Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 16 - Chapter 16: This is Not Your Character at All!

Chapter 16: Chapter 16: This is Not Your Character at All!

Tang Li Xue really wanted to cry but there were no tears that come out.

Ok, the forest may be really dangerous for a fox like her but could the danger higher than an evil sect full of scheming people with high cultivation?

'Aiissss… Such a bad luck! Why is my luck always bad since my previous life?! Sigh…'

"Of course not… It's just that I as your uncle worried about your well being! What if something happen to you on the way? I will not be able to forgive myself if that really happens! Oh yeah… By the way, where is your right-hand man that always follows you everywhere?" Xiao Hei's uncle put exaggerating act as if he really worry about Xiao Hei.

But his act was too fake or maybe he deliberately make it like that to provoke Xiao Hei but from his last question asked about the traitorous aide, Tang Li Xue guessed that he deliberately trying to provoke Xiao Hei.

'What an irritating fatty! As I expect from the Scummy Xiao Hei's uncle! Even I want to slap his face so badly right now!'

Xiao Hei was fuming with anger, his eyes bloodshot and his hands were clenched together tightly to the point where his nails started to pierce through his skin.

Gritting his teeth, Xiao Hei wanted to jump out and kill his uncle so badly but he had no choice but to contain himself.

He closed his eyes for a moment and inhaled deeply while keep whispering to himself: 'This is not the time yet… Not now… But soon…'

When Xiao Hei exhaled, he calmed down a lot and slowly opened his obsidian eyes again.

"Thank you for uncle concern but This Seat is healthy and well right now! As for Feng Yi, he has another important thing to do so we split up on the way here. This Seat is tired now so This Seat will not disturb uncle anymore…" Xiao Hei saluted his uncle and entered the gate.

'Oi… Oi… Oi… You leave now?! Just like that?! This… This is not your character at all! Aren't you like those MC in the wuxia novel?! cruel, decisive, overbearing, and OP?! You should just beat that ugly fatty like a crap or crippled him with one hit! Don't force This Queen to change your name into Xiao Niang Pao (Little Sissy)!'

Xiao Hei did not have any time to care about Tang Li Xue's curse as he had many urgent things to do so he brought her into his palace and leave her there for now.



"What a tenacious little cockroach! He could even survive after all of that ambush? Tsk… A bunch of useless trash! And they still dare to call themselves the elders from virtuous sect?! It looks like I must revise my plan a bit and start to take him more seriously!" The kind-looking fat uncle was no more when Xiao Hei's uncle went back to his own room replaced by a sinister-looking fat old man.

"Mas… Master… What This Subordinate should do to the hostage?" The black-clothed man kowtowed deeply until his head touched the ground and asked with a barely edible tone.

"Do you really need to ask? Get rid of them all! That aide is really f*cking useless! I even give him my most treasured poison, Heart-Melting Black Poison and that trash is still failed! Really wasting all of my time and money for nothing! Search for his news if he died then it's okay if not then I will make sure he will be wishing to die every single minute!" The sinister fat uncle gritted his teeth full of anger.

The black-clothed man quickly went out of the fat uncle room in a hurry, his clothes were drenched wet in sweat. No one knows how cruel this fat man was better than him and what that uncle's said, he will definitely do it. Not because of loyalty or money but it was because that old man was simply too scary and crazy.

Tang Li Xue did not know that even though Xiao Hei was cold and overbearing but he actually a decent man but his uncle was different. Calling that uncle 'villain' was looking down on him far too much, while 'insane' word was still too kind for him and could only barely able to describe him.

"What a pity… he has a really good self-control… If he dares to attack me back then on the gate I will surely 'accidentally' crippled his dantian! No one can blame me if he is the one attacking me first… Hehe…" He sneered coldly while mocked at Xiao Hei.

Sigh… father… Oh, father… Why are you always sided with Zihao? Now Zihao already died, you even sided with his son, Zhiyun! Am I really not good enough in your eyes?" Fat uncle sighed in disappointment while walking toward the nearby window. The weather was quite nice with a blue sky without any black cloud but it did not fit with his current feeling right now.

"Father… Please, do not force my hand… or I will…"

His voice became fainter as he squinted his eyes dangerously. The cold murderous aura emitted from his body was many times thicker and more terrifying than Xiao Hei.



As someone sickly in her previous life, Tang Li Xue already lied down in her own small room for many years before, until she forced to work because her big brother diagnosed as being in a vegetative state.

So how could she accept that even after become reincarnated into a mighty fox with system, she still must stay in the room quietly like before?!

In the end, she sneaked out from Xiao Hei's room to sight-seeing around the Asura Demon Sect.

'Sigh… Xiao Hei's room is really full of expensive stuff! If I can bring one of it into my previous world… No, since I cannot go back then I only need to bring it out of here and sell it! But unfortunately, I am a fox now…'

Tang Li Xue proceeded carefully while keep using his [Hide] skill since she already determined to upgrade it even further.

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