Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The next day . 7 am .

Tian Long was very tired yesterday, he slept in his room, after that, his mother left him . He knew where she went and was very happy about it, he started shipping them from yesterday after all .

The door opened and he could see a middle aged woman dressed in maid clothes entering . She entered and brought him to the bath, undressed him and cleaned him .

Tian Long was stiff the whole time . He didn't even dare to glance at the maid for a long time . After he was dressed up . The maid carried him up and made her way to the study .

In the study, Claire was waiting for him to show up .


The door opened and the maid let go of Tian Long . From inside, his mother smiled when she saw this "Davis, come to Mommy . "

Tian Long was astonished to see her act cute like this . He quickly hid his astonishment and kept his appearance . He watched her curiously . Claire then repeated what she said with a gesture .

Tian Long then carefully and slowly approached like how a baby learnt to walk for the first time . He was not acting but it was really hard to move his body which hasn't moved from birth . He didn't know that but chalked it up as his soul synchronizing with his body .

Claire opened her arms ready for a hug . Tian Long made his way to her and got enclosed by that warm feeling again . She hugged him tightly and wished that he will never disappear from her sight again .


The door was closed and the maid left the study .

After a minute .

"Davis, your mother will take care of you and your education from now on, let's start from the alphabets… . "

Claire started teaching him the language of the world .

… .

A week has passed and he was already able to run and play, Tian Long could now understand simple conversations . The maids will deliver him food thrice a day and a bed has been set up in the study . He realized that he was absorbing knowledge quite fast, he chalked it up as his soul being powerful . His guess was correct this time . His soul was strengthened by the Transmigration Stone .

Tian Long started to like his mother very much . She cared for him very much and played with him whenever he completed his assignment . He enjoyed playing with her, maybe it was because of the body but he felt like a child when he was with her .

"Davis, finish this assignment and then we can play . "

"Yes, Mother!"

'This is going smoother than we expected, my son is able to quickly learn everything I say . He is a genius!' Claire smiled proudly, she was able to approximately measure Tian Long's talent .

… . .

Another week passed .

Tian Long started to grew fond of his mother . He was now fluently able to talk . His knowledge of the language increased . But somewhere in his heart, he started having guilty feelings of being this close with dead Davis's mother . His inner self whispered to him .

'You killed her son, why are you laughing together with her . '

'Is it fun? Playing with the mother of the child you killed . '

'You think she is your mother? No! You are just possessing her son's body . '

"Stop it!!!"

"Davis?" Claire had a worried face .

Tian Long snapped out it and remembered what had happened . Claire had just joked about how she would have felt if he had died out there .

"Are you fine?" Claire asked worriedly .

"Yes, It's nothing . " Tian Long evaded her gaze and said .

… .

Another week had passed .

Tian Long gradually started distancing himself from Claire . He won't play that much with her anymore . He just finished her assignments and increased his knowledge of the language .

Claire grew increasingly worried about her son not being that much responsive anymore .

'What's wrong? Why did he start distancing himself from me? Did I do something wrong? It can't be because of how I joked about him dying, could it?' Claire thought that she had done something wrong, later she felt that he will eventually be his old self again .

… .

It was the 4th week .

Tian Long didn't know how to face his mother anymore . He started blaming himself when he saw Claire being overly worried . On one hand he felt that he didn't deserve this heart-warming mother, on the other hand he felt that he should make his mother happy . These conflicting emotions had his heart tearing apart .

Near the study .

"Davis . " A voice full of longing was heard .

"Mother . " Tian Long glanced at her and turned his head back .

"Look at me, Davis . " Claire pleaded .

Tian Long slowly turned to look back at her .

"Did Mom do something wrong? Why aren't you speaking to Mom anymore?" Claire bit her lips .

Tian Long remained silent .

"Is the place not good? Did Mom treat you wrongly? Is it because Mom joked about your death?" Claire had tears in her eyes .

Tian Long still remained silent .

"After I lost you, I thought I will never see you anymore, I had no wish in this world other than for you to return safely . Every day without you was hell on Earth . I thought I will never see you again, but you returned! My child returned to me, studied with me, played with me and now why are… why are you not speaking to your Mother anymore!?" Claire cried .

Tian Long was overwhelmed with guilt after hearing that .

Claire hugged Tian Long forcefully . He tried to distance himself from her .

"Davis! Don't go! Please talk to Mother! I want my Davis back! Please give my Davis back! I can't take it anymore!" Claire cried, hugging him with all her strength .

"Mother!!" Tian Long felt his heart break and hugged his Mother tightly .

"Your Davis is here, Mother, your Davis didn't go anywhere, I am still here . " Tian Long started crying .

At that moment Tian Long accepted his whole new identity, Davis .

Light started swirling around Davis's glabella, his soul started shaping itself to spherical form .

Claire couldn't believe her eyes . "Davis…he achieved Nas . . Nascent Soul Stage . " She dumbfoundedly muttered .

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