Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Davis and Bowen made their way to the cell where Wagner was kept in .

The formation in that cell was active, that prevented Wagner from being able to use his power . It also made him unable to see what was going on outside .

Davis then saw a circle switch near the cell . He pressed it .

Wagner turned around his face . He saw a small kid with a Prison Guard .

"Heh, don't tell me you brought a brat for me to enjoy?" He viewed Davis with lascivious eyes .

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Davis only asked a question . He already made up his mind but he still wanted an impetus .

"Heh, of course, it's to brutally murder and **** you . " Wagner's breathing hastened .

He was likely thinking of doing that . Davis was disgusted . Wagner didn't care for anything as he was fated to die this month . It didn't matter whether he offended a big person or not, much less a child .

"I understand . " Davis replied calmly . He then switched off the mechanism .

'You understand?' Bowen was utterly dumbfounded . He couldn't understand where this conversation was headed to .

"Bowen, leave the Prison!" Davis commanded .

"I can't do that, my Prince . " Bowen was stunned before he replied calmly .

"You won't listen to my command?" Davis narrowed his eyes .

"I was told by the Emperor to protect you no matter what happens . " Bowen shook his head .

"I see, then I will have no choice but to say to my father that you molested me in the Prison . "

"W . . What!?" Bowen couldn't believe his ear . 'What kind of words did this 5 year old child utter?' His mind momentarily stopped working .

"I said that I will have no choice but to say that you raped me in the Prison . "

'That is totally different then what you said before!!' Bowen started sweating heavily .

'Could it be that all the Royal Family members are like this?'

"This . . Prince . . don't make this difficult for me, I was only tasked to protect you in this Prison . "

"Do you think my father won't act against you? Do you think he will believe your words or mine?" Davis asked profoundly as if there's an underlying meaning in it .

'What did I do to deserve this? This child is a demon in human form!'

Bowen was on the verge of tears, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry .

"How about this, you're only tasked to protect me right? Go stand guard near the entrance of the Prison . With this you can both protect me and do what I told you right? You think these prisoners who are suppressed by the formation can harm me?"

"This . . . Alright . " Bowen considered a moment before yielding .

"Good, and you're not allowed to use your senses on me, you're not allowed to peek either . I will come to you to get food every 4 hours, by this, you can verify my safety every now and then . "

"Eh? This . . . I understand . "

What else could he reply? He already accepted his conditions once and it did seem that he was able to protect him through this method . He atleast had the confidence that no matter what happened, he would be able to protect him in the Prison . Only he couldn't understand that why the Prince forbid him from using his soul sense on him . He imagined that it must have to do something with the Royal Family's secret, so he didn't dare to ask .

Bowen then left that part of the corridor and made his way to the entrance of the Prison .

Davis checked his surroundings before summoning his Death Note .

Black aura surrounded him as it changed into a hazy appearance .

A note appeared on his hand . It was pure black in colour at both sides of the note . There wasn't anything written on the cover . He opened the note and turned the pages . It was pure white, without a single speckle of dust .

He pressed the switch again, only to see Wagner moving his right hand up and down .

"Honestly, there's no redemption for a bastard like you . " Davis wrote his name while he felt disgusted . He'll be sure to give him a worse death .

. . .

[3 days later]

Davis was still in the Prison, experimenting the Death Note .

In the Royal Castle, Throne Hall .

Logan was seated in his throne while Claire sat beside him, both of their face, looked grave .

The whole Throne room was crowded even though it was 100m long and wide . People were assembled here, ranging from Middle Class positions to High Class position holders in the Royal Palace and the Army .

The atmosphere here was tense . No one dared to utter a word, afraid that they might be cast out or outright killed .


A sound made from opening the door of the throne hall, was heard . The people shuddered as if it was a crack from the hell .

An old man with a great disposition walked in with great strides . He was covered in a dark blue armor, he held his helmet in his arms . He walked forwards until he was in line with 5 other men who were clad in different wardrobes . He kneeled down with one leg on the floor and clasped his hands .

"Reporting to the Emperor . . " He took a deep breath .

"The Albert Kingdom which is under our jurisdiction has been conquered by invading forces two days ago . . " Beads of sweat formed on his face .

"We . . we were unable to defend against the invasion of the combined alliance of the Raven Empire and Tritor Empire!"

He kowtowed "We were made to retreat in the face of the giant threat, and I cowardly made the decision for the army to retreat to the Royal Capital . Please let this coward to die a thousand times for this mistake! Your majesty!" He immediately drew his sword and proceeded to stab it into his heart .

*Bang* A powerful energy came out from nowhere and made the sword fell out of his hand . He stared blankly not knowing who did it .

"It's fine, this Majesty forgives you, Randal . " Logan replied calmly .

"Instead of making our army die a cruel and meaningless death, you made the right choice by giving the order to tactically retreat to our Royal Capital in exchange for your own reputation . "

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