Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Clara was placed in her cradle as she got tired of their banter . She slept peacefully .

"Fortunately, your grandfather managed to erase it's consciousness before dying . The previous First Prince's Son got assassinated, so it is now ripe for the taking . " Claire grinned .

"If you use that Lightning Elemental to cultivate your Essence Gathering Cultivation, then you will surely be more powerful than cultivators who cultivate in other Sky Grade Essence Gathering Techniques . " Claire smiled resplendently at the thought that her son will only get more powerful steadily as time passes by .

Children only concentrate on one Cultivation System at a time . Only geniuses cultivate in two Cultivation Systems at the same time while Davis happens to cultivate all 3 at the same time .

… . .

[The next day]

At the Study .

Davis was sitting crossed leg, studying the Meridian Refinement Stage .

'Apparently, looks like I have to refine the meridians in my body, and since I would cultivate with a lightning attributed manual, I should make lightning pass through my meridians, a Sky Grade one at that . I'm definitely done for! This is obviously shock treatment! Isn't this even crueller than Body Tempering Cultivation?' His mind floated with images of people getting fried by lightning .

"Davis, are you ready?" The door suddenly opened and Claire walked in .

"Eh? Ah? Yes, I'm ready . " Davis gulped .

They then proceeded to a place that is designed for closed door cultivations .

"Relax! Dad and Mom are here to help you supress the Sky Grade Lightning Elemental, don't fret over it . " Claire comforted him, she can obviously see his nervousness when she suddenly walked in .

Davis nodded . He didn't say anything . Then they made their way to a room in this area . There were more than 10 rooms in this place .

Claire opened the door and walked inside, he followed her .

Inside there was a formation that was capable of supressing the power of lightning elemental to a certain extent .

Logan was seated at the side, obviously waiting for these two to come . Even though it's just easier for all 3 of them to send Soul Transmissions, they didn't communicate through that way . They didn't want to reveal Davis's Soul Cultivation under any circumstance .

"Dad, let's start . " Davis didn't want show weakness in front of his Dad .

"Aren't you hasty?" Logan commented and walked forwards .

"Let's begin then . " Logan looked at Claire and they both nodded their heads .

"Davis, sit inside the formation's heart, and refine your meridians in accordance with the Extinction Lightning Punishment, we will help you in supressing the lightning elemental . "

Davis nodded, he took a deep breath before sitting in the middle of the formation .

He began refining his meridians . The formation housed the Fallen Extinction Lightning, It works as a supressing formation . His parents began sending the lightning energy to Davis with utmost caution .

Davis's meridians were already strengthened already because of Tyrant Body Secrets . He circulated the lightning attributed energy in his body, slowly . He felt a tingling sensation at the start followed by a burning feeling . It felt as if he was electrocuted and corroded at the same time . It's effects were negligible since it's being supressed by both his parents and the formation .

'So this is the Fallen Extinction Lightning, really powerful . '

'It's not bad, I don't feel much pain'

'Good thing, Mom and Dad are here, if not, I would have to cultivate from the bottom of food chain if I were really an orphan . '

His thoughts ran astray, he felt confident enough to cultivate even without the utmost concentration .

He slowly repeated the process again and again, till he refined his meridians to the low level .

The process lasted for about 5 hours . He advanced to the Meridian Refinement Stage .

Just when he was about to shout out in excitement . A voice ran on his mind .

"Don't lose your concentration, we'll help you absorb the Fallen Extinction Lightning . Immediately focus your soul on absorbing it now!"

Davis could feel his soul being invaded by the lightning elemental . He began absorbing it into his soul .

"Arghhhhh!!!" Pain, he was filled with extreme pain .

It felt like his thoughts were going haywire . He almost lost concentration but continued to grit his teeth . He knew he wouldn't be able to last longer, so he concentrated again using his whole consciousness this time to succeed without caring for any repercussions .

The process lasted for 5 minutes before he fainted of exhaustion which felt like an eternity to him .

Logan and Claire both heaved a sigh of relief . They knew he succeeded in absorbing the Fallen Star Lightning and it was only possible thanks to his powerful soul .

. . .

After a period of time, Davis woke up .

He checked his soul and saw a pentagram shaped black lightning residing within . It maintained a certain distance from the Death Note . Seeing that both didn't interfere with each other, he heaved a sigh of relief .

He then checked his surroundings, he was still in the same room . He saw his parent's passionately… kissing each other?

They were so into it that they didn't notice Davis waking up . Even a slight movement should be able to alert them .

Logan locked his lips with Claire's . He held her waist and she held his head . Her eyes seemed sad for some reason, and at the same time, her lips were savouring his taste as if it didn't want to let go . It didn't seem like they were doing it for excitement .

Davis didn't make a sound . He stayed silent for a period of time before they separated from each other's lips . He didn't hear them talking, he imagined that they must have used Soul Transmission to speak with each other .

After a few seconds, Davis trembled as if waking up just now .

They immediately separated from each other's embrace .

Claire's face was red while Logan's lower wear had a tent . Davis chose to ignore it altogether, he closed his eyes and acted as if he was checking his state . That gave them enough time to be normal again .

'Something must have happened . ' He thought . 'It wasn't normal for them to act like that in front of me . '

'Wait, something seems to be wrong in my soul?' Davis was startled .

He immediately released his Soul Sense, it extended upto 500 metres .

"This . . this . . I reached Peak Level Nascent Soul Stage?"

Logan and Claire smiled .

Davis forgot that lightning can temper his soul, much less a Sky Grade Lightning Elemental .

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