You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 28 - The underling of an underling’s underling

Chapter 28 – The underling of an underling’s underling 1/2

Very quickly, Qing Ya stopped beside the bar, and with no one bothering the other, all of them straightforwardly opened the car door and got off the car.

After Ye Hua got off the car, before entering the bar, he lighted up a cigarette first.

Qing Ya hurriedly shouted, “Brother-in-law, my suitcase is very heavy, can you help me for a bit?”

“No.” Ye Hua took a puff and said indifferently, without turning his head at all, he walked straight into the bar, leaving alone the stupefied Qing Yutong. This brother-in-law of mine is too formidable, responding in ways that are unexpected.

Carrying the suitcase, Qing Yutong walked into the bar and saw that Ye Hua was mixing a drink at the bar counter. Not caring about the suitcase anymore, Qing Yutong sat on the tall chair and asked with a face full of curiosity, “Brother-in-law, I want to drink.”

“Get it yourself.”

“I want to drink this glass of yours.” Qing Yutong pointed to the glass of wine that Ye Hua had mixed.

Ye Hua pushed the glass of scarlet color wine that was in his hand towards Qing Yutong, “This glass of wine had been spiked by me, if you are not afraid, you can drink it.”

“Tsk, as if I would believe that.” Qing Yutong said in disdain and picked up the glass of wine, intending to drink it in one gulp.

However, her movement came to a stop, taking a look at Ye Hua, this fellow didn’t really spike the drink right, I am a pure maiden after all. No, both of them are definitely cooperating together, no wonder big sister even said that she would deliver protection over!

“Forget it, I don’t want to drink it anymore.” Qing Yutong said with a smile.

Ye Hua laughed lightly, this Qing Yutong’s guts is too small, Qing Ya’s guts is bigger than hers.

Picking up the glass of wine, Ye Hua drank it in one gulp. Comfortable! My mood is much better now.

Qing Yutong discovered that she was duped and a feeling of defeat raised in her. Thinking about it, I am an international celebrity, and nevertheless, a best actress! For me to actually be duped by a handsome guy, this is a disgrace!

“Erm, the paintings you have here sure are nice.” Qing Yutong immediately changed the subject to prevent herself from getting mocked at. Ever since I met brother-in-law, I have already been mocked countless times.

“You want it? You can take any of them if you want.” Ye Hua said indifferently.

Qing Yutong tsked and said, “I don’t want it, they are all fake.”

Ye Hua remained silent, women are precisely childish, and also foolish!

Placing down the glass, Ye Hua walked upstairs, because there was a matter that he needed either Lie Gu or Wei Chang to settle.

“Brother-in-law, where do I sleep at?” Qing Yutong shouted anxiously.

“Anywhere you want.”

Qing Yutong scratched her head, this brother-in-law sure is tough, to be able to be that calm and collected when facing against my enticement, I have to go ask big sister just how did she meet with this weird brother-in-law.

Chapter 28 – The underling of an underling’s underling 2/2

Arriving at the office, Ye Hua did not open the television, and instead contacted Lie Gu and Wei Chang.

A dog and a human immediately appeared within the office, just that Lie Gu was currently gasping for breath, seemingly that he was doing something right before he appeared in the office.

Ye Hua couldn’t stand looking at Lie Gu anymore, is this dragon in heat?! Brandishing his hand, Lie Gu disappeared, what remains unseen was deemed to be clean.

“Your Honor, Lie Gu is becoming more and more like a dog.” Wei Chang smiled respectfully.

Ye Hua waved his hand, “Don’t mention about him first, I met someone that made me felt unhappy today, you go and settle the matter for me first.”

Wei Chang was very confused, to be able to make His Honor angry, it seems that only the madam is able to do it, could it be that His Honor’s humanity is gone!!! This is a big matter, I have to properly persuade His Honor about this matter.

“Your Honor, since the madam still does not know your identity, the way she speaks to you may be a little impudent, but you should understand her Your Honor, this way, you would be able to show your humanity.” Wei Chang persuaded with a low voice.

“What are you talking about!” Ye Hua asked coldly.

Wei Chang went into a daze, “Isn’t Your Honor asking me to go and settle off the madam?”

Ye Hua was angered to the point that he was laughing, holding onto his forehead, he said, “Wei Chang oh Wei Chang, after so many years have passed, why do you still not have any brain?!”

“Although I let you go eliminate the hit-man organization, but don’t you know that there is another way of settling it?! Control them, so that they can be of use to us! Every time when I let you go settle things, you would always kill until there is not a single person left! Don’t you know how to leave at least one person alive to use as a puppet?!”

With a frightened face, Wei Chang immediately kneeled down, “Your Honor, this subordinate is slow-witted.”

“It is like this every time!” Ye Hua was speechless, if they were all smarter a bit, we wouldn’t have gotten so far as to get ganged up and eliminated by those people.

Wei Chang lowered his head and remained silent. Using the old method, as long as I don’t speak, His Honor’s anger will disappear.

“This person is Qing Ya’s fiancé, his name is Long Aotian, his strength is puny, and he calls himself some whatever immortal doctor.” Ye Hua said helplessly, to prevent the scenario where Wei Chang was actually foolish to the point that he went to eliminate Qing Ya.

“Congratulations Your Honor, congratulations Your Honor!” Wei Chang suddenly had a face full of joy and shouted out.

This made Ye Hua to be confused, “What are you congratulating me for?”

“Congratulations Your Honor, to have gotten another kind of human attribute.”

“Oh? What human attribute?” Ye Hua asked curiously.


After Ye Hua heard what Wei Chang said, he went into a daze, then afterward, his face became black, “Scram, you fool! All of you are a bunch of fools!”

Wei Chang did not have the slight bit of frightened expression at all, His Honor’s reaction right now is just like the black-bellied male lead in a TV show, flying into a rage after having his little thoughts discovered.

With a smile, Wei Chang disappeared within the black void, it is a good thing that His Honor has humanity.

Ye Hua who had calmed down opened the TV, only the Calabash Brothers saving their grandpa would be able to let me calm down. Fuck sake! Why are the people around me all a bunch of fools, forget about it that my subordinates are foolish, but even my woman is also foolish like them, if it was not for…forget it! Tolerate!

Wei Chang who disappeared from the office appeared in his own rented apartment. There was no luxurious furniture, and on the contrary, the furniture was very ordinary. At a second-tier city like Long’an City, an apartment like this cost only 1k rmb, 2 bedrooms and 1 living room, and the decorations were also ordinary too.

As one of the Seven Sins, Lie Gu seems to be very low-profile.

Wei Chang let out a breath and summoned Evil Spirit; Death Mage over.

“Master.” Death Mage kneeled down on the floor respectfully, awaiting for Wei Chang’s order.

Wei Chang poured a glass of water, drank it, and couldn’t help but burped, “Go kill a person that is called Long Aotian.”

“I will solemnly obey master’s order.” Death Mage accepted the order respectfully, and his body immediately disappeared from the apartment, seemingly as if he has never appeared in the apartment before.

However, when the Death Mage appeared once again, the place that he appeared at was shining to the point that it could blind a person’s eyes.

This was a small villa, the decorations were luxurious, and expensive furniture could be seen everywhere, with just a look, one would be able to know that this was the house of a rich person. Death Mage placed his sickle at one side and took a few cans of beer from the fridge. Looking at his movements, it seems that he was used to doing this action.

Taking the few cans of beer, Death Mage sat on the sofa and opened the television. Calabash Brothers was not playing on the television, and instead…

Score!!! 3 to 2! Real Madrid soccer team is pulling a comeback!

Listening to the emotion-stirring commentating, Death Mage let out a bunch ‘jiejiejie’ weird laughter that would make one’s hair stand on its end when listened to it.

(‘jiejiejie’ – 桀桀桀’)

Suddenly, he remembered that he still had a proper business that he had to attend to, Death Mage stretched out his hand and shouted faintly, “Death Assassin!”

A person with a concealed face walked out from the void, his face could not be seen, making it seems very weird!


“Go kill a man that is called Long Aotian, there is no information about him, find it yourself.” Death Mage said as he opened a can of beer and drank it with his head raised, just that, the beer could be seen passing through the human skeleton body of his and dripping onto the sofa. However, Death Mage felt very great and even burped.

Death Assassin said respectfully, “Understood!”

After Death Assassin disappeared, Death Mage let out a sigh, it is finally time to work again.

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