Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 9 - A Man Like This, Would You Not Like?

Chapter 9: A Man Like This, Would You Not Like?

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Ji Nuan had never expected that someone like Mo Jingshen who seemed so cold on the outside would have the potential to tease. She could not help but eye him suspiciously.

Seeing the unclear, yet unobstructed interaction of the two in front of her, Ji Mengran’s voice became somewhat sharp. “Big sister, what are you guys doing? Why are you flirting with your eyes? I’m still standing here!”

“What else can we do? We’re not being particularly touchy. Just an exchange of glances requires your permission as well?” Ji Nuan leaned her head against Mo Jingshen’s shoulders, looking up with a smile at his handsome face under the sunlight. “Hubby, it’s already past eight, if you still don’t head for work, won’t it affect your meeting in the afternoon?”

Ji Mengran’s eyes almost fell out.


She actually called him Hubby?

Ji Nuan has always tried her best to make sure no one knew that she was married. Nobody was allowed to call her Mrs. Mo, and she hated being associated with Mo Jingshen. She had never once acknowledged this marriage.

But now she actually called him Hubby?

This… What did this mean?

Ji Mengran was baffled. After being stunned for half a day, she became more alert.

If things go on this way, how would she have an opportunity to snatch him away?

Mo Jingshen glanced at the time. The company indeed had an important meeting today, but the sound of the little woman’s “Hubby” next to him could not help but make him have thoughts of, “the king shall not attend morning court.”

He smiled—his eyes holding warmth that only belonged to Ji Nuan. He gently patted her head. “You guys talk. I’ll head to work.”

This action almost caused Ji Mengran to explode. It was only after holding it in for half a day that she could maintain the smile on her face. “Brother Jing Shen, I’ve just arrived and you’re rushing to leave?”

“Your brother-in-law has things to do at the office. You can’t possibly expect him to push aside his meeting to stay here and play with you?” Ji Nuan eyed her profoundly.

“That’s not what I mean, I…” Ji Mengran was rarely ever left with nothing to say by Ji Nuan.

In the past, no matter what she said, Ji Nuan would always give in to her. She never argued back. But why was it that she felt like she was completely controlled by her today?

Mo Jingshen casually neatened his cuffs, taking over a suit jacket from the helper next to him. His eyes did not even once meet Ji Mengran’s.

“You’re wearing so little. Don’t stand at the door for too long, en?” Mo Jingshen gently spoke next to Ji Nuan and left under her smiling gaze into the bright sunny day outside.

Seeing him leave the door, Ji Mengran unconsciously turned, wanting to follow.

She suspected that Ji Nuan must have said something to him these few days. In the past, although Mo Jingshen did not pay much attention to her, for the sake of his and Ji Nuan’s relationship, he would still say a few words to her. However, today she felt very uncertain.

She had yet to follow when Ji Nuan grasped her wrist.

“Meng Ran, I have words to speak to you.” Ji Nuan seemed as though she did not notice her expression of wanting to chase.

Ji Mengran was suddenly pulled and felt a little angry. When she turned back, she saw that Ji Nuan’s gaze was unusually calm and cold.

She instantly calmed down. “I saw that Brother Jing Shen’s mood today seemed rather good. Why don’t you take this opportunity to make things clear with him? If you have the good attitude that you have right now and you logically explain to him that you do not wish to be with him, perhaps your divorce will be successful.”

“Whether or not we will have a divorce, you seem to be in more of a rush about this issue than me.” Ji Nuan stared at her.

Ji Mengran’s expression changed in an instant. “What do your words mean? From the start, weren’t you the one who always wanted a divorce? In the first place, when you married Brother Jing Shen, it was because father insisted on you building a marriage alliance with the Mo family. You never once agreed! If you haven’t always loved to argue with father, he wouldn’t have been so mad as to force you out of the family with a marriage! I was worried that you wouldn’t take it well, so I always came to chat with you to help. I saw you suffer so much! That’s is why I tried hard to think of ideas for you so that you may leave this marriage earlier and obtain your freedom! Do you mean to say that I am wrong to do so?”

If not for her rebirth, Ji Nuan would have believed these words.

After her previous life, she finally knew how thick of a mask Ji Mengran could put on.

“Of course, you’re not wrong. Right now, the relationship between Mo Jingshen and I is harmonious. If we can properly be together, that would be even better than a divorce.” Ji Nuan’s voice was calm, yet her attitude was firm and did not allow anyone to question her stance.

Ji Mengran was silent for a few seconds before she asked in a strange tone, “You’re not divorcing?”

Ji Nuan’s brows curved. “Regardless of family background or capabilities, his looks or his character, Mo Jingshen is good in every area. The number of women who like him is not little. Why should I push such a good man aside and let other women get him?”

“Aren’t you overthinking…” Ji Mengran’s voice was a little timid.

“Ah, if Mo Jingshen wasn’t your brother-in-law, a man like this, would you not like?” Ji Nuan stared at her.

“Big sister! What are you talking about!” Ji Mengran’s heart instantly became a mess, uncertainty apparent in her eyes.

“I’m just joking. Why are you so flustered?”

“I’m not flustered. I’m just very shocked… Actually, this is good as well.” Ji Mengran’s tone was shaky, her smile forced. No matter how one looked, it was clear that she was upset. “This way Dad won’t have to keep getting angry over you insisting on a divorce. I also won’t have to worry that you may do silly things.”

“You don’t have to worry. You also don’t need to make so much effort to keep coming to visit me,” Ji Nuan said as she looked inside the house, tossing her words back. “I’ve already asked the helpers to clean up the guest room. Your things will also be packed up. Tomorrow I’ll send someone to bring it to you.”

Ji Mengran’s mouth opened, her eyes wide in shock, but she could not say a single word.

Was she chasing her away?

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