Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 23: He's Crazy

Zhao Lifei heard all sorts of dark, terrifying rumors surrounding the infamous Yang Feng. He was a ruthlessly merciless man who wouldn't blink at the idea of murder, torture, and ending an entire family's legacy that have lived for centuries to come.

His connection to the Underground was a fearsome thing that no one could ever trifle with. One flick of his wrist was enough to send the people onto their knees begging for mercy.

When Yang Ruqin warned her of the things her brother could do, Zhao Lifei was prepared for his harshest blow. She expected a hit on her head, an assassination attempt, an significant drop in the Zhao Corporation stocks, or waking up in the middle of nowhere.

But never in a billion years would she expect the box she had received this morning. Early in the morning, she got a black box with the infamous CH logo on it. And when she opened the box, her heart dropped to her stomach.

Instead of a bomb, there was something completely different. Sitting on a velvet cloth was a nearly unattainable black purse that was sold for hundreds of millions. Just because one had money, it didn't mean they could buy this purse. There was only five ever made and all of the owners were anonymous.

Zhao Lifei felt her throat dry at the highly expensive and prestigious gift.

Picking up the purse, she turned it around and stared at it in bewilderment. Why did he send a purse and not a bomb?

Wasn't he infuriated at what she did to him?Why was he so nice enough to send a gift, especially one as priceless as this?

She checked the address label of the box and blew out an annoyed breath. Of course the return label was blank.

Gritting her teeth, she picked up her phone to call Yang Ruqin and within the second ring, she picked up.

"Your brother is crazy." Was the first thing Zhao Lifei said.

"Huh?" Yang Ruqin's felt her eyebrows tug together in confusion. She was currently getting ready for another photo shoot and her stylists were currently attempting to work with her bed hair.

"He send me the Platinum Edition CH purse." Zhao Lifei seethed, running a hand through her hair.

"Wait, he gave that to you?! I've been begging him to get me that for the past month!" Yang Ruqin wanted to angrily slam her hand onto the table, but a manicurist was working on her other hand.

Was he even her biological brother?!

She begged him on multiple occasions for the purse, because she knew his connections could easily get her one. There was only one left in the world and she desperately wanted it! But he outright rejected her offer, claiming she was already spoiled enough!

"Qinqin, did you brother eat the wrong medicine? I was expecting some sort of self-explosive in the box, not this damn purse." Zhao Lifei glared at the purse on her coffee table.

The sunlight beamed onto the beautiful jewel-encrusted purse, making it shine like the stars. Sure, the purse was beyond beautiful and women would kill for it, but Zhao Lifei was not going to accept it as compensation.

What did he think she was? A charity case?

All she wanted was an apology from him, not a purse worth millions!

"I don't know why he would send you a gift as well. In all honesty, I was expecting to pick up this call to hear the news that you're in the hospital under 'mysterious' circumstances." Yang Ruqin sighed, switching the phone to her other hand so that the manicurist can work on the untouched hand.

"I'm glad we think alike. I was expecting to wake up in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by sharks and man-eating fishes." Zhao Lifei also assumed the worst.

"Well, what are you doing to do Feifei? Are you going to keep the purse, because if not, I know a very happy girl who would love it as an early birthday present..." Yang Ruqin trailed off, her voice high and filled with hope.

Zhao Lifei chuckled. "An early birthday gift ten months in advance? I think not." She mused, crossing her arms.

Yang Ruqin pouted, despite the fact that Zhao Lifei couldn't see it.

"Besides, I'm not going to keep it or gift it you. I'm going to return it to him." Zhao Lifei said with a light twinkle in her eyes.

Yang Ruqin raised a curious brow. "Return it to him? How?"

Not anyone could easily get in contact with Yang Feng. It was hard for CEOs of other reputable companies to reach him. In order to personally see him, it would take months of booking.

"Well I was thinking—"

"Ah there's my muse! The photo shoot is starting. Come, come, we don't have much time!" A voice screamed from Yang Ruqin's phone.

Zhao Lifei cringed and held her phone a bit further away from her ears.

There was a slight commotion in the background and then Yang Ruqin spoke up again. "I'm really sorry Feifei, but the photoshoot is about to start. I promise I'll call you back after I'm done."

"It's fine. Don't worry about it. Good luck on your photoshoot, Qinqin!" Zhao Lifei said, hanging up with a shake of her head. She understood how busy Yang Ruqin must've been.

Fashion Week was starting soon and many companies were approaching her for photo shoots. Her schedule was jam packed and Yang Ruqin's strict manager would not let her catch a break.

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Lifei picked up her phone to text an old acquaintance. A coy, low smile spread on Zhao Lifei's lips when she thought about her brilliant plan.

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