Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 24 - Sleep on the Bed or Sleep with Me, Choose One

Chapter 24: Sleep on the Bed or Sleep with Me, Choose One

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Mo Jingshen remained calm, “Just idle words, no need to pay attention to them.”

Ji Nuan: “…”

She never said that she was going to pay attention to those baffling words.

“I didn’t scold you earlier because there were guests. The living room on the first floor is so chilly. You didn’t even put on a coat before coming down. Do you really plan for me to take a month of vacation to stay at home and watch you?” Mo Jingshen held onto her ice-cold hands; his tone slightly unkind.

“Cough, that, just now I took a glance at the document Assistant Shen brought over. It does seem rather important. Do you want to go to the office to settle it? I’ll…”

“You are the most important.”


Ji Nuan did not have the time to be moved by his words before she was brought upstairs. Without a coat, she was not even allowed to come downstairs.

Was this the stern husband that the legends spoke of?


At night, Mo Jingshen went over to the main bedroom but did not see Ji Nuan.

He glanced towards the shut door of the bathroom. Although there was not much noise, the sound of water flowing into the tub could be heard.

He raised his wrist, glancing at the time.

After more than ten minutes, Ji Nuan still did not exit.

Ji Nuan indeed sat in the tub bathing. The water was hot, and after soaking for a while, her eyes became somewhat dazed, distantly glancing at the mist in the air.

In her mind, Mo Peilin’s voice rang once more, “The woman that is really in his heart has already…”

Those kinds of words…

Mo Peilin should have been making things up when she said that, right?

After all, in the entirety of her two lives, the Mo Jingshen she saw has always treated her well. Not only could she see it with her eyes, but she could also feel it with her heart.

Also, back then, for the sake of looking for reasons to cancel the wedding, she had already attempted to look into Mo Jingshen’s history. She had spent more than a month hiring others to investigate him in the dark.

Mo Jingshen was unpredictable, mysterious, and private. The number of bodyguards he had was also rather large, making it hard for her to find opportunities.

However, at the end of a lengthy investigation, what she found was that many women were chasing after him, loving him, and hoping to marry him. For the sake of meeting him, one even attempted to use suicide to threaten him. These women were celebrities of great family backgrounds and female idols that were high on the social hierarchy.

Yet, Mo Jingshen never once gave those women any opportunities. Even if they attempted to use death to threaten him, he still remained calm, giving them no attention whatsoever.

In front of women, he has always maintained an indifferent and suitable distance, making him difficult to understand and even harder to approach. His self-control and composure were remarkably restrained.


That night he tortured her so much to the point that her voice became hoarse. Even then, he still did not let her off!

And yesterday, even though her fever was so high, he still managed to have a reaction!

Restrained my ass!

The bathroom door suddenly opened. Ji Nuan who was currently leaning against the tub in a daze looked up in surprise.She stared at the long-legged man who had directly walked in with shock.

Before the mist, the man’s tall silhouette was somewhat difficult to look at.

She blinked her eyes before returning back to her spirits, finally noticing that she had stayed in the tub for too long. She was so stunned that her reaction was somewhat slow.

“What are you doing? I’m showering.”

Her long wet hair was spread out across her back, like black seaweed. The little droplets of water on her face reflected the bathroom lights.

Mo Jingshen only glanced at her for a second before pulling over a bath towel and fishing her out of the tub. Ji Nuan did not even have the opportunity to protest before she was already wrapped in a bundle.

Without saying a word, he brought her out.

“Mo Jingshen, I’m showering. Why did you suddenly enter…”

“I already gave you nearly twenty minutes. Soaking in hot water for so long, do you want to faint in there again?”

Ji Nuan heard that his tone was unkind but could not understand why he was suddenly losing his temper.

She furrowed her brows. “Then you could have just called me from outside…”

Mo Jingshen placed her on the bed, tugging off the towel on her body.

Ji Nuan’s body suddenly felt cold. Realizing that she was not wearing anything, she rushed to roll around the bed and wrapped herself up in the sheets.

“Didn’t you ask me to help you bathe yesterday?” Mo Jingshen threw her towel to the side.

“But I can do it myself today…”

Mo Jingshen acted as though he did not hear anything, tugging the sheets on her body down. Due to his sudden overbearing behavior, Ji Nuan was at a complete loss as to what to do.

Could it be that because he could not sleep well last night, seeing that she was feeling better today, he was trying to seek recompense?

Mo Jingshen opened the blankets and placed her in it, calmly speaking, “Ji Nuan, trust is the most important factor between couples. No one’s empty words should be able to affect your emotions.”

His words were too calm. Ji Nuan glanced towards his light and clear expression.

Earlier on, when she was in the bathroom, she did overthink about the things she should not have thought about…

Could Mo Jingshen read minds? Or could he easily understand other people’s hearts?

“Don’t want to sleep? Are you fully healed?”


“If you don’t wish to sleep, why don’t we do other things.”

Ji Nuan’s hands that were placed on the blanket could not help but retreat slightly, “No! Not completely healed yet…”

Mo Jingshen bent over, reaching over to lift her chin and gaze at her.

Ji Nuan was just about to speak when he used the opportunity to lean down and kissed her.

The surprisingly deep kiss caused her to become somewhat dizzy. Only when her unclothed body shrunk backward under the blanket did he gently bite her lips, whispering next to it, “Sleep on the bed or sleep with me, choose one.”

With a whoosh sound, Ji Nuan rushed to cover the blanket all the way to her head.

Of course, she will sleep on the bed!

Such an abruptly overbearing Mo Jingshen, she was afraid that she would not be able to take it.


When she woke up, the sunlight spread across the bed warmly. She glanced toward the window while blinking and then picked up the phone to look at the time.

Mo Jingshen always woke up earlier than her. At this time, he should have already gone to the company. Yesterday, he specially stayed to accompany her, but this afternoon the company had a fixed weekly meeting.

After resting for two days at home, she was in good spirits as she went to wash up.

When she returned to the bedroom to change, the phone that was placed by the pillow rang. She walked over to glance at it and found that it was a call from the Ji family.

Without trying hard, she guessed that her dad should have received the news.

Otherwise, based on his smelly and strong temper, he would not have called her for no reason.

“I heard that you bought two companies from Han Tianyuan?”

“En.” Ji Nuan felt somewhat dazed after not hearing her father’s voice for a long time.

“Such a big issue, why didn’t you discuss it with the family? Han Tianyuan, that trash, he has never known how to do business! Right now, business property is not flourishing within the country. The two companies in his hands are on the brink of bankruptcy! Yet, you spent thirty million yuan for it. Such a company is not even worth one million yuan!”

“Dad, wait for me to return home before we discuss this issue.” Ji Nuan’s tone was calm. On the phone, she did not wish to argue about such things.

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