Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Davis had an ugly expression on his face .

He turned over, only to see Tian Long, his past self, getting beaten up again with a belt . Davis tried attacking again and again, but it was of no use .

"Stop beating!" Davis shouted with an angry face . He stood in front of Tian Long and shielded him, but it was of no use again . The belt passed through him and made contact with Tian Long's face .

"Arghhh! Help! Please help me! Anyone!" Tian Long begged loudly .

"You're pretty funny, this is my private mansion, and no one dares to come in without my permission . Oh? The guards at the gate . They'll pretty much turn a blind eye to whatever is happening here, after all, they have their petty lives to live . Hahahaha . " He lauged again clearly enjoying the feeling of cornering a child .

"I am called Twizer, but you can only call me father . Hoho, people call me this because they think I'm wise and twisted . "

"Mister, please leave me alone… . " Tian Long begged again in a feeble tone .


"Call me Father . "

The beatings kept increasing while Tian Long refused to give up . As an orphan who grew up in the slums, he had never seen his father and mother . He had a special place for his father and mother in his heart . As a child, he had wished many times that his father and mother would come pick him up from the slums .

One day, he was confronted by a middle aged man who claimed to know his parents . Being excited at the prospect of finding his parents, he followed the middle aged man back to a private mansion, only to be terrorized and tortured .

After 15 minutes, which seemed like a long period of time to both Tian Long and Davis . Tian Long gave up and started calling that middle aged man 'Father' .

To Davis, it was all familiar, what is going to happen, what he tried to forget, it was all shown in front of him . His hatred soared looking at Twizer . He couldn't wait to kill him once more . This man was once a scar in his life .

"Good! Hoho, and you're a dog right? There's something you are missing… hmm . "

"Ah yes, the collar, wait obediently, this room is your cage, I'll go get the collar . " Twizer went out of the room .

Davis's hatred once again soared hearing that even though he knew what kind of torture would follow after this day . He could only watch what was happening helplessly .

Davis tried to follow Twizer out of the room while Tian Long was bruised with injuries lying down with lifeless eyes .

Just when Davis was 10 metres away from Tian Long, a force kept him from leaving him . From this, Davis knew he had to stay with Tian Long, but for who knows how long .

Twizer came back with a collar in his hands . He had a degenerated smile on his face .

"Come here, mutt, let me make you wear this . "

Tian Long didn't move .

"If you don't crawl up to daddy right now, you'll be receiving my love even more . "

Tian Long shuddered . He mindlessly crawled in front of Twizer and put his head down .

"Haha, very good, that's my boy" Tian Long had a collar on his neck .

"Bastard!! I'll kill you!" Davis could no longer control his emotions and attacked Twizer again but it was of no use .

… . .

A year passed .

In the beginning, Davis still had no way of making contact with someone in this world . Tian Long was shut inside the mansion, he had no way to leave . Every week he would be tortured till he was left half alive .

At first Tian Long was only pleading not to beat or torture him . After a month, he started enduring it without shouting but that just made Twizer more excited, so he had no choice but to shout miserably to appease him . It was hell for him .

Thoughts of escape swirled inside Tian Long's head, but he had no way as he was collared . The collar's rope was long, tied to the centre of the room . He had no way even to jump out of the window .

Davis's heart was in pain every time he watched himself get tortured . It eventually turned into indifference . He kept reminding himself that this was just an illusion .

After 5 months, Tian Long had enough of it . Thoughts of killing Twizer filled his mind . He started attacking Twizer by himself . But Twizer was excited when he saw his own pet filled with killing intent trying to kill him . The result was Tian Long was again full of injuries . Twizer was very strong .

Davis knew what was going to happen as he was Tian Long before . He was full of hatred for Twizer . The only thing he can be thankful for was that, he knew, Tian Long wasn't going to be sexually abused . This madman Twizer, was just a maniac who will get excited just by hitting people .

After that period of year ended, Twizer knew that Tian Long wasn't going to last long if he keeps this up . As a distraction, Twizer bought him various toys, books, even a PC . And it worked, Tian Long was absorbed in those or else he knew that he was going to break .

… .

After a year

Tian Long even had thoughts of contacting someone from the Internet to save him . But he dropped that idea as soon as he remembered Twizer saying something like with a smile that was not a smile .

"If you tried to contact someone through anything, then just remember that it won't take long for you and that someone to die . "

Tian Long knew that he wasn't kidding and didn't dare to try contacting someone ever again .

… . .

3 years passed .

Tian Long was now 15 years old . He became pretty detached from this world . He had an indifferent expression on his face . His body was full of scars except his face .

Tian Long gained various knowledge from the Internet, he started watching anything that is concerned with entertainment, fantasy . Something that can keep him feel alive .

Davis was still here experiencing the whole thing again . After some time, he and Tian Long started to form a connection . Every time Tian Long felt pain, he would feel it too .

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