Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Logan and Claire were both ecstatic that their son was able to achieve this feat of cultivating all 3 Cultivation Systems at the same time . They were even more extremely proud when they realized he was just 5 years old .

Davis was able to use his First Layer of Extinction Lightning Judgement . The First Layer provided the ability to amplify his body with lightning . He can amplify his legs to move faster, clad his arms in lightning to paralyze and corrode his opponents . He can even use it on his own brain to increase his thought process and analytical ability, but that requires an extremely high control over his lightning or else he would just fry his own brain .

The Fallen Extinction Lightning, with its property, increased the effectiveness of his powers and battle prowess . After all, it adds an annihilative and corrosive effect to the lightning he uses .

Since Davis has achieved basic proficiency in all 3 Cultivation Systems, he wanted to test the limitations of his Death Note as soon as possible . He didn't even know if it worked the same way or not anymore .

. . . . .

[Half a year passed]

Logan, Claire and Hendrickson taught him more about Cultivation during this half year period . But they only taught him for an hour everyday . They seemed like they were busy with something .

He didn't get any chances to use his Death Note . He felt like he was always being monitored . His parents were acting even more strange . It was especially the case in this half a year .

He knew that something fishy was going on here, but since his parents wouldn't tell him, then he wouldn't ask .

Davis went to ask his parents if he could practice his powers on live targets . His parents thought for a moment before they refused .

Davis was adamant on it and proposed an idea to them .

"Dad, if you don't let me practice on live targets, how can I be an expert?"

"Enough Davis, how can you be adamant like this . You are just 5 years old, there's no need for you to fight people . "

"Alright Dad, how about I take a step back and try my powers on restricted opponents who are in the Prison . "

"Huh? Why don't you take me on then?"

"But Dad, I won't even be able to beat you, you are too powerful . "

Claire who was beside looked at both of them and laughed . She sent a Soul Transmission to Logan .

Logan's face changed . He then sighed and gave permission for him to go to the Prison .

"Only this time will I be yielding to you, there's no next time! You hear me?!" Logan made a face full of anger and berated him .

"Yes! Thanks Dad" Davis beamed .

"Let's go!" Logan then walked in the direction of the Prison .

"Okay" Davis followed . He put on a black robe to cover himself .

On the way, for some reason, the palace guards and maids acted like they didn't see him . They only greeted the Emperor and the atmosphere seemed tense . He could feel that a Soul Technique was activated on him . He then knew that he was being cloaked .

'Is it so bad for a kid of a royalty to go to the Prison? Is that the reason?' Davis thought . He couldn't understand the intricacies of the Royal Family .

They then arrived in front of the Prison . Logan stopped there while the Prison guards went on their knees and greeted him .

The guards looked at the Emperor with awe and ecstasy .

The Leader of Prison Guard stepped up and bowed again .

Only his face could be seen which was pale . He was wearing a Blue Armour tinted with yellow at the sides .

"You are?"

"Reporting to the Emperor! My name is Bowen . "

The previous Leader of the Prison Guards colluded with the rebels . Fortunately, Logan, who found his betrayal, managed to kill him before he released all the prisoners .

"Bowen, I see . "

The two of them then stayed silent, it can be seen that they are communicating through Soul Transmission .

Bowen had a confused face, then nodded his head vehemently .

Then all 3 of them entered the Prison .

Logan stopped cloaking Davis at this point .

"You understand, right?" Logan asked him with a ruthless glare .

"Yes, your majesty!" Bowen replied meekly, he understood that, at this point, he shouldn't do anything the Emperor dislikes .

Logan then left Davis there .


"Prince, let me show you around the Prison first . "

"Okay!" He cheerfully replied .

Bowen then took him around the Prison . While walking in the corridor, he informed Davis about the prisoners . There were cells on both sides of the corridor, which held the prisoners . While he explained, he just told about their crimes while leaving the gory part behind .

After Davis heard about what he said, he couldn't help but cringe . Their crimes were devoid of humanity . But he didn't stop listening to him nor did he command him to stop .

Davis looked at the prisoners, all of them looked ruthless with no hint of humanity, while some seemed to act as if they are innocent, and then there are prisoners who looked at him with lascivious eyes .

Davis's eyes turned red . He glared at those prisoners one by one . He thought for a moment before questioning Bowen .

"Bowen . " He suddenly interrupted him .

"Yes, Prince?" Bowen looked at him .

"Why aren't these prisoners put to death?" He glared at Bowen .

"It's not like that, Prince . The Royal Capital holds a public execution each month . They are put to death one by one, it also acts as a deterrent to other criminals . Until then, they stay here waiting for their deaths . " Bowen explained

"Hmm . . . Do you have a list of the prisoners held in here?"

"I do, but what for Prince?" Bowen was confused, but he still handed over the list from his Space Ring .

Davis took the list and saw the name of the prisoner who was going to be executed this month .

"Wagner? I saw him before, lead me to him . " Davis didn't reply to Bowen, he just commanded him .

"Yes" Bowen didn't refuse though he was confused . 'What is a 5 year old child going to do meeting a prisoner? Make him change his ways? Heck, I'll be damned!'

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