Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 14 - Chapter 14: Scummy Xiao Hei!

Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Scummy Xiao Hei!

Tang Li Xue tried to pull out her [Greater Lucky Sticker] from her system inventory but since she still cannot even move all of her paws at all, she can't take it out and stick it to her body.

She could only sigh in resignment; it looks like she can only give up for now and wait for a chance later.

Just when the three hunters turned their back and ready to head back to their village…


A fierce wind blade cut off one of the hunter's hands, the one that holding the sack containing Tang Li Xue.

The blood spurted out furiously made all the hunters stunned in shock and disbelief, only after a few seconds passed the bearded hunter that got his right hand amputated shouting in pain.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" The bearded hunter kneeled while screaming in pain.

"Big… Big brother!!! Who… Who did it?" The tall hunter face turned pale in an instant, he shouted in horror and panic.


Tang Li Xue never realized that this always irritating voice could sound so refreshing in her ear like now.

The three hunters still looking around wanted to find where was that sound come from but they cannot found anything.

The three of them become even more scared and in the end, they started to kowtow.

"Expert… we… we are very sorry! We… we did not know that you like this fox too… so… Please… please, spare us!!!" The chubby hunter pleaded frantically while keep kowtow and hitting his head on the ground again and again.

"That fox is mine from the start! Now scram! If I still see you in one breathe…"

The three of them ran as fast as they can even before Xiao Hei finished his words. Someone that could cut their arm without being seen must be a master with far higher cultivation than them.

It was already kind enough for the expert to spare their life rather than kill them all and rob their belonging.

Actually, for someone like Xiao Hei, those three hunters were not even worth to waste his time and words. He could kill them easier than killing an ant; At least an ant was harder to see than those hunters.

But killing commoners from the small village would only lower his own status and dirtied his own hand so he decided to let them go.

Of course, if they say another word or trying to argue with him, he would kill them all without hesitation.

Xiao Hei jumped out from who knows where and opened up the sack then let Tang Li Xue that still bound by the golden web rolled out.

"Aiyo… Aiyo… Aiyo… Who is it? Eh… Is it the cocky fox that left in the morning? This seat thought the cocky fox is so powerful that it could flip the heaven upside down! Who knows that it caught by THREE SMALL INSIGNIFICANT COMMONERS! Aiyo… how disappointing…" Xiao Hei said with a tone full of ridicule while using his index finger to poke Tang Li Xue's nose again and again.

Xiao Hei would not let this rare chance to mock this prideful silver fox waste just like that so he did not undo the golden web and tease Tang Li Xue continuously.

'GRRR… I… WANT… TO… BITE… HIM… SO… BADLY!' Tang Li Xue bared her fangs to Xiao Hei and her eyes stared at him full of anger.

"Aiyo… so ferocious… so scary… What to do? This seat is so scared… let's just call that three hunters back and give this scary fox back to them…" Xiao Hei put a scared act and walked toward where the three hunters ran away before.

[Lion's Roar]


Tang Li Xue roared in anger toward Xiao Hei.

'Enough! Release This Queen now! Or This Queen will castrate you later!'

"Eh… So strange… You can even roar? Pffft… Hahaha… Are you truly a fox? You are acting more like a Lion or a tiger than a fox! You really are good at making people more curious about you!" Xiao Hei walked back with a mischievous smile plastered on his face.

'Smelly Xiao Hei! Scummy Xiao Hei! This Queen will remember this!'

Xiao Hei still did not release Tang Li Xue from her bind, he only carried her on his shoulder like a sack and bring her back to the cave.

When they entered the cave, Tang Li Xue's sensitive nose started to twitch.

'This smell?! Such a familiar delicious smell! Is it real?'

Xiao Hei put the bound Tang Li Xue on the corner of the cave then he continues back to roast his meat barbeque.

Tang Li Xue did not know what kind of beast was that; it looks like a wild boar but it has four tusks.

The fragrant roast meat combined with spice and cumin flavor filled the air made Tang Li Xue started to salivate crazily.

"Wow… So delicious! Tsk… Tsk… combination of spice and salt to roast meat is really yummy!" Xiao Hei said while making his chewing sound louder on purpose.


Xiao Hei glanced at Tang Li Xue and found out that she stared at him with a pitiful pleading looks.

"Ahahaha… So you are giving up at last? I thought you are tougher than this! Sigh… Look at you now… So sweet and cute! You should make that kind of expression more often! This Seat dares to bet that kids and girls would go crazy over you in no time!" Xiao Hei chuckled while swung her right hand lightly.

Tang Li Xue realized the golden web that binds her all this time snapped in an instant like a dry twig.

Xiao Hei was smiling gently as he took out an expensive-looking plate from his spatial ring and started to cut a thick roasted meat onto the plate then put it on the floor.

Tang Li Xue rushed toward the expensive-looking plate and started to devour the fragrant roasted meat greedily.

'This fragrant smell… This exquisite taste… How long is already been since the last time I taste this?! I already forgot… THIS… IS… THE… REAL… FOOD!'

Tang Li Xue started to tear up as she gnawing at the roasted meat non-stop. She did not even notice the system's message and the large amount of EXP that started to flow in.

[Congratulation! You achieved level 3, +15 stat point, +3 skill point]

"Eat slowly… Be careful or you will be choked to death by it! Just relax… no one would snatch it from you!" Xiao Hei said with a gentle tone and his hand started to caress Tang Li Xue's soft fur.

Her silver fur always shines with a dim mysterious silvery light, it was also so soft like cotton and smooth like the highest grade of silk. It even made a cold-hearted demonic young man like Xiao Hei addicted to touching it.

Xiao Hei waited for Tang Li Xue to finish her meal patiently. After she finished all of the boar meat by herself, Xiao Hei started to talk to her seriously.

"Xiao Bai, This Seat… I need to leave this place and go back to my sect. I owe you my life but that is not my reason why I invite you… What I really want to say is that I really like you! Would you like to go back with me to my sect?" Xiao Hei said with a tone full of gentleness and pleading.

He even stopped using 'This Seat' to begged to Tang Li Xue. He never had been this sincere like this before in his life.

He also keeps staring at Tang Li Xue a pair of glittering eyes with eyes full of longing and anxiety.

This should be a really touching scene between a young man and a young girl unfortunately one of them is a human while the other is a fox.

Tang Li Xue stared at Xiao Hei with full of seriousness in her eyes.

The time passed one second after another… made Xiao Hei even more anxious.

Slowly, Tang Li Xue's eyes filled with ridicule as she spat on the ground full of disdain.

'Want me to go with you?! Dream on! This Queen's home is only this Moonlight Forest! Scummy Xiao Hei, just go! This Queen already bored to see your face!'

Tang Li Xue turned around with her back facing Xiao Hei and walking deeper into the cave.

Xiao Hei's expression was full of disappointment as he says: "Sigh… and here This Seat thought to make this kind of roasted meat every day for you…"

Tang Li Xue turned back and jumped toward Xiao Hei while thinking.

'You… You did not lie, right?! You will make this roasted meat to me every day! Three times a day! Not less! You must make me more! You promise! If you dare to lie I will turn you into a eunuch!'

"Pfffft… Ahahaha… Ok… Ok… Xiao Bai, I promise I will make the most delicious roasted meat for you every day!" Xiao Hei laughed out loud, so free, and unrestrained while hugging a soft silver fox in his embrace.

Xiao Hei took out a flying sword and jumped on the top of it with Tang Li Xue still lie comfortably on his arm.

The flying sword started to fly; the speed was faster than sound speed but Xiao Hei put a transparent barrier on his body so the fierce wind that blowing did not bother him and Tang Li Xue at all.

Tang Li Xue looked at the Moonlight Forest from the sky and realized that the place where she lives was only at Moonlight Forest periphery. That was why she only met with savage beasts all this time and no demonic beast around.

She even saw a large winged lizard flew at the depth of the Moonlight Forest and there was a gigantic python jumped up from the big tree then ate the large winged lizard as if it was a snack.

Tang Li Xue shuddered in fear; fortunately she never really entered too deep inside the Moonlight Forest or she would certainly die without any corpse left.

'Goodbye, Moonlight Forest! But remember, the next time I come back is the time that I would become the Rightful Queen of the Moonlight Forest!'

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