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Chapter 14 – It’s all Yue Lao’s fault

Chapter 14 – It’s all Yue Lao’s fault

Yue Lao sent a friend request!

This was the second deity that had sent Ye Zichen a friend request.

Ye Zichen thought about the marriage string in the Treasure Chest, it seemed like he had received it due to Yue Lao.


“Fellow daoist!”

Yue Lao instantly sent him a message after Ye Zichen added him as a friend.

“What did Yue Lao find this little deity for?”

Ye Zichen replied.

“I wonder if fellow daoist was able to receive the marriage string?”

It truly was Yue Lao’s fault.

Ye Zichen thought silently in his heart, and gazed at the intimacy level between him and Yue Lao.


After seeing that, he put down the boulder of worry in his heart. Since their intimacy level was friendly, then Ye Zichen didn’t need be worried about any issues.

“This little deity had already received Yue Lao’s marriage string. Thank you, Yue Lao.”

“It’s no big deal, this old man had merely tied the strings and established the affability between fellow daoist and her. It still requires fellow daoist to work hard.”

Yue Lao’s manner of speaking was a complete contrast to the Monkey King. If the Monkey King was speaking like this, then…

Hehe, interesting!

“I still have to thank Yue Lao for tying the strings!”

There is a phrase that is very well said!

One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions.

Yue Lao had to tie so many strings together each day, he clearly had a purpose by finding him.

As Ye Zichen expected, not long after he said that, Yue Lao replied.

“This old man had just returned from the Great Sage’s place…”

He wants a private red packet!

Although Yue Lao had said it in a very roundabout manner, since he mentioned the Great Sage, then he clearly knew a bit about Ye Zichen from the Great Sage.

Thinking about what he had on hand and Yue Lao’s age…

He scanned the packet of Yuxi cigarettes in his hand and sent it over.


Yue Lao received your red packet.

“Fellow daoist, I wonder what kind of item this is!”

“This is something that this little deity…”

Ye Zichen blabbered to Yue Lao for a long while, then scanned and sent a lighter over as well.

“Yue Lao, both of these items are rare items. You must not let the other fellow deities know. This little deity does not have any left to send to the other fellow deities!”

“That’s fine, that’s fine!!”


Your intimacy level with Yue Lao increased by 50. Current intimacy level is 150, it is 50 away from Trusted.

A packet of cigarettes increased the intimacy level by 50 points, this was really a lot.

“They say gifting goes both ways, since fellow daoist has sent this old man such a valuable item, this old man naturally cannot be petty.”


A red packet appeared on his screen.


This is what it means to be understanding. Just look at Yue Lao!

Gifting goes both ways…

Great Sage Sun just wanted some respect, this Yue Lao knows how to return red packets.

Ye Zichen clicked open on the red packet.

Received Yue Lao’s red packet, Three Pure Blessed Jade Pendant x1.

“This is a jade pendant that this old man got the Three Pure Ones to bless earlier. It can keep fellow daoist safe.”

“Thank you, Yue Lao.”

Ye Zichen impatiently withdrew the jade pendant and put it on. All of a sudden, a freshness surged through his entire body, causing his pores to open up.

Good stuff.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile when he looked at Yue Lao and the Monkey King, who were listed in his WeChat contacts.

This is just the beginning, if a lot more people add him in the future…

Then wouldn’t the Heavenly Court…

Drink soft drinks, smoke cigarettes and play mahjong…

It was very interesting just thinking about that!

When Ye Zichen had returned to the dorm, his roommates were playing League of Legends together. After refusing his roommates’ invite, Ye Zichen washed himself simply, then laid on the bed.

He didn’t say anything to anyone the entire night.

“Everybody get up!”

A lion-like roar sounded out through the dorm. All of the people in the room opened his eyes, and he saw Zhang Rui shout, while holding his phone.

“What are you screaming for, can’t you let people sleep!?”

“Why should we sleep, the goddess cheated!”


All of a sudden, everyone in the room had lost their sleepiness.

The goddess Zhang Rui talked about was Su Yan. The meaning of cheated was referring to the fact their goddess was no longer single and cheated in their hearts.

“Damn, laozi wants to see who dared to chat up the goddess!”

Ye Zichen’s heart couldn’t help but beat wildly, the person there couldn’t be him, right?

Ye Zichen peeked at the picture, and the familiar scene caused him to feel troubled. He said a few words to his roommates before frantically running out of the dorm.

“Wait a minute, the person here…”

“It’s Fifth bro!”

“Chase after him!”

It was unknown who shouted it, but everyone in the room ran out to chase after Ye Zichen in only their boxers.

“Susu, there are rumors about you on the school net.”

Keke’s eyes burned with the flames of gossip, while she smiled at Su Yan as they walked towards the canteen.

“The man in that picture there is that controversial figure.”

“It’s all just rumors.”

Su Yan blushed for some reason, while Keke smiled playfully. Just at that moment, her eyes suddenly brightened and waved towards someone in front of them.

“Hey, Riche Bro.”

At that very moment, Ye Zichen’s roommates were attemtping to kidnap him towards the canteen. He knew something bad was going to happen if he got caught by them, so he ran on ahead.

Unfortunately, Kang Peng was a sports student, so it was all too easy when they really wanted to catch him.

With no other choice, he could only be threatened by them into treating them to a breakfast.

“Ye-zi, it sounds like they’re calling you.”

Kang Peng suddenly hit Ye Zichen, while everyone else also looked over at the sound of the voice.

“School beauty Xia Keke. The one beside her is… the goddess!”

Zhang Rui pushed up his glasses frame without any lenses. Ye Zichen also raised his head and saw that Su Yan was looking his way.


Both of them randomly blushed.

“Riche Bro, what a coincidence.”

Xia Keke forcefully pulled on Su Yan’s arm and walked over. Ye Zichen sneaked a peek at Su Yan, but when he heard what Xiao Keke had called him, he was completely confused.

The heck was “Riche Bro”?

“Riche Bro is the nickname that the school’s site gave you. It was chosen by your fan group…” Kang Peng muttered by his side.

Fan group!?

Ye Zichen could only reveal an expression of helplessness. At the same time, he smiled towards Xiao Keke.

“Hello, I’m Ye Zichen.”

“Hehe, I’m called Xia Keke, I’m Su Yan’s best friend.”

Xia Keke reached out her pure white hands. Ye Zichen merely touched her hand for a brief moment before releasing it under the jealous gazes of his roommates. Then he greeted Su Yan.


“You too.”

Su Yan smiled lightly, but there was still a hint of embarrassment revealed on her face.

Xia Keke saw Su Yan’s reaction, then when she looked towards Ye Zichen, the desire for gossip in her eyes became that much more intense.

The burning flames seemed set to burn Ye Zichen to dust.

“Riche Bro, you guys should be going to the food court, right? What a coincidence, Susu and I are going too, how about we go together?”

Xia Keke smiled craftily. Ye Zichen didn’t want to accept at all.

The rumors about him and Su Yan was already going all around school, who knows what sort of rumors would arise from them eating breakfast together!

However, the pack of wolves around him didn’t agree with his thoughts!

School beauty Xia Keke and school beauty Su Yan!

It was an incomparable honor to eat with the two goddesses.

“Ol’ Five, agree!

“Ye-zi, if you don’t, then it’s going to be the end of our brotherly bond of so many years.”

“Fifth bro, I won’t threaten you, since, if you don’t agree, then don’t blame me if your League account drops to bronze.”

Damn, isn’t this a f*cking threat!?

“Sure, then let’s all go eat together.”

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