Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 13 - Don't Want to Dirty His Hands

Chapter 13: Don’t Want to Dirty His Hands

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Ji Nuan glanced behind her, staring in shock as Mo Jingshen’s cold and straight figure walked towards her from the entrance—

Why would he show up here?

The people watching from the sidelines were stunned. They saw that the man approaching had a tall and imposing figure. It was as though he was brought along by the spring wind outside the door. His serene and dark eyes led them to feel cold inside; no one knew where this stern and frigid god came from.

The moment Zhou Yanyan and Han Tianyuan turned around and saw Mo Jingshen, their faces froze in shock.

The common people here would not know of Mo Jingshen’s true nature, but how could they not?

Mo Jingshen’s cold dark eyes scanned past Zhou Yanyan and quickly landed on Ji Nuan. He saw the shirt she had placed on the counter.

“Mrs. Mo will be chased out of the Mo family’s door? Why don’t I know of this?” he asked calmly in a low voice. Although his words sounded inoffensive, the temperature in the shop seemed to forcefully drop in an instant.

Zhou Yanyan gaze trembled. “CEO Mo, why would you be here…”

Mo Jingshen had yet to glance at her.

He walked toward Ji Nuan. The employees by the side unconsciously stepped back.

Ji Nuan did not know why he showed up here, but because of his appearance, her heart became calmer.

As he approached her, she raised her head and smiled.”I’m all right. There’s no need to stand up for me.”

Mo Jingshen seemed not to have heard her at all. He held her hand, placing it in his palm—This one action was silent yet determined.

“CEO Mo, this is just a misunderstanding…” The moment Han Tianyuan saw Mo Jingshen he became scared.

Regardless of how big the Han family’s influence was, they would not be able to overcome the Mo family. If they caught the ire of Mo Jingshen because of such a small issue, when he returned home tonight, his legs would undoubtedly be broken by his parents.

Mo Jingshen did not even look at him. He ignored his useless words, coldly replying the earlier question, “Why would I be here? When I accompany my wife to shop, do I have to explain myself to you first?”

“…” Zhou Yanyan who was standing by the side choked.

Accompanying Ji Nuan to shop?

Everyone knew that Mo Jingshen was an extremely rare flower desired by many. Someone like him, how could he have the spare time to accompany Ji Nuan to shop!

Han Tianyuan saw that Zhou Yanyan appeared to be holding resentment against them and immediately thought to protect himself first. “CEO Mo, this is an argument between women. I am also unable to hold them back, you see, this is really…”

“Do arguments between women not require brains?” Mo Jingshen picked up the shirt from Ji Nuan’s hands, his eyes became cold and his voice even more apathetic.”Can’t you see that this shirt was specially picked for me? Mrs. Mo was ignored and is about to be swept out of the door; You can even make up words like that?”

Zhou Yanyan’s skin gradually turned white. Although she saw Ji Nuan buying the shirt earlier, she did not think that it would be for Mo Jingshen!

How could it be…

The rumors outside clearly stated that the two of them were distant from one another!

Mo Jingshen’s glanced at the card in Ji Nuan’s hands. He said as though to play down the importance of his words, “How many times have I said this, when you step out of the house you need to remember to bring your card. I’ve really spoiled you, even when you go out to shop you don’t bring anything. Do you really think that everywhere is the Yu Garden?”

A black card suddenly came into view, leaving Mo Jingshen’s hands and appearing in Ji Nuan’s.

Ji Nuan was not stupid and reacted very quickly. “It’s because I left in a rush and forgot…”

“Make sure you remember it from now on.” Mo Jingshen gently rubbed the top of her head, as though coaxing a three or four-year-old child that always got lost. His tone was unbearably doting.

Everyone watching was suddenly fed a hefty dose of public display of affection. All of them, regardless of whether they were married or single ladies, held onto their hearts and were green with envy.

The card that Ji Nuan was holding onto was a universal limitless type of high-class black card.

In actuality, it was not that Mo Jingshen had never given her the card. When they had just gotten married, he had already given her everything that he had. It was just that then, she refused to be with him even if she died.

“CEO Mo.” Han Tianyuan appeared to be fearless of death as he walked over thinking to explain himself. The moment he came nearer, Ji Nuan saw a flash of cold light appearing in Mo Jingshen’s seemingly calm eyes.

The words they had exchanged here earlier, he had evidently heard it.

She quickly pinched his fingers gently.

Regardless of how big the Mo family influence was, the Han family’s connections in Hai Cheng were not simple. There was no point in having the two family’s relation turn sour due to a small argument with Zhou Yanyan. She did not want to cause any trouble for him, even if this amount of trouble was nothing to him.

It was fine that she faced some problems herself, but she did not want Mo Jingshen to lower himself to deal with these sort of people.

It was not worth it! And it would dirty his hands!

Ji Nuan busily pressed herself into his embrace, speaking softly, “I’m hungry. I want to go eat.”

Mo Jingshen glanced at her deeply.

It was rare for Ji Nuan to quickly choose the peacekeeping solution.

This was indeed the most suitable solution. After this incident, he could deal with them without affecting the surface relationship between the families so that she would not have suffered in vain…

However, Ji Nuan’s change was…

Why exactly did she change?

Zhou Yanyan began to think of escaping silently, but Han Tianyuan saw this. The two-hundred million-yuan issue had yet to be resolved. Regardless if it was true or false, he could not allow her to escape like this. He reached out and grabbed her back.

“Ah! What are you doing!” Zhou Yanyan turned back and saw him. She was scared to the point that her voice instantly became soft. “Release me…”

“Running away after causing trouble? Could it be that you are really related to the case?!” Han Tianyuan cursed, hauling the dumb trash back.

Zhou Yanyan’s legs became soft. She could not even speak.

Ji Nuan tugged on the corner of Mo Jingshen’s shirt once more. “There are too many people here, and the air is not good.”

Her words meant that she wanted to leave.

Mo Jingshen tightened his grip around her hand, staring at her for a moment. When he spoke, his voice held no warmth whatsoever. “Apologize.”

Han Tianyuan’s and Zhou Yanyan’s expression froze. This word was clearly directed at them.

He wanted them to apologize?

In front of so many people?

Han Tianyuan that the crowd had yet to disperse. In fact, the amount of people gathering was increasing.

He was the young master of the Han family, something like a public apology…

Zhou Yanyan also felt somewhat embarrassed. However, regardless of how important her pride was, she could not offend Mo Jingshen.

“CEO Mo …” Wanting to quickly escape from the crisis before her eyes, Zhou Yanyan accepted her fate and said, “I’m sorry. Everything I spoke today was also what I heard from the media…”

Mo Jingshen glanced at her, his gaze frigid cold. “You are apologizing to me?”

A cold shiver ran down her spine; her eyes became somewhat red. Unwillingly, she turned to Ji Nuan. “Miss-Miss Ji, I’m sorry…”

“Miss Zhou, could it be that you previously yelled really loudly in a brothel? Is your voice mute? I really can’t hear anything.” Ji Nuan leaned over. Her face brightened with a smile.

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