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Chapter 13 – School Beauty Su Yan’s Red String of Marriage

Chapter 13 – School Beauty Su Yan’s Red String of Marriage

“I’m going to ask if it is or not.”

Su Yan pouted, then looked towards Ye Zichen.

“Just now, did my grandpa drink… Hey, why is it you?”

Su Yan didn’t know Ye Zichen before, but due to all of the controversy caused by Ye Zichen in school recently, it would be hard for her not to know him.

“Su-Su Yan!”

That was the first time that Ye Zichen had spoken to the goddess at such a close distance. Furthermore, the goddess was the one who started speaking first, causing him to stutter.

The old man was definitely a highly intelligent person at such an old age. Within only a few moments, he saw what was going on.

“You know each other.”

“He’s in the same university as me.”

Su Yan started to explain, while a light flashed across the old man’s eyes as he smiled towards Su Yan.

“Alright, Grandpa will tell you the truth, Grandpa did drink. But don’t blame the lad, I was determined to bum a drink off him.”

“But the doctor…”

“What about the doctor, is my darling granddaughter going to tell on me? What’s more, the doctor said that I can’t eat barbeque, didn’t you still sneak me here?”

The old man smiled and looked towards Su Yan with a hint of threat in his eyes.

“You’re being unreasonable.”

Su Yan bit her lips in anger. She only brought Grandpa Su over was because she saw that he was too bored at home.

Her act of goodwill actually was taken advantage of by Grandpa Su.

“He, just pretend that grandpa is unreasonable. If you tell them about me drinking, then I’ll tell them that you took me to eat barbeque, then neither of us will end up well.”

Su Yan instantly stopped getting frustrated.

“Then what do you want to do!?”

“That’s grandpa’s darling granddaughter. Go and buy grandpa two bottles of water to rinse my mouth, otherwise, it would be bad if your dad smells it on me when we get home.”

“Can’t we buy it here? You can’t be just wanting to sneakily drink again, right?”

“Is grandpa that sort of person, now go!”

“Heh, I’ll believe you this one time.”

Su Yan left the barbeque store with a frown. Meanwhile, Ye Zichen’s gaze continued to remain on her retreating form.

As expected of the number one beauty in school, she was so pretty even when she was angry.

What’s more, it seems like she didn’t put any makeup on!

She was so beautiful without any cosmetics; then how beautiful would she be if she put makeup on?

Old Man Su saw Ye Zichen’s reactions completely. He only waved his hand in front of Ye Zichen after Su Yan’s figure could no longer be seen.



Ye Zichen returned to his senses at that point. As he saw Old Man Su’s playful smile, he was clearly apprehensive.

“What is your name?”

“Ye Zichen!”

“Ye Zichen,” Old Man Su raised his head slightly, then indicated towards the direction Su Yan left in. “What do you think about my granddaughter?”


Ye Zichen was a bit confused by Old Man Su’s question, but he still replied honestly.

“Su Yan is a famous school beauty in our Polytechnic University. She’s pretty, kind and good at studying, basically, everything about her is good.”

“Is that so!?” Hearing that, a meaningful smile flashed across his eyes. “How about we make a deal?”

On the way back to the school, Ye Zichen walked very slowly, but his heart was racing. It was merely because the school goddess, Su Yan, was beside him.

However, despite both of them walking together, neither had said a word.

After a long while, Su Yan finally broke the silence.

“Did you reach some sort of agreement with my grandpa?”

Ye Zichen’s heart beat quickly. Su Yan had truly guessed it right. However, Old Man Su had warned him many times that he should not say anything, so he could only reply forcefully.


“Tsk, stop helping my grandpa hide it, I know everything.”

Su Yan twitched her mouth and said.

“When he left, his waist was bulging so much. If I didn’t guess it wrongly, you probably bought alcohol for him.”

She was already really beautiful, and she’s also so smart, what are other people going to do.

Ye Zichen sighed heavily in his heart. He thought back to outside the barbeque shop and Su Yan’s appearance in stopping Old Man Su from drinking, so he quickly explained.

“My wine is different from others, Old Man Su wouldn’t have an issue even if he drinks it, it will only be good for the body.”

“Whatever, I never heard of any alcohol that is good for the body. But don’t worry, I won’t blame you.”

Su Yan smiled. Ye Zichen managed to see that smile, a simple smile from the goddess causing him to be awestruck all of a sudden…

“So pretty.”

Ye Zichen replied idiotically. Su Yan blushed randomly after hearing it. She already heard this sort of things many times, but for some reason when Ye Zichen said it, it actually felt different to her.

In order to hide the changes in her heart, Su Yan shouted.

“Hey, what are you spacing out for. My grandpa told you to make sure and escort me back to my dorm safely.”

“Oh, oh!”

Ye Zichen quickly caught up, but he continued to check out the side of Su Yan’s face.

Su Yan blushed slightly. All of a sudden, the atmosphere between the two of them actually seemed a bit strange.

“Oh yeah, just what exactly is your identity? The school’s gossip site has been filled with loads of news about you recently.”

Su Yan broke the silence once again. Ye Zichen patted his forehead helplessly and sighed.

“Why is even the school beauty so into gossips?”

“All girls like to gossip, is the school beauty not allowed to be human!?”

Su Yan complained strangely, causing Ye Zichen to chuckle.

As they chatted, the two of them had already returned to Su Yan’s dorm. Su Yan pursed her lips and waved towards Ye Zichen as she walked towards the dorm.



Su Yan suddenly turned around. Even she didn’t know why she would have such a drastic reaction to him. What was much more terrifying was that she actually was looking forward to something happening.

“Good night.”

Ye Zichen finally said after hesitating for a long time.

Su Yan didn’t know why, but there was actually a hint of sadness in her heart. However, she still replied with a smile.

“You too, get some rest. I’m going back.”


Ye Zichen waved his hand towards Su Yan. When Su Yan’s figure had finally faded from his sight, Ye Zichen slapped his thighs and cursed at himself.

“Damn pussy! Is it so hard to just get a phone number!”

Was the goddess so easy to get into contact with? It was such a good chance, that might be permanently missed now that he had missed it!

Just as Ye Zichen was getting annoyed with himself…


Received Marriage String x1!

Marriage String?

Ye Zichen clicked open the Treasure Chest, and saw a red string in it.

Marriage String: Fate tied together by a string. Hand-made by Yue Lao.

Possessor: Ye Zichen; Possessed: Su Yan

Current affability level: 10.

What the heck is this thing?!

Ye Zichen was completely confused by the marriage string that had suddenly appeared. How did a marriage string appear when he and Su Yan had only just met?

Were he and Su Yan meant to be together?

But what’s this affability level mean? It doesn’t say how much is needed for them to be together!


Yue Lao[1] has sent you a friend request.

[1] Yue Lao is the deity in charge of marriage and relationships in Chinese mytology.

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