Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 22 - Chapter 22: New Skills!

Chapter 22: Chapter 22: New Skills!


Tang Li Xue really wanted to puke out several mouthfuls of blood out now!

She recalled her experience when she saved Xiao Hei in the Moonlight Forest before.

The quest at that time also 'Hard' difficulty! It was a really close call back then, she was almost failed even with [Lucky Sticker] help!

Without [Lucky Sticker] she definitely must search the antidote deeper into the Moonlight Forest that full of demonic beasts! The risk was unimaginable high and with one little slip, Tang Li Xue's own life will be lost in vain!

She panicked for a bit but when she remembers that she still had [Greater Lucky Sticker] in her inventory, she quickly calmed down. It was her absolute lifesaving talisman and her only cheating item to complete the quest unscathed like when she saved Xiao Hei before!

But Tang Li Xue remembers that [Lucky Sticker] has some kind of buff duration and it was not too long only 10 minutes. So she immediately decided that she would not use it unless the situation was very urgent and she had no other choice anymore!

She also decided to spend a few days to familiarize herself with her new must-have skill for the quest before going to explore the farm later.

Tang Li Xue used 2 of her skill points to bought [Odorless] skill and [Trail Cover] skill!

[You have gained Odorless ability!]

[You have gained Trail Cover ability!]

'Since I already have 3 of the skills that I plan to combine later… let's just buy 2 other skills and see if it really could be combined into an OP divine ability!'

Once again Tang Li Xue spent another 2 of her skill points this time to bought [Silencer] skill and [Erasing Presence] skill without any hesitation!

[You have gained Silencer ability!]

[You have gained Erasing Presence ability!]

[Stealth(Lv1), Odorless (Lv1), Trail Cover (Lv1), Silencer(Lv1), Erasing Presence(Lv1) can be combined into Divine Ability [Ethereal Form] with cost 42 Skill Points. Do you want to combine it now?]

'YES! YEEESSSS! YEEEEEEESSSSS! It really can be combined into one super OP divine ability! But what the hell! 42 Skill Points?! Holysh*t! Even [Innate: Agility] only cost 10 Skill Points! Well, make sense since this divine ability sounds super OP! BUT NOT ENOUGH SKILL POINTS! Let's try answering 'yes'… YES!'

[Sorry, your current Skill Points is not enough yet!]

[You can try leveling up all the required skills to reduce the cost for combination!]

[Note 1: Each skill's level up will reduce Skill Point cost by 1. If you upgrade the skill after it reached Mastered, the cost will be reduced even further according to the upgrade cost!]

[Note 2: The minimum cost for the combination is 0. If your skill level is too high or you upgrade it too many times, the rest skill points will not get any refund!]


'Hmmm… Wait a minute… so the combination cost should be 50 skill points? But since I leveled up the [Hide] skill to Mastered it reduced by 5 Skill Points then I upgrade it to [Stealth] spending 3 Skill Points so now the combination cost also reduced by 3 skill points? 50 – 8 = 42 Skill Points as the combination cost?!'

Tang Li Xue's eyes turned brighter as the gear in her head started to turn at full speed until she jumped in happiness when she realized something.

'Muahahaha! Then if I level all 4 other required skills to Mastered I will get 20 Skill Points cost reduced! 42 – 20 = 22! Now it seems more reachable! I only need 22 Skill Points to combine them! Nyahahaha~~ I am so smart! Now I already have 13 Skill Points, I only need 9 more Skill Points!'

Tang Li Xue smiled happily and decided to check her current status before going to sleep!

[Species: Moon Fox]

[Grade: Common]

[Level 7 (Samaritan)]

Cultivation Technique: None

Martial Arts: None

Divine Ability: [Mirror of the Moon (Ice Bolt)], [Innate: Agility]


HP: 4500/4500

Strength: 120

Agility: 160


[Skills: Bite (Mastered), Sharp Claws (Lv1), Stealth (Lv1), Sprint (Lv2), Identify (Lv3), Herbalism (Lv3), Odorless (Lv1), Trail Cover (Lv1), Silencer (Lv1), Erasing Presence (Lv1)]

Stats Point: 83

Skill Point: 13

[Item: Immortal World's Newbie Guide, 2x2 Times Exp Card(1 hour), 7xRecovery Pill, 5xStamina Pill, 1xBad Luck Sticker, 1xGreater Lucky Sticker, 1xBronze Lottery Ticket, 1xSilver Lottery Ticket, 1xCultivation Voucher, 510 Deity Coins, Level 10 Beginner Gift Package]

After grinning satisfied at her current strength, Tang Li Xue snuggled onto Xiao Hei's body that already sleeping beside her and sleep comfortably on her favorite warm 'pillow'.



The following morning next day, Xiao Hei woke Tang Li Xue up for eating after preparing her favorite roasted meat by himself and he quickly left after taking his own breakfast with Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue also started to familiarize herself with all of her new skills after Xiao Hei left.

After experimented with it a few times, Tang Li Xue quickly realized that no skills in the system that was useless! All of them were extremely useful and truly miraculous!

For example this [Odorless] skill, it could isolate all kind of smell from Tang Li Xue's body making her completely untrackable by any sense of smell no matter how sharp it was! Tracking her using dog, wolf, or bear's sense of smell would be impossible from now on once she activated it!

For her [Trail Cover] skill, it was even more bizarre! Tang Li Xue experimented by walking on the sand, normally she would leave her footprints everywhere but with [Trail Cover] nothing came out!

Even Tang Li Xue herself confused on how this skill works and she believe with this skill, not even a modern fingerprint detector would be able to track her.

As for this [Silencer] skill, this was the most useful skill amongst all in Tang Li Xue's opinion. She experiment this skill using her [Sharp Claws] to nearby expensive-looking vase and the result? No grating sounds coming out! Not even a tiny bit of sounds!

Tang Li Xue threw the vase toward the pillar.


'Hmmm… So it creates a sound now? It looks like only the things still in contact with my body that will not make any sounds… let's try it again!'

Tang Li Xue held another expensive-looking vase with her two tiny cute paws and started to smash it toward the ground. It broke into many tiny pieces but miraculously no sounds coming out this time!

Lastly for this [Erasing Presence]… Tang Li Xue did not know what this skill was for yet! But since all other skills were so useful then it was impossible for this skill to be useless.

And for once this time Tang Li Xue was actually correct! The Foundation Establishment Cultivator above or some high-ranked demonic beasts would develop their own 'divine sense' and use it like their own eyes! They could scan using their divine sense and find any hidden traps or hidden enemies inside their range of divine sense even if it was something invisible!

The true function of this [Erasing Presence] was to make the user undetectable with any kind of 'divine sense' no matter how sensitive or sharp it was!

'Well, I already familiarize myself with all the new skills (except Erasing Presence) so I only need to wait until dark! Hopefully, any people and beast in the farm would be sleeping at night… Oh, I almost forgot to upgrade my [Bite] skill! I will need it to bite and eat some naughty demonic beast later haha~~'

[Bite skill already reached Mastered. Do you want to upgrade it to Rip with cost 3 Skill Points?]


[Bite ability upgraded to Rip ability!]

While waiting until nightfall, Tang Li Xue decided to read her Immortal World's Newbie Guide lazily about Martial Soul. Even though she still has a long way to regain her human form and have her own dantian but she really wants to know some information about it.

Martial Soul for humans was the same as divine ability for beasts…

'What the hell?! I thought only The Deity Candidate as awesome as me only have divine abilities! So all the beasts have it too?!'

Tang Li Xue was wrong about this… For savage beast, the probability for awakening their own unique divine ability was 0%! So amongst all savage beasts, only Tang Li Xue has her own unique divine ability!

While the probability for all the demonic beasts to awakening their own unique divine ability was 30% so only 30% of demonic beasts could use divine ability.

As for the spirit beasts, the probability was 100%! Yes, all the spirit beasts have their own OP unique divine ability for sure.

Of course, all of this did not apply for the evolution using the system. In other words, each time Tang Li Xue evolves, she will definitely 100% gain one divine ability!

With the condition that the species of fox that she chose as her own path of evolution have their own unique divine ability to awaken if not… then sorry, she still would not get any!

In other words, if she chose some cheap evolution path without any requirement for evolution, she would not get any divine ability!

'Sh*t! I almost miss my current divine ability! This system is really full of deadly trap! I need to be really careful in the future!'

Come back to martial soul's topic, each person has their own unique martial soul and martial soul would usually take a beast form while some rarer one would take a plant form.

Martial soul also divided by the rank from one to ten. Rank one as the lowest, while rank ten as the highest.

Martial soul rank itself related to many things, the higher the rank of the martial soul was the stronger the strength of their martial soul would be, the faster their cultivation will be, the faster their martial arts comprehension would be too, and many other more!

In Immortal World, the one that has a low-rank martial soul was always called a waste or a trash while the one that has a high-rank martial soul would be hailed as a genius.

But the words after that make even Tang Li Xue dumbfounded.

However, it was all no more than Immortal World's people narrow-mindedness and nothing more just like a frog at the bottom of the well!

On the contrary to them, in Divine World the lower the grade of martial soul the more favored they will be! The one that possessed the lowest grade martial soul will definitely be recruited as a personal disciple of some high ranked god!

'Damn! Now, this really makes me really curious and want to know why?!'

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