Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Twizer was no longer satisfied with keeping him tied up . He removed the collar and provoked Tian Long to escape .

Each time Tian Long tried to escape, he was beaten up miserably and brought back . Twizer pretty much enjoyed it like a hunt . In fact, he would encourage Tian Long to escape .

After multiple tries of failed attempts to escape . Tian Long realised it was just all lies and traps .

. . .

4 years passed .

Tian Long was sitting beside the PC .

"Mutt, it's time" A voice could be heard outside the door .

Twizer came into the room and started beating him up again .

'How come this idiot never gets tired of beating me up? Is it like masturbation for him?' Tian Long thought nonchalantly, he was getting beaten up, he couldn't give a fuck anymore, getting beaten up is just pretty much normal for him now .

Davis was now connected more with Tian Long's emotions, not just pain . It encroached on him and little by little . He gradually forgot what he came here for . He felt what Tian Long felt . In his eyes there was only killing intent . Just like, Tian Long he started hating this world, he blamed every person in this world .

After beating him up, Twizer glanced at the PC .

"Hahaha, Xianxia? You got addicted to those fantasies?"

Tian Long just kept quiet .

Twizer suddenly got an idea .

"Do you want to go to a fantasy world?" Twizer asked mysteriously .

There was finally a movement in Tian Long's eyes . He looked back at Twizer . He wanted to get out of this hell after all .

Twizer knew that he got his attention . He quickly said .

"Let me tell you something good . " Twizer was sure that his plan would work .

"Have you heard about the Transmigration Stone? Hehe, you probably haven't . I have used my sources to discover about this just recently . "

Davis had a sudden look of confusion, he thought he forgot something but chose not to dwell on it .

Twizer took out a World Map which marked two places .

"Hehe, see those marks? One is the Transmigration Stone while the other is the formation which connects to another world . " Twizer had a profound smile on his face .

Tian Long looked at him dubiously .

"Oh come on, when have I ever lied to you?"

True, he hasn't lied a single time except for that time he claimed to know his parents .

"All you have to do is gather the Transmigration Stone and make your way to the formation which is secretly protected by a Temple . "

"I'll even give up this opportunity to you . But you think you can get away from me?"

Tian Long acted like he had profound thoughts . He knew he'd be courting death if he goes out .

Twizer thought he had successfully riled up Tian Long into escaping . He stopped escaping a long time ago after all .

… .

After 6 months .

Tian Long showed no signs of escaping . This made Twizer very angry that he started thrashing him around . Tian Long was even more made to endure severe beatings, the killing intent in his eyes overflowed . Twizer could see that and it even excited him up more .

… . .

6 months passed again .

At Dawn .

Tian Long was staring outside the window . He wished he could just escape this hell .

Just as Tian Long was staring outside, he saw a note falling down from the sky . He couldn't believe his eyes . He was sure that he was hallucinating . He shook his head, rubbed his eyes, but he could still see it . The book came falling from the sky and fell down behind a tree that was just nearby, not far from the window .

Tian Long was pretty sure that he was hallucinating but since it fell behind the tree from his viewpoint, he had no way to confirm other than going there himself . He felt a strong sense of curiosity, his instincts were telling him to go check it out . This was the only mysterious event in his boring life that piqued his curiosity to high levels .

'What's the worst thing that's going to happen if I get found by the guards? Just beatings and Twizer knowing about this . ' Tian Long comforted himself .

Tian Long jumped out of the window and climbed down . Fortunately, no guard saw him jumping out of the mansion .

Tian Long hadn't tried escaping for a long time which made the guards relax . The only guards who were active at this time were at the gates . Actually, Twizer removed the guards who were monitoring Tian Long's window so that he might try to escape one day .

Tian Long moved swiftly and quietly to the tree . When he came behind the tree, he was really shocked to see a note lying down there .

"Death Note?" Tian Long immediately picked it up and hid it in his shirt . He swiftly returned back to his room . He knew his movements at the window were recorded by the CCTV, but he didn't care . Everyone will just think he gave up and went back .

In his room, Tian Long checked the note, the note was scribbled with a bunch of rules, and he felt it was pretty interesting . He decided to try it out on Twizer when he came back . In fact, he was hoping it would work .

Davis who was watching all this as he wished to kill Twizer, slowly disintegrated .

… . .

After 3 days .

He could hear those hateful steps approaching him outside the door .

He immediately wrote Twizer's name in the note, and hid it somewhere behind his PC, he started counting .


The door opened and Twizer came walking in .

'"Hey mutt, I heard that you tried to escape but gave up?"

Tian Long just smiled .


"You admit? Very well, I'll just make this punishment light . " Cracking sounds came from Twizer's fist .


Twizer started beating him up . Tian Long just kept smiling at him which made Twizer feel uncomfortable .

'Did this kid break down?'

"Forty . . Forty two…Forty four" Tian Long suddenly started chanting .

"What the hell are you counting? The number of punches?" The chant made Twizer even more uncomfortable .

"Forty five! Die bastard!"

Twizer's heart skipped a beat . He was shocked by his outburst .

After a moment of silence, he regained his bearings .

"Die? And how are you going to make me die? Mutt?"

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