Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 11 - Mrs. Mo only in Name? Oh?

Chapter 11: Mrs. Mo only in Name? Oh?

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The sky gradually became dark.

Ji Nuan held the new thermos bottle she had bought as she returned to the hospital. It contained the fragrant pork bone soup she had bought.

In the early evening, the streetlights shimmered, and a limited-edition black Rolls-Royce Ghost drove by.

Shen Mu’s gaze moved out of the window for a second when he suddenly said in surprise, “CEO Mo, isn’t that Miss Ji?”

Mo Jingshen’s turned his eyes away from the documents in his hands. His dark eyes looked towards the direction Shen Mu was pointing at.


When Ji Nuan finally exited the hospital, it was already eight p.m.

She was just about to walk toward the car parked across when she saw a luxury brand shop from the corner of her eye.

From the window, one of the gray dress shirts seemed especially nice. It appeared to be part of a line of male clothing from a high-end French brand. Even if it was kept for ten years, it would definitely not go out of style. The color also gave an extremely subdued yet stable feeling.

If worn by Mo Jingshen, it would definitely suit him very well.

Besides, it seemed that she had never bought anything for Mo Jingshen. Not mentioning a shirt, even when they got married, the ring was chosen by the elder in the Mo family. She did not even take a second glance at it.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that she had treated him poorly for too long. Ji Nuan directly walked into that shop.

When she walked in, the store employee scanned the way she dressed. The employee’s eyes lit up and immediately came up to welcome her.

“Welcome Miss, are you choosing shirts or suits? Are you buying it for your boyfriend?” The store employee’s face was filled with enthusiasm.

“Shirt,” Ji Nuan replied as she headed for the shirt she had seen from outside.

The employee followed behind. “You sure have good taste! This is the new line brought in just yesterday from Paris. This line of shirts is made with 300s fabric; a high quality and density material. It’s soft and comfortable. It’s the highest quality of shirt fabrics. In addition…”

From inside the changing room, a man and woman suddenly walked out.

“Oh? Isn’t this Miss Ji?”

Hearing that voice, Ji Nuan turned around. The man accompanying the woman also turned back to glance at her.

Seeing the two of them, Ji Nuan calmly moved her gaze away, and told the store employee, “I’ll have this shirt. Pick the size for a man six feet, two inches tall. Please help me double check the size; don’t pick the wrong one.”

“Sure, sure!” The employee went off happily to open a bill. Ji Nuan’s gaze moved to look elsewhere, hoping to find a compatible tie for the shirt.

The lady who was thoroughly ignored rolled her eyes. “She sure knows how to act. Pretending to be a proper lady outside when she is an illegitimate daughter—an illegitimate daughter stealing the position in someone else’s home!”

As she spoke, the lady turned back to glance at the man behind her who was frowning coldly. “Isn’t that right, Tian Yuan? Back then, the Ji family almost formed an alliance marriage with your family. Luckily, Uncle Han’s eyes were clear and prevented you from bringing the illegitimate daughter in. If not for him, this Ji family’s big daughter would be your wife now.”

Han Tianyuan was a famous rich man’s son who did not like to settle down. In the past, he had also coveted Ji Nuan’s looks and figure.

However, Ji Nuan never once gave him face. She was proud and stubborn and often made him lose face.

As a result, the like this man had for Ji Nuan eventually turned into dislike. Ever since she had gotten married, he had come to enjoy listening to the negative rumors surrounding her as a hobby.

The woman continued chattering away without giving up. “That’s not all, the Mo family have been businessmen and government officials for many generations. Regardless of influence or fame, they are the best in the country. How could they be blind to the point of marrying in an illegitimate daughter.”

Han Tianyuan rarely had the opportunity to mock Ji Nuan. He sneered. “Well said. If not for Mo Elder’s insistence, and the fact that the Ji family wanted to hold onto the Mo family’s big thigh, a low-quality product like her would not even be able to enter the Mo family’s door.”

“I heard that this Ji Nuan has never shown up anywhere with Mo Jingshen even after being married for so long. Most likely she has already been pushed aside. She’s Mrs. Mo only in name? Oh?” The woman looked over on purpose while smiling.

“Miss.” The employee was worried that Ji Nuan would be affected and leave, and the bill that was in her hands would be lost. “The shirt has already been wrapped up. Would you like to pay with cash or card?”

Ji Nuan did not glance back at the two from start to finish. She had not even spoken a single line when the lady suddenly leaned close. “Miss Ji sure is extravagant. This one shirt alone costs 16 thousand yuan. Will you be able to afford it?”

Ji Nuan glanced at her, speaking calmly, “So even a person with learning difficulties is not completely stupid. Even the number of zeros in the price tag can be counted so clearly.”

She had some impression of this woman. Her name was Zhou Yanyan. Her family background was not bad, but her personality was even more arrogant than Ji Nuan in the past. Who knew where she had heard those secret rumors of the Ji family. She often spread around the issue of Ji Nuan being an illegitimate daughter.

Of course, Ji Nuan was not an illegitimate daughter. However, the Ji family indeed did not just have Ji Mengran and her, these two daughters. It was all the mistake her father made when he was young. Since a long time ago, the Ji family had been keeping silent on this issue like a sealed bottle. Nobody dared to bring it up.

Having been scolded, Zhou Yanyan glared at her for half a beat, opening her mouth to mock her once more. “Are you sure this card of yours will work? Wasn’t it right before you married into the Mo family when all your cards were frozen? Do you need Han Tianyuan and me to buy it for you? Miss Ji needs not to stand on ceremony when it comes to us!”

Ji Nuan’s expression did not change. However, her heart sunk. She had forgotten about this issue.

Back then, to prevent her from escaping the marriage, her father had cruelly frozen all the cards under her name.

“The big Miss Ji, right after marriage she has become the water poured out into the streets by the Ji family. Not only is the inheritance under her name frozen, but even her card cannot be used! If others were to hear it, they would surely laugh their head off!”

Zhou Yanyan’s voice became louder and louder, as though afraid that people would not know that the Ji family’s oldest daughter could not even afford to pay 16 thousand yuan.

By her side, Han Tianyuan followed suit. “It seems like she really does not have money? If Miss Ji isn’t too happy after being married, I won’t fuss over your divorced status. Why not I pay this amount for you and you spend a night with me, how is that?”

“What are you talking about! Are you pretending that I don’t exist?!” Zhou Yanyan’s earlier pleased expression disappeared. She turned around to glare at him unhappily.

Han Tianyuan maintained a careless expression. “Do you think my money can be given out freely? If I don’t sleep with her, that’s also fine. I’ll let her accompany a few of my brothers for a night. Sixteen thousand for a night, Miss Ji would be the most expensive woman in the entire Hai Cheng!”

Zhou Yanyan laughed; her eyes were full of excitement. “Yes, yes, yes! This purchase is not bad! Miss Ji, how about it?

“The two of you, one asks and the other answers, if one doesn’t know they would think that you are professional duet singers.” Ji Nuan did not get angry but instead laughed. “Seeing your manners, the two of you seem suitable to go on stage to perform monkey shows.”

Zhou Yanyan fluttered her lashes happily. “What’s the point of putting on this noble attitude? Do you really think an illegitimate daughter like you could transform from a sparrow into a phoenix? If not for the Ji family’s protection, who knows which low-grade brothel you would be in right now!”

Hearing her words, Ji Nuan smiled lazily and carelessly, dragging her words out calmly. “Miss Zhou, when you were fifteen years old you dropped out of school before completing your studies. Messing around in different bars, the number of men you’ve slept with is countless. You say, if not for the protection of the Zhou family, right now, the one in a low-grade brothel, would that be you or me?”

Zhou Yanyan’s expression twisted.

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