Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 18 - Chapter 18: Power-Leveling the Skills Up!

Chapter 18: Chapter 18: Power-Leveling the Skills Up!

After satisfied filling her stomach with the proper delicious human food, Tang Li Xue decided to go back to Xiao Hei's room.

She also tested her new [Stealth] skill on her way back and realized many new things.

Unlike [Hide], when using [Stealth] she could actually move around without breaking her invisible status but she could not use her other skill such as [Sprint] or her invisible status will break.

Another flaw when using [Stealth] was she also cannot touch any object while in invisible mode even something liquid like water. Fortunately, something like water vapor or smoke will not affect her [Stealth] at all.

But Tang Li Xue was quite satisfied with her [Stealth] since she could move around without being seen much more easily than before. Moreover, her agility was already quite high now and her passive divine ability [Innate: Agility] actually stacked with [Stealth].

Tang Li Xue entered Xiao Hei's room but finds out that he still has not gone back yet.

Then she remembers that fatty uncle said about Xiao Hei Grandfather's birthday tomorrow and she also heard from the guards on her way that Xiao Hei went into the deep Moonlight Forest to find a special fruit to extend his grandpa's longevity as his birthday gift.

'Xiao Hei must be busy preparing for his grandfather's birthday tomorrow… That's why he is still not come back even until now!'

'Ssshhhh… So boring! Bast*rd Xiao Hei! Dump me in his room as soon as we went back! What kind of woman does he think I am?! ... Why is it sound so strange? Meh… Well, I am bored anyway!'

Then a light bulb flashed in her mind as she thought: 'Eh… Since I don't have anything to do… why I don't try to level up all my skills to mastered?! Hahaha… I am so smart!'

She still has [Bite (Lv5)] and [Scratch (Lv2)] that have not reach mastered. As for [Identify (Lv3)] and [Herbalism (Lv3)], she did not even know how to level it up since it levels up by itself when she saw several herbs so she decided to leave it for now.

Tang Li Xue jumped on Xiao Hei's soft bed and stared at his pillow while laughing mischievously.

[Scratch]! Again…[Scratch]!... [Bite]! [Scratch]!

[Scratch skill has increased to Lv3]

[Scratch skill has increased to Lv4]

After ruining Xiao Hei's pillow and bed for good, she changed her target to his blanket, bed curtain and carpet then started to spam her both of her [Scratch] and [Bite] skill again and again.

[Scratch skill has increased to Lv5]

[Bite skill has increased to Mastered]

'Damn! This is AWESOME! Why I never think to level up all of my skills this way before?!'

When she thinks cave's hard floor and wall and the forest that full of danger… well, in that kind of environment she would not have any kind of luxury to level up her skills in this strange way.

'Now I understand why all the housepets tend to ruin its owner furniture! Sigh… What a pity, my [Scratch] skill only needs 1 more level up to reach mastered!'

Tang Li Xue looked around Xiao Hei's room and her gaze locked on Xiao Hei's wardrobe, she snickered full of evil intent and opened it up.

[Scratch skill has increased to Mastered]

After all of Xiao Hei's clothes shredded into pieces by her claws, she started to feel a bit guilty for Xiao Hei.

'Maybe… I am doing it too much… Meh… It's his fault for abandoning me after going back! He doesn't even bother to give me food today! And he already promised to give me the roasted meats three times every day!'

Tang Li Xue activated her [Stealth] and dashed out of the Xiao Hei's room.

Since she knew that Xiao Hei would be so pissed off later when he finds out about it, she would not become stupid enough to still sleep in his room as if nothing happened at all.

There were many empty rooms in the Asura Demon Sect anyway so she only needs to pick one randomly to sleep for tonight.


The time already so pressing and Xiao Hei did not have any time to lax now.

Handling his grandfather's birthday party was his job as the current patriarch and the party was tomorrow but he only managed to come back today so many of the jobs required him to supervise and he also needs to instruct something like money expenditure, food that will be served, decoration that must be used, etc.

There were still some jobs left unfinished but he decided to leave it for tomorrow since he already too tired both physically and mentally today and now already midnight.

When heading back to his room, Xiao Hei remembered about his Xiao Bai and felt really guilty abandoning her as soon as he got back here. He even broke his promise to 'give roasted meat to her every day' today.

Xiao Hei turned around and went to the kitchen, there was no one in there at this hour so he went to pick some fresh meats and began to roast it by himself.

There were some guards or disciples that still patrolling around even at the midnight and they shocked beyond words when they find out that their little patriarch has a new hobby now: making roasted meat by himself at midnight!

Xiao Hei ignored all of their strange stares and brought a large plate of sliced roasted meat back to his room.

When Xiao Hei entered his room and saw his wrecked bed, his first thought was some thieves or his uncle's people came in to search for something.


The plate full of roasted meats shattered as Xiao Hei dropped it to the ground and he began to panic. There were no important things inside his room but if those thieves find his Xiao Bai and doing something bad to her…

"Dammit! I will skin all of those people that dare to do this alive!" Xiao Hei said with his chilling voice full of killing intent.

But when he inspected it closer… he managed to find his bed, pillow, bed cover, all of it have many traces that they ruined by claws and fangs.

Xiao Hei sighed in relief… so it was his Xiao Bai that doing all of this…

But after relief, as his tiredness and dizziness began to assault him, he felt his anger surging up uncontrollably.


Xiao Hei was shouting full of anger in the middle of the night!

While Tang Li Xue was already fell asleep in the empty room near there.



The next day, Xiao Hei grandfather's birthday went on smoothly without any major problem happened.

As for Tang Li Xue, she disappeared from Xiao Hei's sight for an entire day and only came back to Xiao Hei's room tomorrow after the birthday party to ask for Xiao Hei's promise about her roasted meats.

Xiao Hei's face twitched as he saw the unrepented fox in front of him moving her paw asking for her food, he really wanted to spank her ass so badly.

In the end, Xiao Hei could only sigh in resignment. Well, it was also his fault for neglected her on the first day after they arrived at his sect.

And so there was a new rumor began to spread amongst the guards and disciples even the elders that their little patriarch has a new hobby, that is roasted meat three times every day in his own courtyard for his new beloved pet, a silver fox!

A few days of uneventful days have passed without knowing, nothing big seems happened other than a few small skirmishes between factions but all of that was not Tang Li Xue's business.

But there was some big problem that annoyed Tang Li Xue…

'The roasted meat that Xiao Hei's make now are super delicious, far more delicious than the roasted meat that he made in the cave before… but the EXP that I get now is also too little… almost negligible!'

Then Tang Li Xue realized that the problem was the meat itself… The roasted meat that Xiao Hei made in the cave was probably from a demonic beast at least [Uncommon] grade! The meat was a bit too chewy and hard to swallow but gave a lot of EXP.

The roasted meat that Xiao Hei's made in this sect was from proper pork or beef. It was so delicious that Tang Li Xue almost swallowed her own tongue. The meat was crispy outside while tender inside but unfortunately the beast probably only [Poor] grade so the EXP she gets from eating it was so little!

At this rate, it would take her a few months or even years just to increase one of her level!

'I must think something fast! My ambition is not to become a house pet… but gain my human form and become a deity like my Uncle Sun!'


<Xiao Bai's Daily Life (Part 1)>

On the Xiao Hei grandfather birthday's party day...

"Chef! Where are the grilled chicken, roasted beef, and pork crispy roast?!" The disciple in charge as the birthday party's waiter asked.

"It was on the table! Just take it, I am busy now and still must cook vegetable stir fry and prepare some mushroom dishes!" The chef was busily cooking, he did not turn his head and only answered casually.

"What are you talking about? There is nothing on the table other than empty plates!" The disciple frowned and said in annoyance.

"Mate, you must be kidding with me… It's clear that I already cook it and put it on the table! And only you're here other than me! It's better if you cough it out now! Don't be such a jerk!" The chef put his cook on hold and turned his body, he even started to roll his sleeve, ready to bash the disciple's head.

"Oh… You think I am the one hiding it?! Or do you actually do this deliberately to teach me a lesson?! F*ck this shit, do you think I am so easy to bully! Come on!" The disciple charged toward the chef and the fierce fight began.

No one realized that there was a small invisible silver fox sat on the table where all the empty plates were…

'Aiya… such a stupid people… If you can't find the dishes just make another one! This queen is still starving you know! Such a pair of jerks! Sigh… It looks like I will need to wait for a while for my next meal!'

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