Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 12 - She Suffered a Shock After Being Deserted By the Mo Family

Chapter 12: She Suffered a Shock After Being Deserted By the Mo Family

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Zhou Yanyan wanted to retaliate but was rendered speechless by her words.

This Ji Nuan, although she was a wealthy lady with a terrible temper, the Ji Family had sent her abroad to study many years ago. Even if right now she was just a bum who stayed at home without doing anything, the numerous awards and scholarships she received back when she was in America were not fake.

“Pei! In the end, right now, aren’t you just a garbage trying to live on the Ji family’s money?” Zhou Yanyan arrogantly laughed. “Don’t try to change the topic. Right now, are you able to buy this shirt! If you’re not able to do it, then quickly admit it!”

This luxury brand shop was in one of the flourishing districts. Many observers had gathered both inside and outside of the shop.

Ji Nuan was neither shocked nor panicked. The more people gathered, the more her smiling expression seemed to grow.

Standing by the side, Han Tianyuan’s eyelids twitched. For some inexplicable reason, he had a bad feeling.

He felt that something about Ji Nuan was different. If it was in the past, this Miss Ji would have long since smashed her handbag on Zhou Yanyan’s head without any reservations, tearing her apart before caring about anything else.

Yet, right now, she was still standing there, looking calm and unhurried as though she had become a different person.

“Miss Zhou, the moment you opened your mouth your words were so provoking. If I allowed you to maintain your dignity, everyone would think that I don’t hold anyone in my eyes, wouldn’t they?”

Zhou Yanyan felt that there was hidden meaning within her words and knitted her brows unconsciously.

Ji Nuan directly placed the shirt onto the counter while playing with the card that indeed could not be used for large payments. She calmly spoke:

“Right before you stuck onto Young Master Han, you received a breakup fee of one hundred million from another man. This small amount of sixteen thousand yuan is indeed a drop in the ocean for you. Since you insist on paying for me, I won’t snatch Miss Zhou’s limelight away.”

“What rubbish are you talking about? What one hundred million yuan breakup fee!” Zhou Yanyan’s gaze faltered. She felt a rush of cold air down her back.

“The words I’m about to say, surely Young Master Han will find it very interesting as well.” Ji Nuan glanced at Han Tianyuan whose brows knitted.

“Miss Zhou previously climbed onto a man who already had a family. That man was the financial supervisor in your Han Corporation Group. Both of them made use of a loophole in your financial accounts and removed several hundred million yuan. Right after that, he abandoned both his wife and daughter to bring Miss Zhou out of the country. Who knew that the high and mighty Miss Zhou was only interested in the money in his hands. Making use of both threats and seduction, she scammed one hundred million yuan away from him.”

Ji Nuan’s words were soft and unhurried, yet each word was distinct. Zhou Yanyan listened and became alarmed from fear and trepidation.

At this point, Han Tianyuan’s expression was complicated. His company did indeed mysteriously lose several hundred million yuan several months ago. Right now, they had yet to investigate this clearly.

Could this truly be related to Zhou Yanyan?

Thinking about it, ever since this Zhou Yanyan climbed onto his bed, she often carelessly brought up the progress on the investigation of the missing money.

Seeing Han Tianyuan’s expression change, Zhou Yanyan became flustered. She quickly turned around to explain. “Don’t listen to her nonsense! Our Zhou family does not lack in money. This sort of illegal issue, why would I…”

“Not lacking in money? Then why would Miss Zhou suddenly hold onto the Han family’s big thigh and refuse to let go? I remember a long time ago, one of your closest friends mentioned that towards someone like Han Tianyuan, who was a coward that wouldn’t even participate in a fight, you had no interest whatsoever, isn’t it?”

“…” Han Tianyuan’s expression became darker by half a shade.

“Young Master Han, I suggest that you investigate this issue properly—whether or not the Zhou family previously did not have sufficient money, and whether or not one hundred million yuan was suddenly transferred in. Where exactly did those money come from? Have the police begun investigating them? I’m sure the results will satisfy you.”

“Shut up! You’re speaking nonsense!”

Zhou Yanyan never thought that a secret buried so deeply would be discovered by Ji Nuan; who never seemed to care about all these small affairs. She was unsettled to the point where she felt like ripping out Ji Nuan’s lips.

No one should know of this issue!

Yet, right now, Ji Nuan could explain everything; even the timing, so accurately! How could this be!

Seeing that Zhou Yanyan’s expression looked as though she had seen a ghost, Ji Nuan laughed.

She had ten years worth of memory. Back then, this case was only solved several years later. It shook the entire Hai Cheng. Even if she did not want to know, there was no way she would not.

Initially, she did not intend to use such a method. After all, she felt that it would be an unfair battle.

If she wanted to deal with these two, there were several other methods she could use.

However, standing here and allowing them to take advantage of her was not part of her character. In her previous life, she had already been betrayed by the people closest to her. She had taken all of the wrong steps, but that did not mean that she was weak to the point where she would allow a woman like Zhou Yanyan—who was too inferior to be shown in public—to step all over her.

“I didn’t do it! Ji Nuan is using her words to frame me! It’s definitely because she she suffered a shock after being deserted by the Mo family. That’s why…”

“Which eye of yours saw me being deserted by the Mo family?”

Zhou Yanyan immediately shouted in rage, “You’ve been married to Mo Jingshen for more than half a year! Have the two of you showed up anywhere together? Even in the pictures captured by the media, the two of you have never been seen together!”

The more she spoke, the braver she became; throwing all her anger outwards. “In the entire Hai Cheng, who doesn’t know that you are Mrs. Mo in name only. Even Mo Jingshen doesn’t treat you like anything! I think that you don’t have to wait for long before being chased out of the family by him!”

“Is that so?”

A calm voice came from the entrance. It was as cold as a blizzard, yet it instantly caught everyone’s attention.

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