Chapter 5 – To kill you, What benefit do I have

Whew, okay, this one took me long. I got a bit sick so I couldn’t concentrate. The degree of the sentence structure is also miles harder than that of shrouded which doesn’t help. Oh well, we’ll see how much this story will progress.

Chapter Note: If you are confused about the ring, here’s an explanation. The ring is able to tell Yang Chen the status of the person he kills. Status however doesn’t equate to power. It’s a way to show how much achievements or merit an immortal has. That is why the young soldier, although has a low status, when Yang Chen absorbed his essence it was stronger to that of the local god. Hope this helps. Anyway, Enjoy!

“Is that you?” A voice came from the prisoner, Yang Chen was surprised. Don’t tell me someone

in XianJie(World of immortals) recognizes me?

“Who?” Yang Chen looked towards the direction of the voice, he saw an old man tied up on the XianTai platform. On the stage, the body seemed like to be crouching like an animal, Yang Chen then immediately put down his sword. The execution of immortals in the XianTai has been long abolished, even though Yang Chen is a mortal, through the power of the XianTai he can do what he pleases to the immortals.

“A few months, you went inside the temple and dug out the case. You paid your respect, have you forgotten?” The old man with the worn out clothes, his identity can’t be remembered. “Wherever I am, no one pays respect to me, therefore I remember.”

The old man saying this, Yang Chen then realized that this man was a local god. This local god is not too big, not too small either, he barely is considered an immortal.

“So that was you!” Yang Chen smiled, he did not have to worry and use the sword. In any case, here he is the executioner, in the heaven’s XianTai there is no need to worry about time, what time the execution is, Yang Chen has the final say.

“You are a mortal, how can you act like this?” The old local god stood with resentment, loudly shouting at Yang Chen’s direction.

“You know as a mortal, in this matter, how can I have the decision to give freedom?” Yang Chen casually caressed the blade, replying to what was said. This is the way he speaks, this is also the way he thinks, no wonder he only is a local god, but also extremely poor at that.

“This is going against the heavens!” The old man yet again spoke, continued to say more words, he spoke endlessly.

“The heavens has its heavenly law.” Yang Chen opposed the local god, there is no going against it, there is only one justification: “There is the Jade emperor, also there is the queen of the west, are they alone? Since then multiple masters has soared towards the heavens, there are many more powerful immortals, be it the beautiful maidens, or be it me, I can’t oppose the heavenly laws!”

The people who went against the heavens, Yang Chen doesn’t know their reasons. However, he does know that he was able to convey his message to these people.

“Traitor! This is heresy!” The old man once again said a few words, aside from it he was unable to say anything else.

“The offense be it big or small, to my humble mortal self, it is a matter than must be taken care of.” Yang Chen gave an indifferent smile, looked to the the enraged local god then said: “Before the body perishes, maybe you have past dreams that want to be accomplished, perhaps I can accomplish it.”

“Dream?” The old man gave a look, immediately shouted in one direction: “The old mans dream is those rebellious traitors to be cut to pieces!”

“If these traitors were to not involve me, perhaps I can help you accomplish a little.” Yang Chen gave an indifferent smile, the sudden burst of emotion came from the old local god: “You know, to kill endlessly, to help you kill, to accomplish your dream, what do I gain from it?”

“Eh?” The old local god didn’t expect Yang Chen to react like this, from the expected punishment on the platform, to actually affecting Yang Chen, not daringly asks: “You, are you serious?”

“Now in the XiuXian, it is inevitable that in the XianJie(World of Immortals) there are bad relations, I and Xuan Tianmen(TL the dude that beat YangChen up in the first chapter) also have hatred between us. To kill a few them is a must.” Yang Chen was very serious: “In my mind I swore to the devil that I will kill Xuan, if it is also the others wishes, then be at ease and go!”

“You dare swear to the devil, this old man now believes you!” The old man now doesn’t believe Yang Chen is an ordinary mortal, how can he know so much about the heavens, merely listening to Yang Chen, he’s now convinced: “If you still have the chance to leave and XianTai, you must go back to the broken temple, this old man has several lingshi. Prior to leaving that place and soaring, there are a few stuff left behind, it is now all yours! you must accomplish this!”

“Injustice has a head, debt has a master, you and me before used to have no complaints, in the past there were no hatred, orders to execute, you committed crime!” Yang Chen set off to do his job, he raised up the sword, then went down to the local god. The body fell to the ground and blood spurted, however only a little not of it hit Yang Chen’s body.

Shhh, a long breathe, Yi Lao Mo’s art once again began to circulate, the life essence of the local god was inhaled. Immediately within the body a part of the body warmed up, then flowed through 2 veins which eventually was confined, after which disappeared without a trace. Simply put, this is just like Yang Chen killing several hundreds of mortals, which still isn’t enough to compare.

Yang Chen closed his eyes, waiting for the warmth to completely disappear, then opened his eyes. Immediately he sensed a change on the ring in his hand, his mind stirred, his original thought on the value of the ring, from zero became that of a hundred thousand.

Yang Chen’s heart stirred, this ring shows heavenly status, at the same time counts merit. Killing the local god rose the merit, to illustrate, powerful rebellious immortals in the heavens altered the normal achievement criterion. To rightfully kill, naturally increases the merit. Original immortals of the old heavens had a lot of merit, now gave Yang Chen a huge rise.

However, a hundred thousand achievements is not big, neither is it small, Yang Chen also has not seen in his eyes, to behead in the XianTai, there are numerous pending prisoners, is it not a land of achievements?

The second prisoner came up, he was a young heavenly soldier. Yang Chen pays no attention to history, however due to the situation like with the local god, as before he asks: “Before the body perishes, maybe you have past dreams that want to be accomplished, perhaps I can accomplish it. Naturally, how can I benefit from it?”

“You request what can be the benefit?” The young heavenly soldier gave a look, probably in the mortal world was once a famous person, bearing a foreign presence. Facing the death’s door, he was exceptionally calm.

“As one wishes, in the XiuXing way, you in the past be it in the mortal world or spiritual world, or in the XianJie left behind things, all is possible.” Yang Chen gave an indifferent reply: “You to go out out benefitting, perhaps I can replace you to accomplish your desire, it is fair, cheating either old or young(TL: This phrase is an idiom).”

“What if you benefit and not accomplish my wish?” The young soldier snorted , questioning Yang Chen.

“You are a huge person, I am a very minor mortal, I would not dare exaggerate what I say.” Yang Chen as before was giving an indifferent tone: “If it’s possible, I will attempt to do it, if it’s not possible, I only have limited capabilities, I would not dare try pledging to all of you. Once you enter the immortal registry, the body perishing, all trouble ends.There is no need to anticipate reincarnating to keep things, there is no chance of completing, if it has been set aside for the younger generation, I would not force everybody!”

It was quiet, however within the XianTai, Yang Chen’s voice was heard by everyone, his remarks was naturally heard by all ears.

“In that case, I have no cherished desire, you can now do it!” The young soldier had no worries, shutting his eyes, at once Yang Chen set about to do his task.

“Injustice has a head, debt has a master, you and me before used to have no complaints, in the past there were no hatred, orders to execute, you committed crime!” Yang Chen didn’t try to force it, he already said, there is no guarantee accomplishing the wishes. If one didn’t wish to accept, Yang Chen is not resentful, after dying the life vitality, qi, is a certain convenience.

Kacha, the terrible blade flashed, the young man feel on the platform of the XianTai. The ring was hit with Gongde Zhi(achievements and value), only a few more than a hundred thousand, apparently the young man status is comparable to that of a local god.

However the young soldier’s life was the most important, even though he’s like a local god, one inhale, it took quadruple the amount of the local god to absorb. Simply put after the two people, Yang Chen felt a huge change within his body, it’s not bad considering his expectation, to behead an immortal is at least ten thousand times better than killing a mortal.

“I, in my whole lifetime have no care, there is nothing you an ordinary mortal can settle. Too many words is no good, do it!” The third person was extremely forward, Yang Chen giving his words, actively speaking out.

“Injustice has a head, debt has a master, you and me before used to have no complaints, in the past there were no hatred, orders to execute, you committed crime!” Since the other guy was straightforward, Yang Chen was even more straightforward, the sword cleanly cutting. This gave Yang Chen an increase of 10 Gongde Zhi, as well as altering Yang Chen’s spirit root, again the guy didn’t leave a thing.

‘This old man doesn’t have much to say, if only you can kill a few rebellious immortals.” The next person was a mountain god, afterwards Yang Chen again tried to urge and discuss: “This old man, prior to soaring, left a few things for the younger generation, it is not too late. I will give you a present, right away must you go to Yang Shan(mountain), I already laid the place out, it is important you go in, it cannot be avoided as troublesome.”

“Yang Medicine Garden?” Yang Chen’s mind stirred, he immediately replied: “7 steps to succeed, to enter 3 steps south, 2 to the east, 1 north, then 1 more, the 7 steps must be continuous, replicated 7 times. One must need a water spiritual ability to advance, 49 steps, one single mistake, there will be no pardon, senior has left behind a lot of good stuff. Thank you!”

“How did you know?” Hearing the words said by Yang Chen, the mountain god couldn’t convince himself on what he heard. He originally thought to be the only one knowledgeable regarding the matter, Yang Chen unexpectedly knew, how can he not be shocked.

“I just know!” Yang Chen knew because 2000 years after, the garden was discovered, a medium sized sect had several weak experts die, using this method they were able to go in. Yang Chen naturally will not answer the mountain god and give the explanation, he only just said: “After soaring to the heavens, unless a given consent no one will know about it. Senior, I guarantee the garden will once again be covered by earth, be relieved and be on your way!”

“To receive the secret arts is…” The mountain god was stunned looking at Yang Chen, it is now farewell.

“Thank you, senior!” Yang Chen once again gave his respect.

“To look after must not pass through!” The mountain god can only but say a few words, at the end of this situation, there’s still thinking of escaping death, each and every immortal show their true selves, which made Yang Chen admire them.

“Injustice has a head, debt has a master, you and me before used to have no complaints, in the past there were no hatred, orders to execute, you committed crime!” Every time Yang Chen beheads someone, he is patient enough to say these words. Afterwards Yang Chen used the sword.

“Why is it every time you make use of the blade, you say those words?” The fifth person looked like a scholar. Approaching towards Yang Chen, speaking in a mocking tone: “However might be scared to behead an immortal, the lack of confidence won’t do.”

“I only do not want karma!” Yang Chen replied coolly to the mocking tone: “Everybody here will die by my hand, however the cause is not myself, I want to leave karma out. In any case that the senior has hatred, it better than genuine animosity! I am only a humble executioner, there is no desire for karma!”

“You say not be be involved?” The scholar prisoner giving off razor sharp eyes: “Fear is beyond your control?”

“To receive and not to receive, all relies on my mind.” Yang Chen however did not get angry, only minding his own business and replied: “To behead everyone, it is my duty here, there is no shame. I said not to receive, it simply mean not to receive.” The words has strong confidence within them, however the scholar was not discouraged.

After entering the XianTai, Yang Chen always referred to himself as humble. Behead these immortals, whoever comes out, all of this is to obtain things from the seniors, therefore he calls of them senior, calling himself a humble man, never calling them anything else.

“Good, this old man also has unfinished desires, you have to kill a lot of people, I will set aside for you good things.“ The scholar chuckled for a moment, soon after says too Yang Chen: “Lu Qing ShanDan Elm Valley, this old man left behind a talisman, you can seek it out afterwards.If you can find it depends on your good luck!”

“To enter the Dan Elm Valley, what must be paid attention too?” Yang Chen spoke with a constant tone.

“Going in is simple, walk to go in, to come out you need to use eight treasure FengTong mirror to suppress the valley’s waves of spells .” The scholar replied quickly with speed, not even a bit of hesitation.

“Nice scheme!” Yang Chen suddenly sneered: “Dan Elm Valley, has no exit. The eight treasure FengTong mirror won’t allow an exit! I am not in the mood to fool with the senior, the senior however wanted to harm my humble life, I have not offended the senior!”

“Hahahaha! Small junior you are smart, you unexpectedly knew that it was a lie.” The scholar laughed: “Luckily you knew about the valley, it seems that your life should not be cut short. This old man is already in this appearance, about to be beheaded, not knowing little junior being offended, aside from dying, what else is there?”

“As it turns out my humble self knows how to kill immortals.” Yang Chen face sneered, flatly stated: “Although I am an ordinary mortal without magic power, the XianTai in my hands, I am fully capable of using it. Senior, before perishing, you will bear it!”

After Yang Chen spoke, the scholar’s complexion changed. Not the scholar’s face changed, all the immortals present had their complexion changed.

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