Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 21 - This Is the Yu Garden, Not the Mo Family Home

Chapter 21: This Is the Yu Garden, Not the Mo Family Home

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The afternoon had just passed. Under Mo Jingshen’s supervision, Ji Nuan ate another dose of medicine. Although she no longer had a fever, she had to take another pill for her cold.

This caused her to sleep again in the afternoon. By the time she woke up, the sky was still bright, but it was already almost evening.

The room was quiet. Ji Nuan got up to leave the room but could not find Mo Jingshen. She thought he would be in the study room and went there, but she still did not see him.

“Madam, you are awake.” The helper heard some noise and walked over. “Are you looking for Mr. Mo?”

Ji Nuan turned back to see the helper. Not only could she not find Mo Jingshen, Auntie Chen was also not around.

“Mo Jingshen went to the office?”

Could it be that there was something urgent that had to be dealt with in the office?

“Mr. Mo is receiving guests downstairs.”


Aside from Ji Mengran who frequently came, usually there were no friends or relatives that would visit.

The Ji family and the elders from the Mo family had also not visited in the past six months. If they wanted to see them, they would usually phone them and ask them to return home rather than coming to the Yu Garden themselves.

So, who were the guests who suddenly arrived?

However, since there were guests, Ji Nuan who was currently ill and still dressed in her pajamas was not suitable to meet them. She saw that the helper had turned to busy herself with work, so she returned to the room to change. After cleaning herself up to appear better, she walked back out.

As she walked down the stairs, she had yet to see the guests and could only hear a woman’s voice, “Jing Shen, you should be very busy right now, aren’t you? Recently, you haven’t been returning to the Mo family home as often. Aiya! There are still so many things waiting to be handed over to you at home, yet you insisted on setting up a business of your own. You child, the Mo family still has a business in America that needs…”

That voice suddenly stopped because of Ji Nuan. The nagging, concerned voice suddenly changed to a ridiculing tone. “The eldest Miss Ji has finally awakened? She really has been spoiled from a young age. It’s bad enough that she’s always lazing about at home without working, but she actually wakes up so late each day. She really doesn’t know what it’s like to suffer at all. What a spoiled princess!”

“She’s ill. I was the one who let her sleep until now after taking her medicine.”

Ji Nuan recognized the person and walked over. “Aunt, I’m sorry. The helper did not tell me that you came.”

This was Mo Jingshen’s aunt, Mo Peilin. She was a daughter from Grandfather Mo’s younger brother’s family. She could only be considered a distant relative. However, those of Grandfather Mo’s generation were all very close, so the younger generation all set up their lives in Hai Cheng and would often meet at various Mo family gatherings.

Mo Peilin seemed as though she did not hear Ji Nuan’s voice, only glancing at her coldly.

“Regardless of which family’s precious princess she is, since she has entered the Mo family, she cannot treat it as her own home. She doesn’t even know any rules or manners. Jing Shen ah, you need to be stricter with her. You can’t keep giving in to her.”

Mo Jingshen expression became distant. “This is the Yu Garden, not the Mo family home. She doesn’t need to abide by any rules.”

“That won’t do! Even if it’s not the olden days anymore, if the Mo family’s daughter-in-law remains so childish and is always being so lazy, that’s too much!”

Mo Jingshen smiled coldly, ignoring her unkind words. Seeing Ji Nuan stand there without moving, he spoke softly, “Won’t you be tired standing there? Come here and sit down.”

Ji Nuan smiled, obediently walking over. Right before the eyes of Mo Peilin, she sat right next to him.

Seeing them sit so closely, Mo Peilin’s expression suddenly became uglier.

Her daughter, Mo Jiaxue, who sat by her side looked away. Her expression was unhappy.

Auntie Chen brought over some of the excellent tea previously taken from the Mo family. Under Mo Jingshen’s signal, she also left the hot water on the tea table.

“Feeling better?” Mo Jingshen poured some hot water for Ji Nuan. She still had a cold, and it was not suitable for her to drink tea.

“This entire day, aside from eating, I only slept. I really feel better now.” Ji Nuan smiled and sat by his side, acting as though she did not notice the ugly expressions on this mother-daughter pair.

“So you actually know that besides eating, all you do is sleep? Always enjoying without doing any work! Jing Shen has already been married to you for two years, yet you’ve never once returned to the Mo family home. Those who don’t know would think that our Jing Shen is still single.” Mo Peilin who had been ignored for half a day rolled her eyes. “Miss Ji is really delicate. You’ve just fallen a little sick and Jing Shen has to put down his work to focus on taking care of you.”

Ji Nuan turned to look at her. “Aunt, between now till Mo Grandfather’s 80th birthday there is still more than a week. I’m preparing to go and see him on his birthday.”

“It’s Elder Mo’s birthday; if you still don’t show up, from now on you won’t need to go through the Mo family’s door anymore!”

Ji Nuan did not seem affected as she lifted her beautiful brows. Her voice slow and calm as she said, “Normally, the elderly already seem so busy. Going back less, isn’t it for the sake of letting them have more peaceful and quiet times?”

Mo Peilin’s expression froze. Her eyes were filled with dissatisfaction.

Ji Nuan’s words meant that all these people who were barely related to Grandfather Mo were constantly looking for opportunities to hold onto the Mo family’s big thigh, causing Grandfather Mo to have no time for peace and quiet?

“Ah! It’s true that you should go back less. It saves the Mo family from having to look at your face!” Mo Peilin’s expression was ugly; her tone was also sharp. “Who knows what curse Jing Shen is under. He actually fell for you!”

Due to Mo Peilin’s tone and words against Ji Nuan, Mo Jingshen’s brows furrowed. His expression turned instantly cold.

Mo Peilin’s voice raised by several decibels. “Back then you didn’t know how to tell good from the bad. During the wedding, your attitude was so terrible. After being married for so long there is still no news of any children. I think you don’t intend to live a good life with Jing Shen at all! Then, why are you still holding onto the title of Mrs. Mo? Hurry up and divorce, and let our Jing Shen get his freedom back! The number of women who wish to marry him is extremely high! In such a big Hai Cheng, there are several hundred thousand of well-bred women more suitable for him!”

Mo Jingshen abruptly opened his mouth, his tone extremely cold, “Auntie Chen, send off the guests.”

The coldness and slight anger could be heard from his voice. Ji Nuan did not speak, but placed her hand in his, gently pressing against his palm. The meaning was that she would not take these words to heart.

Mo Peilin did not intend to leave. She sat on the sofa refusing to move. “Jing Shen, I haven’t finished speaking! Today, I specially made a trip to the Mo Corporation. In the end, they said you didn’t even show up for work! Since you decided to set up your own business, your company should be more important. Yet, you’re staying at home to take care of Ji Nuan!”

“What is important and what is not, I’m well aware of it. There’s no need for Aunt to worry.” Mo Jingshen’s voice remained cold, the initial politeness he maintained was gone.

“Originally, as an elder, I didn’t want to speak such ugly words, but isn’t it just a cold and fever? It isn’t some serious illness, is there a need to accompany her? I think that her feelings toward you are definitely not as strong as yours are for her!”

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