Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 15 - Chapter 15: Oh No! I Changed My Mind!

Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Oh No! I Changed My Mind!

After a few hours of flight, Tang Li Xue started to get really bored as she yawned lazily on Xiao Hei's arm.

'Just how far is Xiao Hei's sect?! For god sake, we have already flown at the speed many times of the jet plane and a few hours of flight with this speed should be enough to orbit my previous world for one round!'

Moreover, the surrounding was so blurry since they flown at an imaginable speed and Tang Li Xue cannot enjoy any scenery at all.

However, Tang Li Xue realized that several times passerby people or some demonic beasts approaching them. It looks like they have bad intentions and want to look for trouble but Xiao Hei terrifying pressure combined with his chilling gaze full of murderous intent easily drives them all away.

Tang Li Xue did not really get it 'what are they so scared about' but that people and demonic beasts were not a fool, the person that could emit such horrifying pressure certainly have very high cultivation and Xiao Hei's murderous chilling gaze means that he already killed a lot of people, if it was not three digits then he must be already killed four digits worth of people.

'What a dangerous world! Sigh… I started to miss my previous world… though it's also quite messy but at least there're polices and laws to maintain order. Unlike this world…'

She became even more motivated to get stronger faster and started to check her current status.

[Species: Moon Fox]

[Grade: Common]

[Level 3 (Samaritan)]

Cultivation Technique: None

Martial Arts: None

Divine Ability: [Mirror of the Moon], [Innate: Agility]


HP: 3200/3200

Strength: 60

Agility: 93


[Skills: Bite (Lv5), Scratch (Lv2), Hide (Lv4), Dash (Mastered), Identify (Lv3), Herbalism (Lv3)]

Stats Point: 64

Skill Point: 6

[Item: Immortal World's Newbie Guide, 2x2 Times Exp Card(1 hour), 7xRecovery Pill, 5xStamina Pill, 1xBad Luck Sticker, 1xGreater Lucky Sticker, 1xSilver Lottery Ticket, 1xCultivation Voucher, 448 Deity Coins, Level 10 Beginner Gift Package]

'Not bad! I already pretty strong now, right? At least the tiger or lion will not possess any threat to the current me!'

Tang Li Xue checked her new divine ability to know what effect it would bring to her.

[Innate: Agility]: the effect of Agility status on user will be tripled.


'WHAAAAAAT?! TRIPLED?! Isn't that means my current speed right now equals to 279 in agility stats? Wuahahaha… YEEEEESSSS! Another OP divine ability in my repertoire!'

Tang Li Xue was really happy that she manages to find another secret feature from the system. She felt that her system was like a giant treasure box that waiting for her to uncover its secret one by one.

So she could combine maybe 2, 3, or more skills into one OP divine ability with Skill Points as the cost!

Moreover, there were more than several thousand choices of skills in the system's list so there were countless possible ways to combine them.

'Then I can create [Innate: Toughness] with the combination of [Greater Defense], [Greater Stamina], and [Greater Health]? Then how about [Innate: Strength]? Meh… I have not enough Skill Point! I will need 13 Skill Points to buy and combine them… Let's just set it aside for now!'

Tang Li Xue decided to forget it for now since she currently only has 6 Skill Points and turned her attention to her [Dash (Mastered)] skill.

'Mastered? What is it mean? Is it means the level already reaches the maximum and I cannot level it up anymore?'

Tang Li Xue tried to tap it and another window coming out…

[Dash skill already reached Mastered. Do you want to upgrade it to Sprint with cost 3 Skill Points?]

'It could be upgraded too after reached mastered? Damn… system, just how many secret features that you still have?! Sigh… Another 3 Skill Points will be gone this time…Whatever… I just need to do more quests and eats more later! ACCEPT!'

[Dash ability upgraded to Sprint ability!]

[Dash] skill disappeared from her status and changed into [Sprint (Lv1)].

Tang Li Xue did not know the exact effect from [Sprint] skill since she still has not tried it yet but she guessed that it probably increasing her running speed more but also draining her stamina faster too so she must use it with more caution.

However, from the experience that she got from the three hunters, she learned that speed was also not absolute! She could still get caught even with her speed tripled by her divine ability in the end.

And the one that caught her was three commoner hunters without any status and money! So, she quickly concluded that the people with more money and status in this world would definitely have more cards to play than them.

After racking her brain for a long time, Tang Li Xue came to one solution...

The true key for her survival should be in [Hide] skill!

She believes rather than running away, it would be more convenient if they cannot find her at all in the first place.

She could also mount a sneak attack on her prey or enemy using this [Hide] skill!

Since this skill [Hide] can grant temporary invisible status to the user!

Unfortunately, the flaw was also fatal… she cannot move when this [Hide] skill still in effect or the invisible status would be nulled.

But now with this skill upgrade features, she had more confidence if she upgrades it high enough, even someone like Xiao Hei would be hard to find her later.

Moreover, she started to suspect that [Hide], [Trail Cover], [Silencer], [Odorless], and [Erasing Presence] skills could actually be combined into one more OP divine ability! Unfortunately, again… she did not have enough Skill Point to buy them all and combine it for now…

'Meh… Whatever, I will work hard to upgrade [Hide] skill first since I only have 3 Skill Points now.'

Tang Li Xue decided that the first thing she would do after arrived at Xiao Hei's sect was to train her [Hide] skill crazily.

Not long after that, Xiao Hei and Tang Li Xue arrived at the bottom of a deep ravine.

Tang Li Xue saw a large red calligraphy as if it was written by blood on the ravine wall.


'Eeeerrr… Xiao Hei… Is this really your home? Isn't this place a little bit too dark, gloomy, and scary…'

However, when Tang Li Xue stared at Xiao Hei's face, what she found was not her usual scummy that like to tease her but a noble, cold, and arrogant young man covered with a suffocating aura.

'What's wrong with him? Isn't usually people would become more relaxed when they go back to their own home? Why I feel that Xiao Hei is like going to war rather than going home?'

After walking for a few minutes, Tang Li Xue saw a pair of fully armored guards guarding the gigantic gates on the ravine wall.

The gigantic gates were made from a mysterious black metal; it looked so ancient and sturdy with four giant demons engraved on it.

"Welcome back, young master!" The two armored guards bowed full of respect and greeted Xiao Hei politely.

Xiao Hei only answered them with 'um…' lazily without changing his cold expression and the gigantic black gates started to open by itself.

'Ceh… Pretending to be cool guy now? But really... the atmosphere sounds very wrong… That two guards just now maybe look at Xiao Hei full of respect but I noticed that they actually surprised? Why? Because he comes back too quickly… or because they think that Xiao Hei should not come back anymore?'

Tang Li Xue still in deep thought while the gigantic black gates already opened but before Xiao Hei could enter…

"Well… Well… I think who is coming today so it's my dear nephew. I thought you will not come back… this late. You are very lucky to not come back too late for your grandfather's birthday tomorrow."

Xiao Hei stared at the person that talks to him; he squinted his eyes that full of hatred and murderous intent but he suppressed it in an instant and sneered coldly back at that person while saying: "Uncle, This Seat took his time to pick grandfather's gift carefully and not aware of the passing time but this small problem should not be uncle's business, right?"

Tang Li Xue was staring at Xiao Hei's uncle that stood in front of Xiao Hei right now.

A chubby plump guy with the expression that always smiling like Maitreya Buddha and wearing black clothes with the same model as Xiao Hei but Tang Li Xue knew that behind that smile was hiding the most poisonous snake.

'Oh, God!!! It looks like I really made a mistake this time! These are not heavens at all but the poisonous snakes breeding nest!'

Xiao Hei… I thought you are the boss here since you always said 'my sect this, my sect that'! Dammit, you liar! I changed my mind! I want to go back to Moonlight Forest now! Xiao Hei, BRING ME BACK NOW!'

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