My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Matchmaking

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Although her father had told her to go overseas for a while, Xu Weilai knew that this while would last for a long, long time…

Even so, she didn’t possess the right to say no.

The next day, Xu Weilai packed her luggage, and, using the excuse that she was going to study, she left for the United States.

Although the breaking of the engagement wasn’t publicized, the social circle was small enough that everyone in it was talking about it within a few days. In the end, the rumor that became fact was that Xu Weilai had climbed into Gu Yu’s bed in an effort to force him to marry her. However, the plan had backfired, and Gu Yu had broken off the engagement instead. Such a brazen and shameless woman was unfit to be the mistress of the Gu household! Because of the shame she had brought upon the Xu family, she had been exiled to a foreign country.

By the time this story reached Xu Weilai’s ears, she had already been overseas for more than a fortnight. Throughout everything, Gu Yu had not contacted her at all!

Following that, she had all domestic news blocked out, and Gu Yu, whom she had once thought that she would spend the rest of her life together with, eventually became a stranger to her.

Three years passed in the blink of an eye.

When Xu Weilai walked out of the airport, the Xu family’s chauffeur, Uncle Chen, was already waiting at the entrance. He spotted her and quickly rushed up to greet her, taking her luggage from her as he did so.

“Miss Weilai, you must be tired from the long journey.”

Xu Weilai nodded her head lightly and smiled in reply.

As the car sped through the wide roads, Xu Weilai lowered the window and looked out of the car.

The Capital had changed a lot in three years. High-rise buildings had sprung up, and the population had increased. Most eye-catching of all were the ads of Su Ziqian that were posted at every road and junction.

Su Ziqian was a belle who had gained national popularity in recent years. Even while overseas, Xu Weilai had heard of her.

When the car stopped at a red light, Xu Weilai turned her gaze to an enormous poster of Su Ziqian hanging on the exterior of a huge shopping mall. She had beautiful and expressive eyes that were complemented by a sweet smile. She was a beauty, indeed.

Xu Weilai gazed at the poster in deep thought for a moment before looking away.

The moment she reached home, she wasn’t given a chance to rest before her father brought her out again.

A small banquet was being hosted in the grand and magnificent country club.

It was the birthday party of her father’s business partner, Mr. Wu. All the invited guests were rich and wealthy. She was attending, firstly as her father’s plus one, and secondly… because her father wanted to introduce her to a prospective husband.

Indeed, the reason why she was finally able to return to China after three years of exile overseas was that her family needed her to form a marriage alliance.

Three years ago, cracks had begun to show in the management of the Xu Corporation. After her betrothal to the Gu family fell apart, the company was saddled with even more problems. The fate of the Xu Corporation was currently hanging on a thread, and if no further investments rolled in, the company would have no option but to file for bankruptcy.

In order to save the company, Xu Weilai had to ensure that she made a good impression on this date. As long as he fancied her and was willing to marry her, the Xu Corporation would stand a chance of being resurrected!

“Weilai, although Mr. Zhang is a little older than you, he’s very steady and mature. He’ll treat you well. Most importantly, he holds two listed companies in his hands. That makes him an ideal choice of husband for you. You must remember to present yourself well later.”

Xu Weilai frowned imperceptibly and pursed her lips when she heard her father’s instructions. Her only reply was a single sound of acknowledgment.

Her obedience earned her a smile of approval from Mr. Xu. He held her and led her through the crowd toward Mr. Zhang.

Mr. Zhang was of a medium build and was almost the same age as Xu Weilai’s father. His stomach was round, and his eyes were cloudy. When he caught sight of Xu Weilai, he looked at her openly from head to toe.

Without waiting for Mr. Xu’s introduction, he rushed up hurriedly and held on to Xu Weilai’s hand. “Miss Xu, you’re indeed as beautiful as Mr. Xu told me you’d be!”

Xu Weilai frowned, but before she could give a response, there was a sudden commotion at the entrance of the banquet hall!

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