Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 24: Suspicious Parcel

Yang Enterprise.

The people nervously held their breath in anticipation. A few shivered at the deathly cold temperature in the room. Others were so nervous, they had cold sweat on their forehead and back. There was a few handful that was on the brink of tears.

Sitting in the enormous leather seat made for a King, was Yang Feng. With his stoic and deathly stare, the presenters felt their legs quiver in fear.

His eyes were so dark, it looked like an endless void of despair. His expression was so cold and frigid, it dropped the atmosphere around him.

Someone had nervously turned on the heater, but the warmth couldn't compete with the blatant displeasure on his face.

Even with his frightening face that seemed to know your darkest secrets, the female employees couldn't help but swoon at his handsomeness. He was so dark, scary, and formidable, yet, so pleasing to look at.

A deathly aura surrounded him, warning those who dared to venture close.

The room was so silent, everyone could hear the ticks of the clock. After a few unbearable seconds, he finally spoke.

"The meeting is dismissed." Without another word, Yang Feng stood up from his chair.

The people held their breathes as they watched him stand to his full glory.

"T-thank you for your time, President Yang!" Everyone bowed when he walked past them. They kept their bow, even when Yang Feng had walked out of the room. Not a single person dared to move until the echos of his footsteps finally disappeared.

When they knew he was on a completely different floor, the people finally stood up taller. A few blew out a heavy sigh of relief. Many of them tiredly slumped onto their chairs. Almost all of them felt as if a decade had been shaved off of their life.

Thank goodness the meeting had ended. There was a few that was on the verge of tears at the disappointed look on Yang Feng's face. One of the female presenters was two seconds away from crying...

They didn't know their presentation was that bad until they took a glance at their CEO and saw how dark his expression had become.

"We're totally screwed." One of them said and instantly, mummers of agreement could be heard.

- - - - -

Yang Feng's private secretary, Chen Gaonan, followed after him. He opened the door to Yang Feng's office and walked in with him.

Just like Yang Feng's personality and expressions, the room felt lifeless and chilly. Right behind the enormous ebony desk was a window that gave the perfect view of the skyscrapers lining the city.

Yang Feng strolled to his chair and sat down. "Today's schedule?"

Chen Gaonan cleared his throat and began to read off of his tablet. "The Ling Conglomerate's stock has dropped, but Weiqi Corp's stock has significantly risen. Should we continue to invest in the Ling Conglomerate?"

"Continue to invest." Yang Feng said, leaning his chin on his propped up arm.

It had taken Chen Gaonan three years to get used to his Boss's dark stares. He knew it was unintentional, but did it have to look like the stares of Yama [1] himself?!

"Diamond Sky's CEO is requesting a meeting with you, accept or deny?"

"Deny." Yang Feng answered without hesitation.

Chen Gaonan felt his lips tug into a frown, but he knew it was unwise to question his Boss's words. Once they've been said, it can't be taken back.

No matter how influential Diamond Sky was, there was no way Yang Feng would offer them a second chance in a presentation. They had screwed up the first time by underestimating Yang Feng. The company had purposely lied about their numbers and when questioned ruthlessly by him, the presenters broke down and revealed the truth.

Ever since then, Diamond Sky was blacklisted by him. Being crossed out by Yang Enterprise lead the other companies to follow his command and soon Diamond Sky found themselves in deep waters.

Chen Gaonan knew no one ever received a second chance in Yang Enterprise. Each company, proposal, and project would receive one chance to demonstrate themselves and their worth. If they fail, they fail. There was no buts, ifs, and might.

Just when Chen Gaonan was about to list something else, a knock sounded through the room. He shivered when he saw the displeasure on Yang Feng's face. Who dares to interrupt their meeting?

"What is it?" Chen Gaonan asked.

But there was no response.

When Chen Gaonan noticed his Boss's lips pulled into a thin line and his eyes glaring at the door, he quickly went to check out the situation.

Chen Gaonan pushed the door open and was surprised to see no one there. As a matter of fact, none of the secretaries that was usually outside the office was present...That's odd.

He checked the time and realized half of them were at lunch, whereas the other two was nowhere to be found.

It was extremely unprofessional to not even have one secretary present.

Chen Gaonan sighed, knowing one of them would be fired within the spot. And he already knew who it was.

Just when Chen Gaonan was about to close the door, he noticed a suspicious parcel sitting in front of it. He warily picked it up and turned towards Yang Feng who had been watching him the entire time.

"Who is it from?" Yang Feng quietly said.

Chen Gaonan glanced down, frowning, at the empty return and delivery address. Was this hand-delivered? But that would be impossible, especially with the tight security around Yang Corporation.

"Bring it to me." Yang Feng commanded and instantly, Chen Gaonan appeared in front of him.

"Sir, are you sure we should open it ourselves? It's a very suspicious package..." Chen Gaonan frowned, not wanting any harm to come to his Boss.

Yang Feng ignored him and pulled out the letter knife.

Chen Gaonan jumped in fear at the sudden presence of the knife that gleamed underneath the light. For a second, he thought his Boss was really going to kill him for voicing a silly opinion.

He held his breath as Yang Feng cut the box open.

Chen Gaonan felt his hands slightly shake in anticipation of what was inside the box. It was impossible to even enter the Yang Enterprise's office building without a worker's ID. But to have a private key card that enables the button to the highest floor of this building was practically impossible. Only a handful of people had access to the private key card and all of them were Yang Feng's trusted men.

How was it possible for this to be hand-delivered?

Chen Gaonan felt his heart nervously drum faster and faster with each passing second.

When Yang Feng finally opened the box, his mood dampened.

Inside the box, was another box. And inside that second box, was a third box. The pattern repeated, until it reached the eighth box. And by the time that happened, Yang Feng's patience had reached its limits.

Chen Gaonan held his breath, not daring to speak in fear of further angering Yang Feng.

It was such a bad day today! First the presenter irked his terrifying Demon Boss, next he gets a random parcel, and lastly, the sender had dared waste Yang Feng's time!

Everyone at the office will surely suffer today...

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