Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Randal had tears in his eyes . He hardened his heart and made a great sacrifice by ruining his own reputation, he cared for his subordinates so he couldn't let them die a meaningless death . He didn't think anyone or even the new Emperor would understand him . So when he came to the Royal Palace, he was prepared to die by taking his own life in return for his mistake .

Logan knew that Randal was a loyal Commander in the Army . His father would praise him a lot for his bravery and courage, but he also mentioned how he was compassionate and loyal . Logan also knew that Randal's subordinates loved and obeyed him, so losing him would mean a great loss to the already weakened Empire, as the army morale would be all time low .

Logan should've in all right beheaded Randal for his mistakes by himself to establish his authority in the Throne Hall . But doing so was foolish, as it would only lead to dissatisfaction and chaos among his men . In fact, he had already doubted whether there were any people planning to desert from this Empire .

"How dare you show your face in front of the Emperor after that miserable defeat? Immediately get out by yourself . "

A handsome middle aged man with sharp features berated Randal . He had green hair that was neck length long . He was the head of the Cauldon Family .

"Now now, Duke Evan Cauldon, there's no need for that, our Majesty has already forgiven him . "

Another middle aged man with a calm face replied . He had red hair that was waist length long . He was the head of the Nolan Family .

"Hmph, you are in support of a coward in the midst of a war? Duke John Nolan!" Duke Cauldon questioned .

"There's no need to fight among ourselves now, and show some restraint, you're in front of the Emperor, Duke Cauldon . " Hendrickson calmly interjected as if he was tired of this farce .

Duke Cauldon harrumphed and said nothing more . He was not that afraid of an Emperor that was just a little more powerful than him . What he didn't know was that Logan had already broken through to Adult Soul Stage . If he knew, then he would've not dared to be this disrespectful to the Emperor .

The other two were silent as if this had nothing to do with them . They were the leaders of the Ruthless Sword Sect and Piercing Dragon Sect . Both of the Sects were Sky Grade Sects .

The destruction of an Empire has nothing to do with them, but since they have connections to the Royal Family previously, there will probably be a chance for them to get eliminated by the invading Empires . They were here to decide whether to help the Empire cross over this calamity or not .

"Enough!" Logan echoed, his voice influenced everyone here visibly .

"Adult Soul Stage!" The five of them were astonished .

They then replied in unison . "Congratulations to the Emperor on breaking through to Adult Soul Stage . " The crowd in the back echoed as well .

Logan nodded his head .

"Randal, when will they invade the Royal Capital?" Logan questioned .

"Reporting to the Emperor! The invading Empires will march here in a day . " Randal replied to the best of his knowledge .

There was a momentary silence in the Throne Hall .

"This is bad!"

"There's no way we will be able to survive . "

"Should we run?"

Various whispers and Soul Transmissions were swirling around the Throne Hall simultaneously .

"Silence!" Hendrickson bellowed .

The crowd was horrified and shut their mouths .

Logan knew that this was hopeless . Most likely the probable situation is that they would have to escape and reclaim the Empire later .

Logan was stuck in a mire now . On one hand, he felt like he had to protect his family no matter what . On the other hand if he escaped, he felt like he was acting opposite to whatever he learned in his life and that he would have no face to meet his Loret Family ancestors after death . The Loret Family heavily values morals and victory . From an early age, Logan was influenced by these values . To run and leave his Empire to be pillaged, isn't that just the opposite to it's teachings?

Suddenly, a war horn sounded out outside the Capital .

Everyone was suddenly petrified . A random guard came inside the Throne Room with hurried strides and reported . "Your Majesty! This is bad, the invaders are behind our Northern gates . "

Logan had an ugly face . He immediately looked at Claire . His heart was almost convinced to escape when . .

"Your Majesty, do you plan to escape?" The two Sect Leaders asked in unison with a cold face .

Logan was startled, he shot down a glare at those two Sect Leaders, trying to gain something out of their face . He could vaguely see that they were not afraid of the consequences of betraying him . He knew that if he tried to escape, these two could betray him any time they see fit . They would probably hand over his head to appease the invading Empires .

A hand grabbed Logan's palm, he turned back to see Claire smiling beautifully .

Her smile made him remember the vow they took together when they married .

'We live together and die together!'

Logan tightly grabbed her hand and nodded at her . He then turned around to them and majestically said .

"Escape? Are you two so afraid of death that you would support the prospect of me escaping so that you could escape yourselves with face?"

The two Sect Leaders face turned immediately red and just when they were about to counter attack .

"I'm going to war, if you have the guts, follow me or else scram the hell out of my Empire!" He shouted with fervour and made his way out of the Throne Room while heading towards the North Gate of the Royal Capital, Claire also followed behind .

The two Sect Leaders were left with no choice but to follow . The other four of them also followed behind the Emperor as he walked with a great disposition . Seeing that the Emperor himself was leading them, the crowd automatically followed them .

Logan immediately sent a Soul Transmission to Hendrickson .

"Escape with Davis and Clara . "

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