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Chapter 15 – Randomly became a father

Chapter 15 – Randomly became a father

The breakfast in the school’s canteen was very simple food, it was just stuff like porridge and soybean milk.

Due to the goddess’s words, the roommates beside Ye Zichen all hurried to buy their breakfast, leaving only Ye Zichen, Su Yan and Xia Keke.

“Riche Bro, how did you and our Susu meet?”


Ye Zichen gazed over at Su Yan and saw that she had dipped her head in silence.

“Su Yan, I didn’t think that I would meet you here.”

At that moment, a clear voice with a hint of surprise was heard.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen turned around and saw Fu Chengming quickly walking over towards their table.

Fu Chengming was definitely a celebrity in the school, and the school forums had a lot of rumors about him.

They say his father was the director of Illuminated Century Corporation, and they had so much money that they had to transport it with a train. Furthermore, his handsome looks were also very popular among girls.

What’s more, there was also a rumor saying that Fu Chengming had always pursued the goddess, Su Yan, they just didn’t know what the actual relationship was between them.

Ye Zichen subconsciously looked towards Su Yan and noticed that Su Yan’s expression was quite dark.

It seems like this Fu Chengming had failed when it came to Su Yan!

“Su Yan, why are you eating breakfast here?”

“Me eating breakfast here doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you, right?” Su Yan said with a distant feeling. Xiao Keke also said, while twitching her mouth, “Young Master Fu, I would be very unhappy with you saying that. What, is it suffering for Susu to eat breakfast with me in the canteen?”

Fu Chengming tensed up upon hearing that.

Xia Keke was not someone that he dared to mess with. It wasn’t because of how powerful her background was, rather, it was because her background was all too mysterious.

Back then, when they had just enrolled, there was a senior in his third year that wanted to date Xia Keke.

Apparently that third year’s family was rather powerful. When Xia Keke refused him, he dared to use a more forceful method.

However, that senior’s entire family went into jail right after that, and had not come out since.

Ever since then, the school no longer had anyone that dared to have ill intentions towards Xia Keke.

Although she was a beautiful rose as well, she had thorns.

“I definitely don’t mean that.”

Fu Chengming revealed a smile that was like sunshine. Xia Keke snorted, then raised her eyebrows towards Ye Zichen.

“Riche Bro, someone wants to fight over Susu with you. Are you not going to do anything!?”

Ye Zichen was annoyed, this chick really wasn’t scared of causing trouble.

However, they say a man gets completely enraged for a woman. This was just a saying.

Who cares what sort of background Fu Chengming has, what’s wrong with laozi standing strong against him!

“Young Master Fu, let’s get to know each other?”

Ye Zichen stood up and reached out his hand towards Fu Chengming.

Fu Chengming raised his eyebrows and ignored him. Instead, he looked towards Su Yan and asked.

“Su Yan, what’s this?”

“What’s do you mean, what’s this? I came here to eat with him. Do you understand what’s going on now?”

Ye Zichen didn’t know why, but he was able to feel her disgust towards Fu Chengming from just her words.

Ye Zichen took the chance to scratch his neck with the hand that had been frozen in midair, then stepped forward between Fu Chengming and Su Yan.

“Young Master Fu, go…”

“The heck are you to finger point in front of me? Do you have the right to speak here?”

Fu Chengming was also a bit annoyed. Ye Zichen only twitched his mouth and shrugged.

“Are you deaf? Su Yan clearly told you that she’s eating with me, so of course I have the right to speak. Stop blocking the way here, I’m losing my appetite looking at your red undies.”

“You…” Fu Chengming’s expression darkened. “Say that again?”

“I said that I have no appetite while looking at your red undies. Say, are you without shame? You are a man, yet you’re wearing red underwear. Moreover about that, you even had to wear triangular ones. What? Do you want to show that you are good in bed? Or do you want to say that you want to be Superman?

“If you want to be Superman, then you should wear it on your head, what are you doing wearing it inside? Ahh, I understand, you didn’t transform, right? How about I give you an opportunity to transform?”

With that being said, Ye Zichen shouted loudly.

“Big bro, someone wants to hit me…”

All of Ye Zichen’s roommates rushed over in an instant and stood beside him.

“Come, transform, if you don’t, then Superman’s about to get beaten up.”

“Ye Zichen, you’ve got guts.”

“Yo, you may know me. However, don’t try to get close with me. I’m asking if you’re transforming or not, because if you’re not, then you’re going to get beaten up!”

A man doesn’t mind taking a bit of losses right now.

The reason Fu Chengming could be oppressive in school as all thanks to his underlings, now that they’re not by his side, and Ye Zichen and co. were looking at him with hostility…

“I’ll remember you.”

Fu Chengming turned around to leave after looking at Ye Zichen with a sullen look.

“Take care, bye bye.”

After sending Fu Chengming away, Ye Zichen sat down in the chair once more.

What he didn’t know was that Xia Keke’s eyes were already sparking as if they were about to let out electricity.

“Wow, Susu is so lucky, what Riche Bro did should count as a man getting enraged for a woman, right?”

“Shut your mouth,” Su Yan knocked on Xia Keke’s head, then looked towards Ye Zichen worriedly. “You have to be careful of Fu Chengming, that guy does tons of things in the dark.”

“Are you worried about me?”

The corner of Ye Zichen’s mouth raised slightly, while his dark eyes stared into Su Yan’s.

“Who would want to worry about you.”

Su Yan rolled her eyes at Ye Zichen, but it wasn’t any different than normal flirting between a couple.


Your affability level with Su Yan increased by 30. Current affability level: 40.

This reminder caused Ye Zichen to smile. An increase in affability level was a good thing, he just didn’t know how much did it have to increase until the two of them…


Ye Zichen’s table was filled with the aura of love, but at the stairs in front of the canteen, Fu Chengming was about to smash his teeth in his hatred.

“Yellow hair, help me teach a person a lesson. Ye Zichen from Polytechnic University! I’ll send the photo to your phone later!”

This breakfast wasn’t for nothing, I was even able to get Su Yan and Xia Keke’s WeChat.

Ye Zichen had wanted to take the chance to ask Su Yan out, but the goddess had a lesson in the morning, so he could only give up and wait.

The people from the dorm all went back to play games. Ye Zichen was the worst in terms of gaming in the dorm, there were times his roommates didn’t want to play with him even if he was support.

Without any other choice, he could only go stand by the side of the road.

Then he quietly took out a cigarette and held it in his mouth, and gazed towards the road.

At that moment, a girl only about five or six years old ran towards the center of the road, while a truck was driving towards her.

Judging from the speed of the truck, even if the driver braked, it wasn’t going to be in time.


Ye Zichen didn’t have any time to think. He threw the cigarette onto the ground and ran towards the girl at the center of the road.


The truck hit fiercely Ye Zichen’s back, sending him flying for five or six meters, while he held the girl tightly in his arms.


The jade pendant around his neck cracked. Ye Zichen did not have the time to consider the pain on his back, he merely squatted at the center of the road and put the girl down in front of him.

“Are you alright?”

Ye Zichen touched the girl’s head. The girl blinked and looked at him several times, before revealing an expression of surprise and joy, then leaped into his arms while muttering.


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