Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 13 - Chapter 13: Combine 3 Skills into 1!

Chapter 13: Chapter 13: Combine 3 Skills into 1!

'What I should do?! Turn right? Turn left? But if the hunters kill the lion, how about my quest?!'

"Big brother, there is a lion in front of us!" One of the hunters shouted to warn the others.

"Kill it first, hurry! Don't let it hurt the fox! Its precious pelt would be ruined by the lion!" The bearded hunter ordered with his hoarse voice.

'Ohhh… They want to help me deal with the lion? Bring it on then!'

Tang Li Xue's eyes glinted with crafty looks; she did not slow down and still ran toward the lion with her full speed.

The three hunters shot their arrows aim their bows toward the lion and release their arrow at the time.


Tang Li Xue's eyes were glowing with a silvery light as she began to use her newly acquired Divine Ability!

[Mirror of the Moon] Active!

Copy start!

Name: [Lion's Roar] Type: Active Skill

Copy completed!

The hunter's three arrows precisely hit the lion's right eyes, left shoulder, and right front leg.

The lion was wailing in pain but Tang Li Xue will not let this chance go.

[Lion's Roar] active!


It was a really comical sight when a fox let out an intimidating roar like a lion but the effect works wonder.

Tang Li Xue managed to stun the lion right in front of her along with the hunters that still behind her for a second but a second was all she needs to finish the dying lion.

Tang Li Xue immediately pounced toward the dying lion and use her[Bite] skill toward its neck!


The lion's blood was spraying out everywhere furiously like a blood shower as Tang Li Xue's sharp fang sunk deeply into its neck and tearing up the meat at its neck open.

[EXP gained!]


[Quest Completed!]

[Reward: Level+1, Stat Point+15(+4), Skill Point+3(+1), 30 Deity Coins(+8)]


[Congratulation! You achieved level 2, +15 stat point, +3 skill point]

'Yeeees! Success! Quest complete and level up! RETREAT!'

Of course, Tang Li Xue will not crazy enough to eat the lion's meat when there was three hunters behind her back!

She only ate a mouthful piece of lion's meat from its neck when she [Bite] it to death to finish her quest since the quest said she must kill and eat it but fortunately the quest did not say that she must eat all the lion's meat to finish it!

Tang Li Xue did not know where to go, she only dashed around randomly and jumping from one bushes toward another one to hide from hunters view.

'Shit! How could they keep up with me?! My speed already this high! Are they android in human skin or what?!'

Tang Li Xue did not know that the human in this Immortal World was full of cultivator even for the men from the small village, they must train their body until they reach at least third rank body tempering stage or higher before the village head permit them to go hunting in the forest.

Moreover, these three people was the veteran hunters that reach at least fifth rank body tempering stage so their strength and speed already long surpassed normal adult human.

[Dash skill has increased to Mastered]

'??? Mastered? After level 5 is mastered? Not level 6? Whatever… let's leave it for later!'

Watching three hunters keep up with her speed and even started to came near her bit by bit made Tang Li Xue more anxious.

'How could this ugly big hunters move faster than me in the forest full of trees and bushes! They are clearly cheating! JUDGE! REFEREE! HEEEELP! THEY ARE CHEATING!'

Well, Tang Li Xue only reincarnated to this Moonlight Forest yesterday but this forest already these hunters home ground for many years; it was not strange that they are more adept in this forest than her.

Actually, the funniest fact was that someone with a cheating system calling other people cheating…

'SHUT UP! I AM ABOUT TO DIEEE! LET'S THINK SOMETHING FAST! Tsk… must I use my remaining free stat points to boost my agility stats?'

But she planned to save all the free stat points for the next evolution so she could boost the stats she needed later until it fulfills the requirement rather than blindly added it now.

'Then let's use Skill Points to boost my speed first for now! I have 16 skill points anyway!'

Tang Li Xue spend 3 skill points to buy 3 skills at once!

[You have gained Greater Speed ability!]

[You have gained Greater Reflexes ability!]

[You have gained Greater Flexibility ability!]

[Greater Reflexes(Lv1), Greater Flexibility(Lv1), Greater Speed(Lv1) can be combined into Divine Ability [Innate: Agility] with cost 10 Skill Points. Do you want to combine it now?]


'Eeeeeeehhhhhh… It can be combined into Divine Ability? Even though the cost is quite high but of course I will but it now!'

[You have gained Divine Ability (Innate: Agility)]

In an instant, Tang Li Xue felt a strange energy began to coursing inside her body.

Fortunately, her body did not become extremely itch like when she evolved before.

On the contrary, she felt her body felt so warm and comfortable while her bone felt strangely cool like a spring breeze.

The surrounding wind that obstructing her way before turned into an obedient pet that assisting her now.

Tang Li Xue feels her body getting lighter and lighter, everything that shackling her movement before was shattered now!

Wind is her ally that keeps assisting her way! Earth is her friend that keeps her balance!

'Goodbye, slowpoke! See you next time when this Lady become The Queen of this Moonlight Forest! This Lady will surely get her revenge!'


Tang Li Xue ran so fast that she only leaving several after image!

"Not good! It's too fast! How could it become so fast now! Is it still holding back his speed before? Shit! It only playing us like a fool!" The tall hunter said in shock then curse in anger.

"Not good! We will lose that fox soon! There is no other choice! Use our 'Binding Arrow' and 'Web Arrow'!" The bearded hunter shouted angrily.

"But… Big brother, we already planned to use it to catch a Demonic Beast and sell its beast core to big city!" A chubby hunter tried to argue.

"Idiot! Look at that silver fox fur! So beautiful and eye-catching! It must be a rare type of fox! Imagine if we manage to catch it and sell it to the aristocrat family in the big city! How much money can we get? For those rich suckers, one or two bags of gold is nothing! If we sell beast core to that greedy merchant in big city we will only get a few tens of gold coins!" The bearded hunter scolded the chubby one harshly.

"Uh… Oh… Big bro is right! Big bro, you are so smart!" Chubby hunter started to flatter the bearded hunter.

"Let's go! Prepare to shoot now! We almost too late and let it escapes! Hurry! Shot it before we lose it!" The bearded raised his bow and commanded furiously to the other hunters.


The tall hunter shot one arrow toward Tang Li Xue but this time the arrow he shot did not made from wood but from black iron and there was a strange inscription inscribed on its surface.

'Nyahahaha~~ with my super speed, super flexible body, plus super reflexes how could an arrow that slow can hit me?! You must be joking! Nyahahaha~~'

Like what she said, Tang Li Xue tilted her body a bit easily dodge the black arrow and the black arrow stabbed deep into the ground near her.

However, when the black arrow touched the ground the inscription on its body started to shine with eerie blood-red light and Tang Li Xue started to feel that her body turned sluggish in an instant.


"Go! Web Arrow! Catch that fox for me!" The bearded hunter screamed and released the arrow with his bow toward Tang Li Xue.

The bearded hunter's arrow was different from usual too; it was sparkling with gold color like the arrow made from pure gold but the arrow's body also inscribed with crimson blood color inscription.


The golden arrow exploded in mid-air before it touch Tang Li Xue's body and forming some kind of binding like spider-webs.

The spider-webs trapped Tang Li Xue's body in instant and it also quickly tightened up made Tang Li Xue's body unable to move even a little.


"Bwahahaha! We did it! We will be rich!" One of the hunters said but since Tang Li Xue cannot even move her neck anymore, she did not know who said it.

Then they began to discuss how they will share their huge profits this time.

After a few minutes and the hunter took the bounded Tang Li Xue and put her into a sack, she began to feel hopeless.

'Sigh… Is there no other way? Should I use my one and only trump card… the [Greater Lucky Sticker] now?'

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