Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 20 - Chapter 20: Martial Soul!

Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Martial Soul!

Tang Li Xue popped one of the Body Tempering Pills into her mouth. The taste was not as bad as she thought it to be; on the contrary, it was a bit... delicious? The taste was like herbal-mint flavored candy...

Tang Li Xue felt a great amount of EXP surging through her body, equal with when she ate the demonic beast roasted meat before.

[EXP gained!] [Strength+1]

'Ooooh?! Good stuff! Again then…'

[EXP gained!] [Strength+1]

[EXP gained!] [Strength+1]


[Congratulation! You achieved level 4, +15 stat point, +3 Skill Point]

There were eight Body Tempering Pills in the bottle and Tang Li Xue finished it all in only a minute.

'Sigh… It's over just like that? More! I want more! But my offense is quite weak just now if I did not target their eyes, I can only make a few shallow scratches on their face…'

Tang Li Xue decided to use 12 free points to increase her strength status to 80 and also upgrade her [Scratch] skill.

[Scratch skill already reached Mastered. Do you want to upgrade it to Sharp Claws with cost 3 Skill Points?]


[Scratch ability upgraded to Sharp Claws ability!]

As usual, her [Scratch (Mastered)] skill disappeared from her current status and changed into [Sharp Claws (Lv1)].

Now her offensive strength has gone up by one notch, it should be enough to leave some deep painful scars on those smug outer disciples' faces!

But now she had another problem…

On her previous encounter, Tang Li Xue already tried to use her wish to create a quest but she failed in the end.

Tang Li Xue already guessed that system quest was not that easy to trigger now but she already got some gist about it.

First, she cannot trigger it if something that what she wanted to do was judged by the system as too easy to accomplish. It made sense though if she could create a quest like 'I want to sleep at noon', 'I want to eat roast meat this morning', 'I want to sleep on my bed tonight', and get +1 level every time she completed it… she would definitely become a deity in less than a week!

Second, she could only take one quest at a time and she must finish it first before taking another one. Do not look down on this condition because this was another deadly trap set up by the system!

Imagine if she set up a quest like 'I want to defeat Xiao Hei's fatty uncle!' then she must definitely finish it first before taking another one! How long do you think for the current Tang Li Xue need to level up, evolve, and finally defeat a veteran Core Formation cultivator like Xiao Hei's uncle?

Ten years? Twenty years? Maybe more! And she cannot take another quest before she completed it!

Whereas the quest system was actually the fastest way for her to level up! So taking a quest beyond her current ability to finish it was actually a suicide so she must consider it really carefully!

'Meh… I will think about it later! Let's forget all of it and hunt for more pills today!'



"You dare to ask for our Body Tempering Pills share! Qing Wu! Who do you think you are?" Slender outer disciple shouted in anger.

There were also several of his friends that stood behind the slender looking guy ready to pounce to the guy named Qing Wu.

'Another case of bullying? But… that short guy named Qing Wu is really strange! I could feel some sinister aura from him! Let's look at the situation first!'

Tang Li Xue lazily sat on the nearby pillar while still in her [Stealth] mode.

"I have no time to squabble with you all! Give it to me now or die and I will take it by myself! I will give you three seconds to think!" Qing Wu sneered mockingly at them; his voice was so hoarse that making it hard to hear what he said clearly.

"F*ck! This little bast*rd really don't want to live anymore! Everyone let's teach our dear little martial brother a lesson on how to respect his senior!" The slender outer disciple and all of his friends' faces turned really ugly because of anger.

"Three! Time is up! DIE!" Qing Wu murmured lightly then his body vanished like a ghost under all peoples eyes.


Tang Li Xue agape in shock: 'Damn that Qing Wu is really vicious… he did not even count one and two but instantly jump to three… he also basically one-hit K.O all of them at this rate! Strong!'

"Qing… Qing Wu… you… you… are… pe…peak of… Body Tempering… Stage!" the slender outer disciple stuttered as Qing Wu held his neck like a chicken waiting to be slaughtered.

"Correct! That's why I need many Body Tempering Pills to breakthrough to Qi Condensation Stage sooner! As your reward, I will grant you a quick death!" Qing Wu said with a harsh tone while tightened his hand that was on the slender guy's neck.

'Uh... Oh… This is bad, isn't it? He really planned to kill them all! Holysh*t! Just how cruel is this guy? Isn't he already win?! Just take all of their pills as his trophy… why needs to kill them all! Oh no, I need to help them all! Fast!'


[Quest: (First Battle) Defeat a Peak Body Tempering Cultivator and save the outer disciples!]

[Reward: Level+2, Stat Point+30(+8), Skill Point+6(+2), 50 Deity Coins(+12)]

'Ooooh! It works! Okay… Let's kick this shorty's *ss!'

Tang Li Xue jumped out from behind the pillar and executed her usual set of moves!

[Sharp Claws]!


However, this time her opponent was not the small fry like before!

Qing Wu felt a dangerous breeze flew toward him and he instinctively tilted his face backward then throwing away the slender outer disciple toward Tang Li Xue.


He managed to dodge Tang Li Xue's attack when he tilted his face backward and he also threw the slender outer disciple made him crashed with Tang Li Xue canceled her [Stealth] only in a single swift movement.

'Damn! He is really hard to deal with! How the hell he could even move like that as if he can really see me?!'

"Annoying little beast! How dare you attack me?! I will send you with all of them to hell now!" Qing Wu yelled out in anger then charged toward Tang Li Xue and began attacking her in frenzy.

Qing Wu's speed was truly fast almost on par with Tang Li Xue. Unfortunately, he was only 'almost' on par but still not a match for Tang Li Xue with her divine ability [Innate: Agility] along with her [Sprint].

Moreover, Tang Li Xue's body size was only as big as a cat made her really hard to hit let alone catching her.

[Sharp Claws]!


Tang Li Xue jumped toward Qing Wu aimed at his vulnerable eyes but Qing Wu managed to predict it first and raised his right hand to cover his face. So Tang Li Xue's [Sharp Claws] only injured Qing Wu's right arm.

Qing Wu used this rare opportunity to caught Tang Li Xue's tail with his free left hand but Tang Li Xue with her extraordinary reflexes twirled her super flexible body around and [Bite] Qing Wu's left wrist.


"ARRRRGGGGGH!" Qing Wu screamed in pain and Tang Li Xue would not let this rare chance go away just like that!

Tang Li Xue jumped from Qing Wu's left arm toward his face and use her [Sharp Claws] toward his eyes!

[Sharp Claws]!


Tang Li Xue jumped again before Qing Wu's dropped to the ground and landed gracefully on the floor. Heck, she could even put a cool victory pose now!

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Qing Wu that fell off to the ground started to roll around in pain while holding his face.

This time Tang Li Xue's [Sharp Claws] succeeded in injuring Qing Wu's eyes! There were four deep horizontal bloody wounds from his right temple to his left temple!

"DAMN BEAST! YOU ARE DEAD! YOU ARE REALLY DEAD NOW!" Qing Wu slowly crawled up while keep holding his face and shouting combined with his messy appearances; he was truly like an insane person right now.

Tang Li Xue also kept her vigilance up since she still did not receive any 'Quest Completed' notification then it means that this battle was still far from over yet.

'Like facing a BOSS in RPG… Is it mean that he has second form like in the game or something?!'

Tang Li Xue kept her distance and she also did not let Qing Wu out from her sight.

"COME OUT, MY MARTIAL SOUL! ICE WOLF!" Qing Wu shouted with all of his strength and his feeble aura completely changed as the surrounding temperature dropped several degrees In an instant.


'Dammit! This looks really bad! And what the hell is that?!'

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