Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 20 - Feed Her Full

Chapter 20: Feed Her Full

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In front of the small shop, the queue was extremely long. Mo Jingshen did not send anyone to buy for him, nor did he ask anyone to go to the front and cut the line.

Around 40 minutes later, the glutinous rice ball soup that Ji Nuan wanted was finally bought.

Seeing that Mo Jingshen was about to leave, the two girls hid by the tree at the side while appearing lovesick. “Mo Jingshen actually stood so patiently to queue for this kind of food! I eat the same kind of food as my male god, ah!”

“… As if, didn’t you see that he bought more than one person’s portion? It’s likely that he didn’t buy it for himself.”

“He really did buy a lot! This kind of sweet dessert that only girls like, who did he buy it for?”

“The great Mo Jingshen put in so much thought and effort to come and queue for such a thing; it’s definitely for a woman! You say, could it be that CEO Mo has some other woman outside?”

“That shouldn’t be… Do you remember the news on Zhou Yanyan this morning? I heard that it happened because last night Zhou Yanyan said some nasty things in front of Mrs. Mo and offended CEO Mo. At that time, many people were watching! Everyone said it was the first time they ever saw CEO Mo himself. They never thought that he would dote on his wife so much. I suspect that rice ball soup was bought for his wife. That Ji family’s eldest daughter, what on earth did she do in her past life to gather so much good luck…”

“En? That’s not right. My best friend is quite close to the Ji family’s second daughter. She heard from her that there is no love between her sister and her husband. It’s very likely that they will get a divorce soon! She even said that because of this the Ji family is always worried and that the Ji eldest daughter doesn’t know how to treasure what she has~.”

“What’s the use of hearing? The truth is right before our eyes! Do you have the Ji family’s second daughter’s number? Quickly tell her! This can be considered sharing some news! With this, we might be able to become close to her, and from now on, we may be considered friends of a rich family!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ll look for the number…”

At the Ji family home.

Ji Mengran tossed and turned on the bed. The blanket and pillows were all thrown on the floor by her in a fit of rage.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She scanned the screen with impatience. Seeing that it was an unknown number, she glanced at it suspiciously for a moment before picking up.

After listening to the phone call, Ji Mengran’s expression became even uglier. She directly hung up the phone.

Mo Jingshen actually lowered himself to go queue for a bowl of rice ball soup for Ji Nuan.

He even went there personally!

Usually, Mo Jingshen was busy at the office to the point where every minute he had was precious. However, he actually spent so much time to go queue for her!

Since when did Ji Nuan become so delicate. The things that she wanted to eat, she even needed to send Mo Jingshen to buy. She was really shameless!

No! She needed to clear things up with Mo Jingshen!

Ji Nuan’s recent changes were very abnormal. She had to make sure Mo Jingshen was alert. She could not let things be, could not let Ji Nuan possess him so completely.

Ji Mengran refused to admit defeat. She picked up her phone and searched for Mo Jingshen’s private number, refusing to believe that the phone was still with Ji Nuan.

“Sorry, the number you have just dialed is unavailable right now. Please try again later.”

Ji Mengran furrowed her brows. There was a bad feeling in her heart, so she rushed to call again.

Even after calling for several times, it was the same message coming through! It was as though there was a barrier she could not go through!

Ji Mengran was frantic and frustrated!

No matter if he was on the way back to the Yu Garden, or if he was still at the Yu Garden, the reception should not be that poor. That it happened so many times in a row could only mean one thing. He had blacklisted her number!


“Madam, you only ate such a small bowl, will you be full?” Auntie Chen saw that Ji Nuan’s appetite was quite good, but she only ate a small bowl before putting it down. She could not help but nag at her to eat more.

Ji Nuan had yet to reply when Mo Jingshen came back.

When Auntie Chen saw the things Mo Jingshen held in his hand, she could not help but smile.

No wonder earlier on when Madam was eating, her eyes kept looking outside. So, Mr. Mo went out personally to buy her some food.

Auntie Chen busied herself with keeping the food, nagging a couple more times before rushing out of the room.

Ji Nuan sat on the bed and watched Mo Jingshen as he walked through the door. He placed the bag of food he bought on the table near the bed, opening it and uncovering the soup.

“You bought it? Did you queue for a long time? Earlier on, I only ate a little bit of breakfast to save space for it.” Smelling it, Ji Nuan stood up and leaned close.

The fragrant and lightly sweet scent lingered in the air. The taste that she had not had in ten years; just smelling it alone felt very sweet in her heart.

“Not very long. You like to eat this sort of thing?” Mo Jingshen did not pass her the spoon. After helping her open it, he glanced at her.

Seeing her lean so close as though she really wanted to have it, he could not help a small smile.

“The Ji family is so strict. I rarely have the opportunity to eat things like these. I had the opportunity to try it twice and ever since then I kept wanting to have this taste again.” Ji Nuan said while smelling it again, stretching her hand towards the top of the bowl to fan the scent over.

“Don’t burn yourself. Go sit down,” Mo Jingshen said lightly.

Ji Nuan sat back on the bed obediently. She initially thought that Mo Jingshen wanted to let the soup chill a bit before giving it to her. She never thought that he would pour some out into a separate bowl and, after letting it chill for two minutes, he walked over and raised the spoon to her lips.

“Here, it’s not hot anymore.”

She glanced at him in surprise.

However, after a moment, under his gaze, she opened her mouth and ate it.

So sweet, so warm .

It was as though pink bubbles had appeared in her heart because of this sweet and warm taste.

After he fed another bite and Ji Nuan ate it, she rushed to say, “I can feed myself.”

“The wound on your head hasn’t even healed, and you’ve already gotten a severe fever. Letting you eat something so hot on your own, what if you burn your hand. I think I would have to arrange a nanny to watch you 24 hours to feel at ease,” as he spoke, he fed her another bite.

The temperature of every bite that Mo Jingshen fed her was just right and a little soup always accompanied the rice ball. It was not too much soup, and although it was sweet, it was not sickening.

“Twenty-four hours nanny? Would that be a robot or a demon that doesn’t sleep?” Ji Nuan chewed on the rice ball. “Also, am I that unreliable? I’m just eating something, how would I burn myself.”

Mo Jingshen’s lips curved. He stuffed another bite in her mouth. “The number of times you were unreliable are too many to count.”

Ji Nuan’s mouth was stuffed full, and she could not reply. She tried to open her mouth but had to stop because of Mo Jingshen’s gaze.

“Eat, don’t speak.”

“… You’re doing this on purpose… Uu.”

This guy was too black-bellied. He didn’t want her to speak, so he fed her so much. She had just opened her mouth, and he stuffed another bite in.

How many sets of rice bowl soup did he buy? In one bowl there are only four small rice balls. Could it be that he bought several tens of bowls to feed her full…

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