Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 17 - Chapter 17: Fierce Internal Conflict!

Chapter 17: Chapter 17: Fierce Internal Conflict!

Tang Li Xue observed Asura Demon Sect's surroundings and finds out that all the buildings follow ancient Chinese architecture.

Basically, the buildings almost like the Forbidden City in her previous life but far more extravagant with 2 or more floors, there were also many pagodas that keep releasing some kind of strange vibes and it looked like arranged in some kind of array covering the entire sect but Tang Li Xue did not its exact function and could only guess it.

The natural made wall that covered the entire Asura Demon Sect also has strange inscriptions carved on it and Tang Li Xue felt that it has some strange connection with the pagodas.

Tang Li Xue also realized that most people in this Asura Demon Sect were actually not guards but disciples. Countless disciples with different uniform colors were walking back and fro, Tang Li Xue guessed that maybe there are about hundreds of thousands of disciples in here but because Asura Demon Sect was too big and vast, it still did not feels cramped at all.

But the one that made Tang Li Xue happy was the fact that all the buildings here were so big and tall while her body's very small so there were the countless blind spots where she could hide.

Just like now… She listened to some disciples gossips from the corner of the park while activating her [Hide] skill!

"Hey, do you hear that our little patriarch come back just now?"

"Yeah… I know. Well, he is a good guy but you know… our Grand Elder is so scary. No one will dare to side with the little patriarch…"

Well… Let's just skip all the unimportant part! Even Tang Li Xue spent few hours of her time to hear all their stories and opinions. To summary it all, Xiao Hei's situation was not looking too good.

Xiao Hei's father, Mo Zihao was a wise patriarch and also a cultivation genius. Under his rule, the sect became abundant of resources and become more flourished in only five years. His cultivation also proceeded steadily and it would not take too long to catch up with the previous patriarch, Xiao Hei's grandfather, Mo Chanming.

However, his uncle, the fatty Mo Chonglin felt threatened by Mo Zihao's achievement since he already coveted the patriarch position since a long time ago.

Three years ago, Mo Zihao fell under Virtuous Sect's sudden ambush. Well, no matter what people think, this thing was too suspicious and reek of someone scheme. (Isn't it just like what happened to our Xiao Hei?)

But since there was no more witness and evidence, the investigation was stopped in the end.

Of course, Xiao Hei's grandfather, Mo Chanming suspected that this was the fatty Mo Chonglin's scheme so Mo Chanming purposefully made it hard for the fatty and directly gave patriarch position to Mo Zihao's son, Xiao Hei…. Err, his true name actually Mo Zhiyun.

Mo Zhiyun himself was a super genius even more talented than his father. But he was only 15 years old when he became patriarch three years ago, it was also a given that his cultivation still falls far behind the 40 years old fatty Mo Chonglin.

Unfortunately, Mo Chonglin's ambition was really big and he also very patient, he already started planning all of these for more than twenty years ago. His influence already rooted too deeply inside this Asura Demon Sect and his people were scattered everywhere on every corner of the sect.

While Mo Zhiyun was just a teenager when he held his post as Asura Demon Sect's Patriarch. Luckily, his grandfather was silently supporting him from behind the scene or our Xiao Hei would not live long enough to meet Tang Li Xue.

However, Mo Chanming was already too old and his time probably not long anymore. That was why he did not punish or kill Mo Chonglin and only bid more time for Mo Zhiyun.

On one side, Mo Chanming was using Mo Chonglin as a whetstone for Mo Zhiyun so he (Mo Chanming) could force Mo Zhiyun to mature faster also made him (Mo Zhiyun) to learn from Mo Chonglin and become more cunning and decisive.

After all, even if Mo Chanming killed Mo Chonglin with his own hand now, there was no guarantee that Mo Zhiyun will not face the second and the third Mo Chonglin in the future! What would happen to the Asura Demon Sect if that really happen in the future when he (Mo Chanming) died later?! Could Mo Zhiyun strong enough to defeat the second and the third Mo Chonglin when Mo Chanming was no more in this world?!

On the other side, Mo Chonglin was also his son. If there was really no other choice or if something bad really happens to Mo Zhiyun then Mo Chonglin will be his last resort to become the patriarch of his Asura Demon Sect.

To be exact, Mo Chanming also cannot be blamed for his indecisiveness since the two of them was equally outstanding.

Mo Zihao and Mo Zhiyun was cultivation genius while Mo Chonglin's gift was his cruelness and cunningness. Actually, in Evil Sect such as Asura Demon Sect, the cruelness and cunningness were more important unlike in the Virtuous Sect where cultivation talent was everything.

But Mo Chanming did not like the fact that Mo Chonglin's cruelness and cunningness was not only directed to enemies but also to his own family, sect people, and even to himself. That was why Mo Chanming became more supportive toward Mo Zihao's side.

The current support distribution in Asura Demon Sect was 20% for Mo Zhiyun, 40% for Mo Chanming, and 40% for Mo Chongli, but this was only on the surface! No one really knows, how many exactly Mo Chongli's supporters were and he also really likes to play pig to eat the tiger?!

The situation inside The Asura Demon Sect right now was in stalemate! That was also why Mo Chongli chose to act against Mo Zhiyun outside the sect.

'Well… This is not a business for a little fox like me can handle so let's just forget for now! Xiao Hei… Ah, Xiao Hei… I really want to help but you know… I am not a mary sue with OP medical skill or S-rank assassin from another world or a person reborn with future memories or whatever OP crap it is and my system also cannot help you at all… so I can only wish you luck!'

Tang Li Xue used her {Hide} skill again while heading to another place after she was done eavesdropping the disciple's gossips.

[Hide skill has increased to Lv5]



'There is even a farm here?! Are there even demonic beasts locked up inside? I already decided that I will come here again to check it after upgrading my [Hide] skill!'

Tang Li Xue was strolling around the Asura Demon Sect for a few hours from Martial Depository where they keep martial art and cultivation books to the kitchen in the end.

After successfully stealing… cough… cough… I mean tasting several dishes to be exact emptying many plates of dishes in the sect's kitchen without anyone knowing using [Hide], Tang Li Xue finally manage to reach [Mastered] level in [Hide] skill.

[Hide skill has increased to Mastered]

'At last!!! After wasting several hours and use [Hide] skill for so many times until I want to puke!!! Dayum… Let's see what skill it will be changed into?!'

[Hide skill already reached Mastered. Do you want to upgrade it to Stealth with cost 3 Skill Points?]


With this, her Skill Points was really exhausted to 0 now.

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