Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 22 - The Pavilion Closest to The Water Enjoys Moonlight First

Chapter 22: The Pavilion Closest to The Water Enjoys Moonlight First

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Although the issue of Ji Nuan constantly demanding for a divorce had never spread outside, everyone in the Mo family knew about it.

As though she was putting herself in his shoes, Mo Peilin considerately said,” Jing Shen, don’t be too offended by Aunt’s words. I’m just feeling upset on your behalf…”

Mo Jingshen gently held Ji Nuan’s hand in his. She knew intuitively what he was trying to say and because of that, she was barely affected by Mo Peilin’s words. She smiled with both her lips and her brows. “You must have misunderstood something. Previously, I did have some arguments with Jing Shen, and because of that we had a cold war for some period, but that was it. Besides, the issues between us as a couple, even our parents are not interfering, don’t you feel that you are stretching your hands too far?”


Mo Peilin thought that Ji Nuan was relying on the fact that Mo Jingshen was here to act out of line, but she never thought she would go so far! To think that she would insult her right before her face!

“Ji Nuan is still ill. She needs absolute quiet in order to rest.” Mo Jingshen paid no mind to Mo Peilin’s choked expression. “If you came here just to have a peaceful walk, unfortunately, we won’t be able to entertain you.”

“Mom.” Mo Jiaxue who sat by Mo Peilin’s side carefully tugged on her hands, quietly speaking, “Don’t talk about that anymore… Let’s talk business.”

“Hmph, since young his character has been that of a cold mountain. I only lectured Ji Nuan for a bit, yet he protected her so much.” Mo Peilin glared at Ji Nuan harshly.

“Take care. We won’t send you off.” Mo Jingshen no longer looked at them, tugging Ji Nuan’s hand to stand up.

The signal to chase them off was too obvious. Mo Peilin rushed to speak up, “Wait! I have serious business to talk about! Jing Shen, Jia Xue is also considered your younger cousin. This year, she graduated from Hai University Business School, and her ability in various areas is very good. I heard that your secretary’s position is still empty. Let Jia Xue give it a try; how about it?”

“I don’t agree!” Ji Nuan’s eyes turned cold as she subconsciously spoke up.

Mo Peilin glared at her. Her eyes were filled with unhappiness. “You don’t agree? What right do you have to disagree? The one I asked was Jing Shen!”

How could Ji Nuan not see through her intentions?

Each line insinuated that she was unsuitable for Mo Jingshen. Was it not all for the sake of looking for an opportunity to push her daughter to his side, to be at the pavilion closest to the water to enjoy the moonlight first?

Mo Peilin had a divorced when she was very young, so her daughter took her surname. But at the end of the day, she could not be considered part of the Mo family. She was just a normal distant relative. But, if they could add a marriage on top of that, especially an alliance with Mo Jingshen, in the future they would not have to try very hard to hold onto the relationship with Elder Mo.

Of course, Ji Nuan would not give them such an opportunity. “Aunt, the Mo Corporation is not any other company. The people in each department are carefully selected. The position of the CEO’s secretary, how can it be given to whomever you want to give?”

“Anyway, the position of Jing Shen’s secretary is empty! They can’t possibly find someone so quickly! It won’t hurt anyone to let Jia Xue go!” She really was a busybody. Mo Peilin felt more hatred against Ji Nuan!

Ji Nuan looked as though she had heard something rather interesting and smiled. “Your daughter graduated at the age of 23 from Hai University Business School. When I was 18 years old, I had already received a good ranking from America’s MIT Finance School. If we are comparing, don’t you think I am even more suitable?”

“I believe that cousin’s company will prioritize ability.” Hearing this, Jia Xue abruptly stood up, pushing the glasses that sat on her nose while shoving a few words in.

Her gaze fixated on Mo Jingshen. After staring for a while, she could not stop her face from turning red. The pure, secret love and the self-conscious anticipation could not be hidden from her face.

“That’s right! Ji Nuan, don’t act like you are capable! I bet the Ji family bought that position. Right now, your age is not small. You’re already 20-plus-years-old yet you don’t have any work experience. Lazing about all day is the most suitable for you!” Mo Peilin swept a mocking glance at her.

At this moment, Mo Jingshen’s handphone rang.

After two minutes, he hung up. Ji Nuan tilted her head at him to ask, “Is there something important that needs you back at the company?”

“No, just a document that needs approval from me. Shen Mu will send it the Yu Garden before five o’clock,” as Mo Jingshen spoke, his hand did not move away from hers while the other hand was casually placed into his suit pocket. He glanced coldly at Mo Peilin who stood at the side as well as Mo Jiaxue whose face was red.

“The Mo Corporation indeed does value ability. But from what I know, Mo Jiaxue’s graduation thesis was completed by paying others to write it. Her examination scores were also unremarkable.” His voice was cold and calm. While no mocking could be heard, it did not give the other party any opportunity to continue arguing.

Mo Jiaxue’s expression froze. “I…”

Mo Peilin rushed to protect her daughter. “Aiya! My daughter would never do such a thing! Jing Shen, don’t listen to whatever you hear! Jia Xue’s results are excellent!”

Mo Jingshen coldly curved his lips but did not look at them. He only looked at Ji Nuan. “Tired?”

Ji Nuan shook her head. “Don’t worry. I’m not tired.”


Shen Mu’s speed was fast. The document arrived before it was even five o’clock.

Mo Peilin continued to look for various topics to speak about, unwilling to leave. Seeing the document arrive, she rushed to receive it from the door and then handed it to Mo Jiaxue.

Under Mo Jingshen’s cold eyes, Mo Jiaxue glanced at the document in her hands.

After one look, she was stunned.

This… was all in English!

And it was the most challenging level of English! All the different complicated terminologies caused her eyes to blur.

“Why do you look so stunned? Pass it to your cousin!” Mo Peilin signaled with her eyes, asking her to use this opportunity to perform well.

Mo Jiaxue paused for a moment. She was somewhat embarrassed and unwilling to look at Mo Jingshen in the eyes as she passed him the document.

Mo Jingshen did not receive it, speaking apathetically, “Didn’t you want to prove your own ability? Translate the first page out loud. I’ll listen.”

“Ah? F-first page…” Mo Jiaxue was embarrassed. She raised her eyes to glance at him but was frightened by Mo Jingshen’s cold eyes.

It was a difficult English document, how could she translate it…

Even when she was working as an intern, she did not participate in the interviews… Such a document was extremely unfamiliar to her…

All of a sudden, a smooth white hand reached out, taking the document from her. Mo Jiaxue saw her actions and wanted to speak up, but she held it in.

She could not even recognize these words. Could Ji Nuan who was always lazing about be able to?

“What document is this?” Ji Nuan casually flipped through and glanced at it, easily reading out the English at the front and then used the most simple and accurate words to translate out the important contents in the document. After finishing, she glanced towards Mo Jiaxue whose face had turned bright red. “It can’t be that you can’t even recognize these simple words?”

Mo Jiaxue was struck dumb, how could she forget, Ji Nuan previously studied abroad for many years!

Seeing the situation, Mo Peilin rushed to push her daughter behind her, glaring at Ji Nuan with an unhappy face. “Jia Xue graduated in a university within the country. Isn’t it normal that she cannot understand English? You went overseas to study in your teen years; what’s the point of being proud about understanding a bit of English?”

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