Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 21 - Chapter 21: Continuous Level Up!

Chapter 21: Chapter 21: Continuous Level Up!

A vague silhouette of a majestic blue wolf started to appear in front of Qing Wu along with its frightening howl, its transparent body also began to solidify.

Though Tang Li Xue did not know what exactly that was but her beastly instinct as fox screaming in danger.

However, since she already took the quest to defeat Qing Wu then she must face it to the end.

Tang Li Xue put all 67 of her free stat points into her agility stats increased it from 93 to 160 combined with her [Innate: Agility] that tripled her agility stats, her current agility equal with 480 points of agility.

'Come on! Bring it on!'

"ICE WOLF! GO! ICE BOLT!" The current Qing Wu cannot see anything with his eyes but it did not mean that his martial soul, Ice wolf cannot see either.

At first Tang Li Xue still looked down on the Qing Wu's blue colored wolf despite its dangerous aura since its size only as big as a Labrador and it was impossible for its burly body to move as fast as her!

Her quest was also to only defeat Qing Wu, not to defeat 'Qingwu and his martial soul'! So Tang Li Xue thinks she only needs to ignore the blue wolf and attack Qing Wu directly until he fell unconscious.

However now, Tang Li Xue realized how naïve she was as soon as the battle started again!

[Ice Bolt]!

The ice wolf opened its mouth and shot three sharp icicles in succession toward Tang Li Xue!

'Holy sh*t! DODGE! RUN!'

Tang LI Xue activated her [Sprint] in an instant ice wolf opened its mouth and dashed to the right side as fast as she can.


Three sharp icicles pierced deep into the ground where Tang Li Xue stood before!

"AGAIN! SHOOT! SHOOT! SHOOT! Until that f*cking fox filled with holes!" Qing Wu shouted crazily, his appearance right now really looks like an insane beggar.

The ice wolf started to shoot the [Ice Bolt] nonstop like a machine gun, each time it shot there would be three icicles flew toward Tang Li Xue!

Tang Li Xue ran around in zigzag swiftly sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left. Her speed was truly too fast to be seen made her resemble a white lightning in the middle of a sunny day!

'Damn! This is the first time I am really glad that my body size is so small like a cat! If my body as big as a horse, some of those ice bullets would have hit me already!'

Unfortunately, although she was very agile with her tiny sized body made all of those flying ice bullets very hard to hit her but she also cannot come closer to Qing Wu!

'Dammit! You want to play with bullets? Okay! WE WILL PLAY WITH BULLET THEN!'

[Mirror of the Moon] Active!

Copy start!

Name: [Ice Bolt] Type: Active Skill

Copy completed!

'You want to play with bullet, huh?! Eat this you b*stard!'

[ICE BOLT] Active!

Tang Li Xue opened her mouth and shot one sharp icicle to the ice wolf!

Yes… unlike the ice wolf that could shot three icicles at once, Tang Li Xue could only shot one at a time! Her icicle was also smaller than the ice wolf about only half of the size.

However, Tang Li Xue's sharp icicle moved several times faster than the ice wolf's icicle so Tang Li Xue's sharp icicle packed with more strength due to its speed!

Tang Li Xue's ice bolt… was impossible to dodge!


The sturdy ice wolf shattered like an ice statue when Tang Li Xue's ice bullet hit it right at its neck!

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Qing Wu screamed in pain and dropped down to the floor while holding onto his head when his martial soul shattered by Tang Li Xue's ice bolt.

After his body twitched several times, he fell completely unconscious.


[Quest Completed]!

[Gained: Level+2, Stat Point+30(+8), Skill Point+6(+2), 50 Deity Coins(+12)]

[Evaluation: Excellent] [Added additional reward: Bronze Lottery Ticket]


[Congratulation! You achieved level 6, +30 stat points, +6 Skill Points]

'Ooooh? What is this evaluation? There is an additional reward too?! So if I completed the quest quicker and more efficient, I could get additional reward?!'

Tang Li Xue walked toward the unconscious Qing Wu absentmindedly while in deep thought.

'But unfortunately, I still cannot evolve yet… It looks like my guess is right! The second evolution need my level to reach at least 11 or maybe even higher! Forget it then! At least, I only need 5 more level anyway!'

Tang Li Xue was rummaging all over Qing Wu's body and clothes. She managed to find six bottles full of body tempering pills on Qing Wu.

When Tang Li Xue turned her body around wanted to leave, she stopped suddenly…

'Wait… It would be such a waste to let this chance go away! And there is no guarantee that devil shorty will not take the body tempering pills on them if he regains his consciousness later, right?'

In the end, Tang Li Xue looted all the bottles of body tempering pills from all the unconscious people there and happily pocketing another ten bottles of body tempering pills!

She put all the bottles into a white-robe that she took from one of the unconscious people and use it like a sack to bring all sixteen bottles away with her mouth.



Tang Li Xue went back into Xiao Hei's room but since still noon right now, Xiao Hei had not returned yet so she was alone in the room.

'Nyahahaha! This Queen is rich now! 216 body tempering pills in total! Wait a minute… Isn't that mean if I finish them all I will gain another 216 points of strength? Nyahahaha! EAT… EAT… EAT IT ALL~~'

[EXP gained!] [Strength+1]

[EXP gained!] [Strength+1]

[EXP gained!] [Strength+1]


Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue's hope shattered when her strength stopped growing when it reached 120 but still 40 more strength status was actually an enormous boost!

'Sigh… so this pills stopped enhanced my strength now huh?! But really… I am getting sick eating it and why the hell I still have not leveled up yet!'

But it actually made sense since the EXP needed to increase from level 6 to level 7 probably more than a dozen of times EXP needed to increase level 3 to level 4.

[Congratulation! You achieved level 7, +15 stat points, +3 Skill Points]

Tang Li Xue managed to level up only once when she finished all of the body tempering pills. Her stomach bloated up like a toad as she lying on her back lazily on the top of the bed.

'Urghhh… my stomach… I want to puke… No! If I puke it out now all of my effort will be wasted! Ummm… If I puke it out, will my level go back down again to level 6 as a result? Urggghhh… Meh… Not going to try it anyway!'

Only at this moment that Tang Li Xue really felt that using quest to level up was the most correct way. She could level up while gaining more stat points and skill points; if she was doing it well, she would even get additional reward for it!

'Sigh… Well, I already tired of fighting for now. How about exploring this sect's farm to relax and sight-seeing for once in a while?'


[Quest: (Explorer) Explore Asura Demon Sect's farm! Beware, danger at every corner!]

[Difficulty: Hard]

[Requirement: [Hide], [Odorless], and [Trail Cover] skills]

[Reward: Level +3(+1), Stat Point+45(+11), Skill Point+9(+2), 150(+38) Deity Coins]

'BLOODY HELL! IT'S HARD DIFFICULTY! Can someone tell me how the hell could exploring the farm be so dangerous?'


<Xiao Bai's Daily Life (Part2)>

In Xiao Hei's room at night…

Xiao Hei pushed Xiao Bai onto the bed forcefully.

"Xiao Bai, now you cannot run away anymore!" Xiao Hei sneered at Tang Li Xue.

'Wait… what… what are you going to do to me? You… you… pervert Xiao Hei!'

Xiao Hei was laughing and started to undress his clothes one by one started from his robe then his pants until he was completely naked.

'Wow look at that six-packs… and he is not a small sausage at all! Sssshhhh… that must be a long loaf bread's size!'

'Xiao Hei… I… I am actually not ready for this… but… but if it's you then I am ok with this… Also, this is my first time so… please be gentle to me…'

Xiao Hei got into the bed and embraced Tang Li Xue full of gentleness and…


Threw her into a barrel bathtub full of hot water on the center of the room!

'Cough… Cough… Cough… You jerk! Didn't I say it 'please be gentle to me' hah! Why are you so rough?!'

Xiao Hei also jumped into the barrel bathtub and took out a soft brush then started to scrub Tang Li Xue's furry body!


'Ouch… Ouch… Ouch… I said be gentler you jerk! It really is hurt!'

"Xiao Bai, look you are so dirty now! Where are you playing today, huh?! There is even some dry blood on your fur! You better be careful! Listen up Xiao Bai if you really caught some lice then This Seat will not sleep with you anymore from now on!" Xiao Hei said while laughing mischievously and scrubs harder.

'What the hell! When This Queen asked you to sleep with her?! You are the one that always wanted to sleep while hugging This Queen tightly each night! Ow… Ow… Ow�� Stop it! Be gentler, you *sshole!'

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