Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 10 - Did You Act Dead in Front of Mo Jingshen Again?

Chapter 10: Did You Act Dead in Front of Mo Jingshen Again?

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Walking out of the Yu Garden, Ji Mengran’s heart still held some suspicion.

Could it be that the previous day when she took advantage of Mo Jingshen being drugged and wore thinner clothes, Ji Nuan became suspicious?

Why else would her attitude change so much?

She glanced around, thinking about how Mo Jingshen should not have gotten far. She raised her phone to give him a call.

Since she did not drive a car here, and the Ji family home was along the way the Mo Corporation, Mo Jingshen should not refuse if she asked him to drive her home.

If there was an opportunity to sit in his car, she needed to have a good talk with him about Ji Nuan.

The phone rang for a long time. Ji Mengran did not give up and continued calling. All of a sudden, she could hear the sound of a phone ringing behind her.

She turned around in astonishment only to see Ji Nuan walking out with Mo Jingshen’s black cellphone in hand.

His phone was actually in Ji Nuan’s hands!

In an instant, Ji Mengran’s expression was amusing to no end.

While she stood there stiffly, Ji Nuan said carelessly, “Your brother-in-law was probably too rushed when he headed for the company. He didn’t even bring his handphone. It’s a good thing that he has more than one pair, or else, I would have to contact his assistant to come and collect it.”

Seeing a hint of indiscernible cold laughter in Ji Nuan’s eyes, Ji Mengran felt an unexplainable shiver down her back.

“Was it your call earlier?”

“N-no it wasn’t.” Ji Mengran stood outside the Yu Garden’s entrance, answering in a bewildered manner.

“No?” Ji Nuan glanced at the displayed missed call. “Although this number isn’t saved, I’m very familiar with this number. Did you call by accident earlier?”

So, Mo Jingshen did not even save her number into his contact list?

Ji Mengran’s heart cooled, her face somewhat paled. “I might have accidentally called the wrong number earlier.”

Saying this, Ji Mengran did not stay a second longer. She rushed out without explaining further for fear that she would say something wrong.


Ji Nuan had planned to let Auntie Chen bring out all the wedding photos she had kept when a call from the hospital suddenly came.

She drove hurriedly to the Hai Cheng Central Hospital, rushing to a single orthopedics ward. The moment the door opened, a doctor wearing a white robe walked out.

The doctor wore a mask, revealing only his eyebrows and eyes, yet this did not prevent Ji Nuan from recognizing him.

She did not say a single word. The doctor’s cold gaze landed on her before sweeping away carelessly.

“Nuan Nuan! Did you come? Oh~ I’m going to die of pain~” Inside, a young girl cried piteously.

This was Ji Nuan’s most important best friend, Xia Tian!

Xia Tian saw her expression when she walked in and could not help rolling her eyes. “What expression is that? I was in a car accident, but it’s only a small fracture. It’s not as though I died.”

Seeing Ji Nuan’s mysterious expression, Xia Tian pursed her lips saying, “Where is the Kentucky Fried Chicken? I told you to bring some on the phone. I haven’t had anything all day. I’m hungry and in pain! The doctor said that starting today I have to drink pork bone soup with less salt and less oil every day! Isn’t the same as asking for my life? I’m the sort who absolutely hates this sort of food. How can he make me drink it every day!”

She lowered her head once more to see Ji Nuan’s empty hands. “God! It can’t be! You really came empty-handed…”

Of course, she came empty-handed. Earlier on, when she received the call, she almost dropped her phone!

Someone who had once died covered in blood before her eyes, suddenly calling with a wronged voice that she had been involved in a car accident, wanting her to buy a family bucket and deliver it to the hospital…

At that moment, how could Ji Nuan remember anything about the-what-Kentucky-what entire family bucket!

When she drove, she went over the speed limit. It was as though she had flown here.

Xia Tian was still alive! Right now, at this moment, she had yet to get together with the bastard who ruin her entire life.

“Your leg is already injured to this point. Stop eating junk food.” Ji Nuan restored her calm, pulling the chair over to sit by her bed. “There is a signature pork bone soup restaurant nearby. The taste is very good. I’ll go buy some for you later.”

Xia Tian lips pursed. “Pei! Without Kentucky Fried Chicken what use do I have for you!”

Ji Nuan did not argue with her. She only sat by her side staring at her.

Xia Tian rarely ever saw Ji Nuan so quiet and obedient. “I say, have you been acting dead in front of Mo Jingshen again? I told you from the start not to get too close to your sister! She doesn’t have good intentions! Mo Jingshen already treats you so well; how long do you plan on being cold to him?”

Hearing the words that she hadn’t heard in a long time, Ji Nuan’s nose felt slightly sour. She smiled.

“I know. I know when to stop.” She didn’t explain her rebirth, but she hoped not to see her friend follow the track of an overturned cart. “Xia Tian, after being discharged you must not come into any contact with that man who hurt you! No matter what sort of compensation he tries to offer you, you are not allowed to see him! You have to remember that!”

This car accident happened in her past life as well. It was during this accident that Xia Tian came to know the man who ruined her entire life.

“Where do you know when to stop? You know my ass!” Xia Tian did not even listen to the second half of Ji Nuan’s words. “Where is Mo Jingshen not good enough? How many women dream of climbing on his bed? Only you, Ji Nuan, are so stubborn!”

“All right, all right, all right. I’m stubborn. Everything that happened in the past was my fault!”

“You see, you see! Every time I bring up Mo Jingshen you become impatient…” Xia Tian harrumphed. “My good intentions are treated like trash by you! I’m going to die from anger!”

Ji Nuan did not speak. She only tugged on her hands placed on the blanket with force, holding onto her hands tightly.

Xia Tian had a face of revulsion. “Why are you holding on so tightly! Could it be that your sister has thoroughly brainwashed you that you are no longer interested in men? You’re interested in women now? Fuck, I don’t want that! You, quickly let go of my hands…”

Ji Nuan did not just want to hold her hands; she wanted to hug her properly! Hug her with force!

“Next month is your father’s birthday. Do you want to take the opportunity to return to the Xia family in City S? To rebuild your relationship with your family?” Ji Nuan suddenly spoke.

She had to think of a method to make Xia Tian stay away during the period she became close to that bastard in Hai Cheng. Even if it meant pushing her back to that family she hated to most.

She definitely did not want to see her become pregnant, go through miscarriage and then finally die at the hands of that bastard!

“I’m not going back!” Xia Tian did not want to bring up her household, quickly putting on a wronged expression. “Nuan Nuan, I don’t need a full family bucket. Just two chicken wings, will that do?”

“No.” Ji Nuan knew that she was hungry and stood up. “You be good and lay down there. I’ll go buy pork bone soup for you.”

“Can’t I just have one chicken wing?”


“Just one?”


The door opened and closed. Ji Nuan did not turn to look back.

Xia Tian sighed in pain. “What sort of friendship is this? Her heart doesn’t ache for me at all…”

All of a sudden, the wardroom door opened once more. Ji Nuan’s voice called from outside, “Original flavor, the non-spicy kind, are you eating it?”

“Eat, eat, eat! I’ll eat it!” Xia Tian’s aggrieved expression immediately changed. Her lips curled up into a smile while she nodded her head hard like an adorable dog.

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