Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 19 - Chapter 19: The Way To Level Up Faster!

Chapter 19: Chapter 19: The Way To Level Up Faster!

Tang Li Xue opened her Immortal World's Newbie Guide and started to read it to find any other method she could use to level up.

She find out that different from her that consumed meat to level up, all the cultivators used spirit stones and pills to increase their cultivation faster.

Whether using the pure energy stored in spirit stones or refining the medicine efficacy from the pills, the cultivators could utilize it to become stronger faster like tempering their body strength, strengthened their soul, purify their Qi, etc.

The reason why Xiao Hei's uncle, Mo Chonglin and Xiao Hei conflict was actually closely knitted tightly with this reason and actually this kind of conflict was not only happened in Asura Demon Sect but all over the Immortal world.

To become stronger cultivator need three things…


Cultivation and martial art manuals!


With only relying on the talent without any resources, the most amazing genius would need 10 years to reach the peak of body tempering stage.

However, the dumbest talentless idiot if given enough resources only need 5 years to reach the peak of body tempering stage.

But to learn high ranked cultivation art or strong martial arts, you will need talent above all!

So all of this will make a complete vicious cycle: to learn high ranked cultivation art or strong martial arts you need talent but to increase your cultivation faster you need resources, and to get enough resources you must became stronger, therefore, you need strong martial arts to compete for it!

Talent can only be obtained at birth combined with perseverance, and hard work, it all depends on each individual.

Anyone can get secret cultivation art and martial art manual when they join any sects as long as they were faithful to the sect, the elder or patriarch would bestow them with a copy quite easily since they could copy any cultivation art and martial art manual as many as they want.

What about resources?

Once someone consumes pills or heavenly herbs to increase their cultivation it will gone for good! Only one person can use it!

Moreover, the higher their cultivation, the harder it will be to find the resources that suit their cultivation. For example, body tempering pills only suited for body tempering stage cultivator when someone with Qi Condensation stage eat it will not bring any effect to them.

For someone with cultivation as high as Xiao Hei's uncle, Mo Chonglin, the resources he needs was too rare and hard to find so it was reasonable if he wanted to become the patriarch in order to claim all of it for himself.

And this kind of case did not only happen in Asura Demon Sect, it happened in all 4 evil sects and 5 virtuous sects!

This was also the reason why even though 4 evil sects and 5 virtuous sects hated each other so much but they never really going on all-out war. They were too busy taking care of their own internal conflict!

Imagine if 2 factions at odds like Asura Demon Sect already so chaotic, the other sect should have more factions like 3 factions, 4 factions, or maybe even more, making the internal struggle far more bloody and chaotic.

Tang Li Xue closed her Immortal World's Newbie Guide while rubbed her own furry forehead with her tiny paw.

'What a messy chaotic world?! The way to the top really full of blood and corpses! Meh… But come to think about it, I also need resources too!'

There were two ways that Tang Li Xue could think at this moment.

The first one was using her 'Quest' system to level up but she must research it carefully first before determine how to use it more efficiently.

That left her with her second methods… consume cultivation pills!

She really wanted to try it… are cultivation pills really as potent as the guide said? Would it work for a beast like her too? Then she started her research on her target for the next few days and she managed to find out.

White-robed disciples were only outer disciples, their cultivation only at Body Tempering Stage! Easy target! Of course, she must pick a weaker one to bully… err to teach them a lesson!

Blue-robed disciples were inner disciples, their cultivation at Qi Condensation Stage! Tough nut to crack! Their strength was on par with weakest demonic beasts!

Red-robed disciples were core disciples, their cultivation at Acupuncture Opening Stage! Definitely not someone she could mess with!

Black-robed men were not disciples but elders, their cultivation at Foundation Establishment Stage… Well, they all knew that I am Xiao Hei's pet so they will not dare to hurt me… probably. By the way, Xiao Hei was also at the Foundation Establishment stage right now.

Xiao Hei's uncle, Mo Chonglin was at Core Formation Stage… that was why Xiao Hei did not have any guts and ability to challenge him for now.

But Xiao Hei's grandfather, Mo Chanming was at the Nascent Soul Stage and the strongest cultivator in this sect! Unfortunately, his lifetime was almost over.



While all the elders busying themselves with their schemes and conflicts, the lower disciples also have their own share of conflict. Extortion, robbing, blackmail, even r*pe was a common occurrence inside all the sects as long as no massacre happening the elders will only keep one of their eyes closed.

"Yoo… There is an intimate loving couple here! Gyahaha…" A group of white-robed burly disciples found a couple that kissing each other behind the tree at night and started to surround them.

"Kyaaa~~ Se… Senior martial brother… Please… Let us go…" The timid white-robed girl started to tremble in fear.

"Xiao Yan, don't… don't be afraid! Senior martial brother, please let us leave! I… I will give you all of my Body Tempering Pills so please…" The white-robed girl boyfriend tried to defend her and gave away a bottle of Body Tempering Pills.

The leader of white-robed burly disciples took the bottle then said something full of contempt: "Tsk! Only one bottle! Do you think we are a beggar or something…HAH! You must have more right?! Bring it all out!"

"Se… Senior martial brother, there really is no more! We are only new disciples so… we only get a few months of…" Before the boyfriend could finish his words, the burly leader punched his face hard and they started to stomp him hard on the ground.

"Hehehe… Now there is no one disturbing us! Let's us try how our Little Junior Sister 's taste on the bed! Hahahaha…" The leader and all of his goons started at the white-robed girl that still stunned silly with a gaze full of lust.

But before they could went near the girl… there was silver shadow flashed in front of their eyes!



"GYAAAAAAA!!! MY EYES! Who is it? What the fuck is that? Quickly catch it for me!" The burly leader covered his face in pain, there were four lines of bloody wound that started from his upper right forehead to his left lower chin.

The wound was not too deep, clearly, the one that caused that wound lacked in terms of strength. But its speed was unbelievably fast, the burly leader was not even having any time to defend or close his eyes before the attack came.

The rest of the people raised their guard and started to look around but they did not find anything!



"AAARGHHHH!" One more of the white-robed goons' faces fall prey to the claw of justice.

"Dammit! What… what the hell is happening? Who is there?! Come out, you coward! AAAAAAAAHHHH!" Again one more fell without anyone knowing what exactly happened and who the one that do it was!

"I… I don't have anything to do with this anymore! I… I… RUUUNN! UGYAAAAAAAA!" This one turned his body and started to run away frantically but how could he outrun the silver fox that equipped with [Innate: Agility] divine ability, in the end, he also follow his friend and fell!

The only one left started to kowtow and blabbering asking for forgiveness: "I… I am forced to do this by big brother! Senior… Please forgive me! I… UAAARRRGGHHH!" But how could Tang Li Xue forgive this human trash scum, she also used her [Scratch] to ruin his face and eyes.

The white-robed girl looked at all the men that still rolled on the ground in pain and did not know what to do. She started to look around in fear…

'Goodbye little girl, you do not need to thank me! I am just a legend passing by! Adios!'

Tang Li Xue brought a bottle of Body Tempering Pills on her mouth and activated her [Sprint] since she cannot use her [Stealth] while holding something.

She turned into a white shadow and flashed out from the scene in a second.

After coming back into Xiao Hei's courtyard, Tang Li Xue ran to the back of the big tree and impatiently uncorked the bottle of Body Tempering Pills.

The concentrated smell of medicine started to waft into her nostril.

'Urgh… I really hate eating medicine! In my previous life, I already eat all kind of medicines every day for as long as I can remember! To think in this life I will eat medicine with my own free will even though I am fully healthy! Sigh… Here goes nothing!"

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