Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 23 - After All, the Woman That He Truly Keeps in His Heart Has Already…

Chapter 23: After All, the Woman That He Truly Keeps in His Heart Has Already…

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“Mo Corporation is a listed company and often participates in other projects. If the CEO’s secretary cannot even translate such a simple document, just by sitting by the computer and drinking tea, how could she become a secretary?”

“If our Jia Xue cannot be the CEO’s secretary, are you trying to say that a twenty-year-old brainless brat like you are able to?” Mo Peilin was angry to the point where her words no longer made sense. “You’re just relying on the fact that Jing Shen spoils you and protects you! Otherwise, you would not have the qualifications to do it at all!”

“Aunt, don’t be so rash with your words. Earlier on, I simply took myself as an example. Although I studied overseas, my father felt that my abilities weren’t strong enough and arranged for me to further my studies in finance within the country. However, I’ve been dragging it until now without completing it, and I’ve never officially graduated. In addition, my age is indeed not good. I definitely won’t make use of Mo Jingshen’s wife’s position to mix into the company. The Mo Corporation isn’t a place where any ugly person can enter. What do you say?”

Ji Nuan smiled happily as she explained.

On the other hand, Mo Peilin was mad to the point where her face was white.

What ugly person! She actually said that her precious daughter was ugly!

“Jing Shen! Look exactly what you’ve brought into the Mo family! She used such an attitude to speak to an elder!” Mo Peilin’s anger was not light.

Mo Jingshen calmly curved his lips, looking calm. “Everything she said was what I wanted to say. Nothing is incorrect.”

“You! You…” Mo Peilin’s eyes were filled with rage. “Jing Shen! When Jia Xue visited the Mo family when she was young, you always took care of her! Why is it that with these kinds of issues you are helping an outsider? What medicine did Ji Nuan give to you? She…”

Hearing this, Mo Jingshen’s expression did not change but in an instant he removed any close relation they could have had with the Mo family.

“In the Mo family, I am the host, and you are the guests. Rather than taking care, I was simply fulfilling the basic conduct of being a host,” he calmly said.

They kept mentioning the Mo family, but aside from having the Mo surname, were there any areas where they were related to Hai Cheng’s Mo family?

All they wanted was a stable pillar in Hai Cheng which was why they kept clinging to the most reliable foundation of the Mo family.

“Mom, let’s just leave…” From the document, Mo Peilin could tell that her chances of obtaining the role of the CEO’s secretary were indeed small. She already felt somewhat ashamed and could only whisper to Mo Peilin.

She was but a naive student who had just graduated from university. On the other hand, regardless of how Ji Nuan was insulted, she stood firmly by Mo Jingshen’s side complimenting him so well. Her hand was held in his from start to finish. Her face was also perfect.

Perhaps because Ji Nuan had received the highest level of education since young, regardless of what circumstances she was faced with, her performance was still calm and confident. Her temperament was not something any other girl could compare to. This caused Mo Jiaxue to feel even more inferior. She wanted to leave quickly to prevent from being insulted any further.

“We’re not leaving! Why do you have to leave? We haven’t cleared this up!” Mo Peilin raged. “Ji Nuan’s surname is not Mo! Who does she think she is? Let the Mo family be the judge!”

Mo Jiaxue felt embarrassed by her mother who was pestering them endlessly and tried to use force to pull her out but could not move her. In the end, she could only stay silent with red eyes.

“Madam, I’ll send you back to your room to rest. It’s too noisy here.” Auntie Chen received Mo Jingshen’s eye signal and rushed forward to whisper by Ji Nuan’s ear.

Ji Nuan did not move. Her eyes met Mo Peilin’s. Just as she was about to speak, Mo Jingshen squeezed her hands.

Mo Jingshen spoke calmly, “Ji Nuan is my wife. Her surname isn’t Mo? How did Aunt come to this conclusion?”

Mo Peilin choked, freezing for a moment before arguing mindlessly, “At the end of the day, you will still get a divorce!”

Mo Jingshen leaned to the side, holding Ji Nuan’s hands, but his words were directed towards Mo Peilin. As though pouring cold water over her, his tone was as cold as ice, “I respect you as an elder and did not humiliate you. Watch your words and don’t cross the line, if not, in the future, I may not be as kind.”

Regardless of silhouette, looks, background or his cold, quiet aura, the feeling that Mo Jingshen gave others was always calm, yet at the same time, it made it difficult for others to breathe.

Seeing that Mo Jingshen was truly angry, although it could not be seen from the surface, the tension in the air did become cold. Mo Peilin could not help feeling a shiver running down her spine…

Ji Nuan watched this man who kept on protecting her. Her heartbeat increased.

She did not care much about the nonsense spouted by this woman. But Mo Jingshen’s protection made her feel as though she was safely kept within his wings. It was warm and secure.

“You’ve really grown up. Now you’ve learned to bully us, mother and daughter…” Mo Peilin suddenly sounded as though she had been wronged, her voice weakening.

Mo Jingshen’s voice remained cold. “You won’t leave when we ask you to. Do you want to be thrown out?”

“Mom, even if we speak anymore there is nothing of benefit to us.” Mo Jiaxue tugged on Mo Peilin’s sleeves. “Don’t mention about Ji Nuan and cousin’s divorce anymore. Their relationship seems very good. Saying this kind of words, we are clearly in the wrong.”

Mo Peilin gritted her teeth, lowering her voice to reply, “Stupid brat, what nonsense are you saying? Is your weak ambition beaten down after seeing how impressive they are?”

How was this nonsense?

Mo Jiaxue raised her head and saw that Ji Nuan’s hands were continuously held in Mo Jingshen’s. The feeling that no one would be able to interfere was too evident.

Mo Jingshen never seemed like an emotional person. Today he actually got angry from protecting Ji Nuan… If they kept arguing any further, don’t even mention the Yu Garden, they may not even be able to enter the Mo family door anymore.

Mo Peilin was not stupid. She could see that this situation was not favorable for her. It was fine to offend Ji Nuan, but if because of this they offended the Mo family, then the consequences would not be very good in the future.

Before Mo Peilin tugged her daughter out off the door, she added on unhappily, “Ji Nuan, don’t be happy too early! Jing Shen is not as simple as you think. You may think that he treats you well, spoils you and protects you. But isn’t it all for the sake of benefitting from your family? After all, the woman that is really in his heart has already…”

“Mom!” Mo Jiaxue saw Mo Jingshen’s gaze and froze in fear, busily cutting off her words and dragging her away.

The door opened and closed. The loud “peng” sound of the door slamming shut was shocking, and because of this, Ji Nuan paused in surprise.

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