Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 8 - One Kiss Was Sufficient to Make Him Want to Press Her Down

Chapter 8: One Kiss Was Sufficient to Make Him Want to Press Her Down

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Everything concerning her was not considered trouble…

Ji Nuan’s heart rippled, and she threw herself into his embrace.

It was early in the morning, and she had already done so twice. By now, Mo Jingshen was somewhat used to her sudden outburst of sweet passion. He lowered his eyes to look at her little head that was buried in his embrace, gently holding it. “Once you’ve eaten, return to the room to rest. It’s already the beginning of autumn. Don’t catch a cold.”

“Going to rest right after eating, are you raising me like a pig?” Ji Nuan rubbed her face against his embrace.

Suddenly noticing that the helpers around them all seemed shy and awkward, she quickly stepped back from his embrace but noticed that Mo Jingshen’s gaze on her held a faint smile that was difficult to understand.

“Didn’t you always do that in the past?”

“That was…”

In the past, Ji Nuan never liked having breakfast with him. She always rushed to finish and would then find a random excuse to return to her room to rest. She was always unwilling to spend even a minute longer around him.

“Cough, that’s because I previously couldn’t sleep very well, so I had to regain some sleep in the day.” Ji Nuan explained, rubbing her face. “You see! Good rest will lead to beautiful skin!”

Mo Jingshen chuckled at her awkward explanation and refrained from attacking her obvious forced logic.

Seeing that he did not believe her, she grabbed his hand and pressed it on her face. “If you don’t believe me, touch it! Isn’t it soft and smooth?”

Mo Jingshen gently rubbed his thumb across Ji Nuan’s face. Ji Nuan held onto his hands but was unable to control his movements. He pinched her chin. Her face immediately burned red watching the man who was moving closer to her.

“Indeed, it is soft and smooth,” he whispered in a slightly hoarse voice.

These three words were initially used to describe her face, but hearing it come from his mouth somehow made her think that there was something else. It caused her face to turn red and her heartbeat to speed up.

“Mrs. Mo is seducing me so directly. Do you not wish for me to go to the company?” Mo Jingshen muttered right next to her lips. There was only the space of a finger preventing them from kissing.

Ji Nuan’s heart skipped a beat.

How could he tease her like this…

Mo Jingshen, how could he tease her like this!

In her past life, water must have entered her brain for her to push him a thousand miles away! Who said that a cold businessman would be extremely traditional and dull in a relationship!

He was obviously teasing her to the point of death!

Ji Nuan closed her eyes, yet after waiting for almost half a day, the kiss she expected did not happen.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Mo Jingshen’s gaze fixed on her.

He was always cold and quiet, keeping a distance from others and was very astute at noticing people’s changes. Ji Nuan’s character suddenly changed so much, although he did not ask, that did not mean that he did not notice these changes.

Ji Nuan paused in surprise. She felt that perhaps she had been too hasty and instinctually took a step back.

Just as she was about to move away from him, his arm wound around her waist and pulled her back.

Her lips were instantly sealed by his.

Earlier on, the helpers had already cleared the table. There was no one around them, and it was quiet to the point where they could hear each other’s breathing. Ji Nuan raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck tightly; her teary eyes filled with passion.

He closed his eyes.

There was no way to look, if he looked any longer, today’s meeting would have to be pushed back to tomorrow.

The fresh scent on this little woman’s body seduced him. Even if it was just a kiss, it was sufficient to make him want to press her down.


Auntie Chen brought the blankets out from the guest bedroom. The moment she walked out she saw Ji Nuan sitting on the couch with a bright-red face, appearing as though her soul had been stolen.

The Yu Garden’s doorbell rang. Mo Jingshen, who had just received the company’s phone call and was about to leave, directly went to open the door.

The door opened and there stood Ji Mengran.

Ji Mengran wore a light-colored dress. Her face had some light makeup that accentuated her youth. The moment she saw that it was Mo Jingshen who had opened the door, her eyes lit up.

“Brother Jing Shen! Normally at this time, you would already be at the office! Why haven’t you left today?” Ji Mengran’s face was filled with joy.

Previously, Ji Mengran wanted to use the excuse of comforting Mo Jingshen to go look for him, but he was always at the office. The Mo office was so strictly managed that there was no way she could enter. The previous night she had only managed to catch a glimpse of him at the Yu Garden before he had pulled Ji Nuan to his room. It was a long time since she had stood so close to him.

That he had come to open the door was an amazing surprise for her!

Mo Jingshen’s body was tall and fit. He stood at the door with no intention of letting her in.

Meng Ran glanced inside. From this angle, she could not see Ji Nuan, so she spoke softly, “Is my sister still sleeping? Ai, locking herself in the room for the whole day without seeing anyone, it’s no wonder that her character is becoming weirder and weirder. I’ll find time to persuade her.”

She dared to speak this way because she already had her plans.

Since Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen had a barrier between them, regardless of why he returned to the Yu Garden yesterday, last night must not have been too peaceful here. Ji Nuan must have quarreled with him again.

“Came here so early?” Mo Jingshen’s voice was calm and it held no warmth whatsoever.

Meng Ran was already used to his coldness and felt that last night there must have been some unhappiness between them.

She gave an understanding smile. “I’m worried that since my sister isn’t feeling too happy these few days, she might cause some unreasonable trouble again. So, I thought to come early and accompany her.”

“What unreasonable things have I done?” Ji Nuan’s voice suddenly came from inside the room.

Ji Mengran’s expression instantly froze.

Ji Nuan walked over to Mo Jingshen’s side, her hand naturally holding onto his elbow, smiling.

“Aside from having some bad temper, what other ridiculous things have I done? You remember it so well that you have to keep bringing it up?”

Ji Mengran stared at Ji Nuan with shock. She then glanced her hand around Mo Jingshen’s arm.

After the incident the night before, Mo Jingshen should have been thoroughly disappointed with Ji Nuan. How could this…

“You and Brother Jing Shen…” Ji Mengran spoke hesitantly.

Ji Nuan cut her off. “Meng Ran, I’ve already been married for so long, why haven’t you changed the way you address him? He is your brother-in-law; you can’t call him Brother Jing Shen.”

Ji Mengran’s expression fell at sight of the scene in front of her. Breathing in, she suddenly asked, “Brother Jing Shen, did you do something to my sister? Previously she kept hiding from you. The moment you touched her, she would shower eight to ten times. Why is she suddenly so close to you…?”

Ji Nuan leaned against Mo Jingshen, looking amused. “Wouldn’t that cause my skin to peel? My sister is young and doesn’t speak seriously. It’s so exaggerated that it makes people want to laugh.”

Mo Jingshen glanced at her. “No wonder it’s so soft and smooth. So you showered up to eight or ten times a day.”

His hand moved to Ji Nuan’s waist, quietly whispering by her ear such that only she could hear his words.

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