing flashily, his vigor was vast, and his entire body emitted out a bunch of positive energy.

The 10+ men took a glance at Long Aotian, then took a look at the man that was within the car. After comparing, they felt that the man within the car was classier, and more handsome, and came to the conclusion that Long Aotian was just some random person meddling in other people’s business.

“The few of you, go and settle him, don’t let some random guy come over here, I have never listened to such an interesting quarrel.” As the big brother and the boss, he ordered 3 people to go and settle Long Aotian.

The 3 people left reluctantly, this is all that damned guy’s fault, why did he suddenly appear!

Long Aotian’s brows wrinkled, why are the people in the car still not getting off the car? What meaning is there in me fighting if they don’t get off the car?

“Brothers, just what is going on, why are you all still not asking the people that are inside the car to get off the car?” Long Aotian reminded in a low voice.

“Get off your mom!” One of the men swung his fist over to Long Aotian.

Long Aotian dodged the fist effortlessly, grabbed onto the man’s arm and said hurriedly, “Brother, I am the person that hired you guys!”

“Boss, help…” The man loudly shouted out for help, we have come across a problematic one.

The boss looked at the situation, and his temper immediately came, to actually dare to spoil my plan, “Brothers, attack!”

10+ men each picked up a club and ran ferociously towards Long Aotian, and Ye Hua who was in the car was also too lazy to quarrel with Qing Ya anymore and got off the car to take in a breath of fresh air and smoke a stick of cigarette while he was at it.

“You all, quickly look over there, they are fighting.” Qing Yutong cried out in surprise.

Qing Ya snorted, she of course saw it too.

“Eh, isn’t that little brother Long Aotian? He seems quite formidable from the looks of it.” Qing Yutong looked around, and at the same time, her mouth never coming to a stop.

Long Aotian discovered the situation at that side, they have finally got off the car, and I have finally gotten Qing Yutong’s attention, thus, Long Aotian shouted out loudly, Yutong, leave quickly, leave this place to me!”

“What are you saying, I can’t hear~” Qing Yutong shouted.

“I’m saying, leave those scoundrels to me, and you quickly leave this place while I’m distracting them here, ah…” Long Aotian was distracted for a moment and a fist immediately greeted him.

“I say, brother, we are only acting, there is no need to be that ruthless right?”

The boss shouted, “Who is acting with you, beat him to death!”

“You all!!! Don’t blame me for not showing mercy then!” A strong aura could be seen emitting out from Long Aotian’s entire body, and each fist of his was able to knock out each person, it was just like he was a god coming down to earth.

“Brothers, this guy is a bit ruthless, take out the weapons!” The boss said, and 3 men could be seen taking each taking out an AK from the car and shooting chaotically towards Long Aotian.

Long Aotian turned pale with fright, if my dragon god technique was cultivated to the peak, how would I even be afraid of those bullets, I wouldn’t even be afraid of guided missiles, but right now, I have only just started cultivating, and still can’t resist bullets yet, thus, all I can do now is dodge.

Ye Hua flicked the cigarette bud and did not have any interest to continue watching, thus sat back in the car. Qing Ya also didn’t want to watch anymore, this show that they are putting on is too terrible already.

“Long Aotian, fight on! You can do it!” Qing Yutong waved her hand, then sat into the back passenger seat, and afterward, the 3 of them left just like this…

Long Aotian was in despair, can you all help at the least help me to call the police…

Luckily I had refined 2 ground evading talismans, if not, I am most likely going to die here. Who would have thought that I Long Aotian would have this day too! I have truly ruined the title of immortal doctor. I am an expert who can cure someone with my left hand and killed someone with my right hand, just that, I have yet to fully grown my potential!”

“Ground evading talisman!”

Long Aotian who was dodging left and right just a moment ago suddenly disappeared, and the bunch of men was stupefied too, just what is going on! The plan was all ruined by this fellow, we are definitely going to get scolded by Jiu Ye when we go back later on, this damned passer-by!

Long Aotian who just used the ground evading talisman let out a sigh of relief. Looking at the surrounding, such a big hazy fog, I couldn’t have come to some mountain right?

“Ah!!! Who are you!”

Hearing the sound of a tender shout, Long Aotian immediately became astonished, so it seems that this is a bathroom, seems like I, Long Aotian’s luck with the ladies is still normal.

“This humble one is Long Aotian, not sure just what is this lady’s name?”

The woman was stupefied…

“Lady, I see that your complexion is flushed red just a while ago, and right now, it is gradually turning white, this is the symptom of your body being weak, if you don’t mind, this humble one can help you check your pulse.”

“Scram!” The woman let out a shout.

Long Aotian fixed his fringe, the plot is always precisely the same…

At the other side.

The 3 people who were in the car remained silent, not a single person minding another person. Qing Yutong who was sitting at the back sized up the expression of her big sister and brother-in-law. They really don’t seem to be acting, if they were really acting, I can practically say goodbye to my best actress award.

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