You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 29 - Do you still remember the thing you promised me

Chapter 29 – Do you still remember the thing you promised me

That’s right! Every time when there was work to do, Wei Chang would summon Death Mage, and Death Mage would discover that the target was too weak already, and would simply summon his underling to go kill the target. Every time when killing someone, His Honor doesn’t want the wealth that the target has, thus I would also not be courteous about it and had kept all the money. Right now, I am even living at a villa. Every time when there is work to do, I would sit here and watch soccer and let my underling to go do the work. Just that, watching soccer is also a very vexing thing, if the soccer team that I like loses, it would make me wish that I could burn them all with a fire magic.

Just that, the target this time isn’t an ordinary person, and is an immortal doctor, Long Aotian. He is the kind of people that can cure people with his left hand and kill people with his right hand, not sure if Death Assassin will be able to handle him.

If you want to ask that if Death Assassin doesn’t even have any information of Long Aotian, how will Death Assassin be able to find him, then you are looking down too much on Death Assassin, there was quite a number of times where there was no information about the target at all, and Death Assassin was still able to find the target and let the target die from an accident or from other sorts of reason. In any case, he was able to make it seems like the target was not murdered or assassinated, he was simply formidable.

Wei Chang also wouldn’t have imagined that the underling that he summoned over would actually also summon his own underling to help him do the work.

Ye Hua himself also wouldn’t have imagined that, the underling of his underling would summon another underling to do the work. Can you all not be so lazy, who did you all learn this bad shortcoming from!

Unconsciously, the sun gradually set, Ye Hua took out his handphone and ordered delivery. At the same time, he was thinking to himself, as my woman, this Qing Ya actually doesn’t know such a simple thing like preparing a meal! Doesn’t the women of the human race all know how to prepare a meal for men to eat!

This Qing Ya has to be properly taught, I’m just afraid that during the process of teaching her, I would be unable to bear…

After ordering delivery, Ye Hua was a bit confused, why is this woman suddenly so quiet for the entire afternoon? Not being able to bear the curiosity in his heart, Ye Hua walked to the bedroom door and opened the door.

Qing Ya and Qing Yutong could be seen sitting on the bed and watching a movie, and on the bed, all kinds of snacks were scattered around and crumps could be seen dropped on the quilt. Ye Hua who had severe mysophobia, his anger straightforwardly raised to the top, and the veins that were bulging out from his forehead was horrifying.

“Qing Ya, I give you a minute to clean up! And you too!” Ye Hua pointed to the 2 foolish women and shouted. Actually, if it was changed to another man, they would definitely not scold the 2 women, because right now, the appearance of the 2 women was very alluring, they were both wearing night clothes.

Qing Ya pouted her mouth, what are you being fierce for?

Qing Yutong pouted her mouth, this brother-in-law really likes to start quarreling the moment when something doesn’t go his way, truly a big weirdo.

The 2 women tidied up the bed well-behavedly because they themselves also didn’t like being messy, they only wanted to disgust Ye Hua for a bit by making a mess, and evidently, they have achieved their objective.

Ye Hua walked into the bedroom and took a look. There is actually oil stain on the quilt, I definitely cannot tolerate it!

“Change the quilt, and the bedsheet too! Also, the pillow too!” Ye Hua shouted with a deep voice, they are foolish to the point that my heart feels like it is in pain.

Qing Ya said displeasedly, “Ye Hua, enough already, isn’t it just a bit of stain!”

“Are you changing it or not!” Ye Hua shouted angrily.

Qing Yutong was shocked, those 2 are actually quarreling for real! I thought that we were just joking around, this is just too freaking frightening.

“Brother-in-law, don’t be angry, I will change it.” Qing Yutong was quite sensible, whereas Qing Ya crossed her arms and snorted.

“Look at your little sister, which point of yours is comparable to her!” Ye Hua couldn’t help but shout.

Qing Ya went into a daze for a while, then shouted, “Go find her to give birth to a child for you then, find me for what!” After finish speaking, Qing Ya covered her face with her hands and ran out.

“Brother-in-law, you are really…” Qing Yutong was speechless, who evens personal attack someone else like that…Although I am indeed a little bit more capable compared to my big sister~ You also didn’t have to say it that straightforwardly~

Ye Hua who has a stomach full of anger wished that he could explode this earth to vent his anger, I only speak a few sentences to her and she ran away in anger, why are women so troublesome!

The helpless Ye Hua had no choice but to chase after Qing Ya. What will I do if this foolish woman is not able to think straight and suicide together with my child!

Pulling onto Qing Ya who was about to run out of the bar, Ye Hua said in a deep voice, “Are you done with causing a scene!”

“Let go of me, I don’t know you anymore from today onwards!” Qing Ya had a stern look on her face and her tone was close to below zero degrees.

Qing Yutong hid at one side and observed, those 2 people are too interesting, perhaps I can go and write a novel myself about them, haha.

“Even if you don’t want to know me anymore, you also have to give birth to the child for me!” Ye Hua’s tone was the same as Qing Ya. In the past, all those women who dared to be that arrogant in front of me had all turned into skeletons. This woman in front of me is the only exception.

Qing Ya sneered, “I’m going back on my words, I learned it from you!”

“Qing Ya! Speak properly.” Ye Hua looked at the woman in front of him coldly. He discovered that he was at the edge of going berserk, the demon that was in his heart was consuming the humanity within him.

Qing Ya’s eyes could be seen immediately becoming red as she sobbed and shouted, “I don’t have anything to speak properly with you, it is all your fault! You are the most scoundrel man that I have ever seen, even much more scoundrel than that Long Aotian!”

“Brother-in-law, big sister, you both fought all the way from the bedroom until here, haven’t you both quarrel enough already? My ears are going to become deaf soon already.” Qing Yutong came out to adjust the atmosphere, I have the most experience in adjusting the atmosphere.

“Shut up!”

“Shut up!”

Qing Yutong pursed her sexy lips and immediately hid at one side.

Looking at Qing Ya’s obstinate expression, Ye Hua’s heart softened, but as a Supreme Overlord, how can I lower my head to a woman! That is definitely not possible!

“I ordered delivery.” Ye Hua said in a light voice, his tone was much calmer than before.

Qing Yutong thought that her brother-in-law was going to quarrel with her big sister to the end, and didn’t expect that her brother-in-law would actually admit defeat. Haha! This is a bit interesting!

Qing Ya of course also knew that Ye Hua admitted defeat. Finally acknowledged your mistake? Where did that capability of shouting at people of yours go to?

Seeing that Qing Ya was not speaking, Ye Hua spoke beside Qing Ya’s ear, “Did you forget the thing that you promised me?”

“You!!!” Qing Ya struck her small fist angrily onto Ye Hua’s chest, and Ye Hua held onto Qing Ya’s waist and walked upstairs, leaving alone Qing Yutong who had a stupefied expression.

They are done quarreling? Isn’t big sister’s resistance a bit too low? To actually get pampered after just a few sentences…Those 2 are weird!

Looking at the 10kg crayfishes in front of her, Qing Ya was a little absent-minded. This shameless scoundrel, to actually want me to help him peel 10kg of crayfishes, and I actually promised him!

Look at my tender and delicate hands, after peeling the 10kg of crayfishes, those hands of mind are going to be gone~

Ye Hua sat like a big boss, and looking at the helpless expression on Qing Ya’s face, he felt very happy in his heart. I suddenly discovered that this woman is actually to affect my emotion, this is just too strange!

Qing Yutong wore the gloves and took a sip of juice first, then looked at the 2 weirdos in front of her and asked, “Are you both not going to start eating? Don’t mind me then…”

Towards this sister-in-law, Ye Hua was okay with her doing anything she wants, but Qing Ya was different, as my woman, the child’s mother! In the future, Qing Ya will be the biggest woman in the future, if I don’t properly educate her now, how will I be able to bring her out to see the world. With how she is right now, it would be a relief if she doesn’t throw away all my face!

“Big sister, what are you being in a daze for, those crayfishes are not bad, they taste pretty good.” I discovered that, after having brother-in-law, my relationship with big sister seems to have become good, it sure is strange…

Qing Ya let out a breath, in any case, I am also a CEO, a woman who honors her own words, unlike Ye Hua who doesn’t keep honor his own words!

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