Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 4 - Chapter 4: Heart-Wrenching Betrayal (Edited)

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Heart-Wrenching Betrayal (Edited)

A great shockwave exploded wave after wave, even the mighty lion was blasted back a few meters by it and it quickly ran away in fear!

Of course, it was not like Tang Li Xue awakened some kind of OP godly skills or something like that.

Actually, she ended up no better than the lion, she was almost blasted even farther away than the lion but she quickly tried using her claws to hold onto the giant tree's bark.

She still ended up blasted away in a sorry state in the end, but at least she landed in the nearby bushes so she was not hurt that badly.

HP: 23/50

'Damn! My HP decreased by 27 points in total! Fortunately my max HP has already increased to 50, if my max HP was still 20 like before I might already be dead by now!'

She had already forgotten that she just stood in front of an adult lion a few seconds ago and almost entered its stomach!

Tang Li Xue quickly checked her surroundings and, after confirming there was no more lion in sight, she sighed in relief and carefully checked the source of that great shockwave.

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes brightened as she saw several humans floating above the forest using flying swords as their footing.

Are these the famous legendary cultivators?!

In her previous world, Tang Li Xue only saw cultivators flying on TV or in manhua!

Now they were no longer fictional but real! Tang Li Xue's topaz eyes glinted with determination as she clenched her tiny paw.

'Someday I will be like them! No, this lady would certainly surpass them and become a Fox Deity!'



"This seat would never expect that the wise and righteous sects' elders would use such a despicable tactic as ambushing and ganging up against one person." The black-robed young man lazily said as his handsome face smiled coldly.

"Shut up! You are only a brat from an evil and treacherous sect, you have no right to judge us!" the red-robed old man shouted in anger.

The black-robed young man squinted his obsidian black eyes and said "There is no need to pretend. This Seat knows you got the information about This Seat's route from the traitors in This Seat's 'evil and treacherous' sect. So in other words you are colluding with the 'evil and treacherous' sect! Is This Seat right, Mister Right and Righteous?" His words were full of mockery and disdain.

There were ten elders with high-ranked cultivation here and the black-robed man only had his trusted aide by his side. It was obvious that this ambush was planned very carefully and the enemy already knew long ago that he would certainly take this route.

The ten elders widened their eyes in surprise.

They clearly did not think that this young man had already guessed that there were traitors in his sect's ranks but that did not matter now because the talented young man would certainly die today!

He had to die! Since if this genius young man grew up, he would surely become a peerless expert in both pen and sword!

All ten elders' eyes turned cold and they did not bother to conceal their thick killing intent as they charged at the Black-robed young man at the same time.

The black-robed young man calmly took out his crimson red sword and his trusted aide also took out his black dual-daggers.

"DIE!!!" All the elders were shouting and releasing their martial art skills at the same time.

[Condensed Flame Slash], [Icicle Pierce], [Black Tiger Claw], [Earth Spike], [Wind Shredder] and more.....

Ten martial art skills focused on the black-robed man but he only sneered in disdain while slowly raised his fist.

[Asura King Fist]


'Holysh*t! This time the shockwave would probably be far greater than before!' Tang Li Xue, who was still leisurely watching the battle from quite far away, quickly ran to find cover and hid behind a nearby giant tree.

All ten elders flew backward a few meters but they quickly stabilized their footing on their flying swords while their faces turned pale for a bit. But at the same time, the black-robed man did not even move an inch.

It was ten against one!

And it looks like the black-robed man still held a bit of advantage over his opponents!

'BADASS!!! This is what a man should be!' Tang Li Xue's eyes shone with adoration as she quietly admired the handsome black-robed man from behind the giant tree.

"This is it? Now it's my turn!" The black-robed man was smiling coldly and slowly raised his blood-red sword. His smile was full of confidence and charm, even Tang Li Xue went into a daze and was charmed by his smile.

'Cool, Handsome, Strong! Full marks! Oh... My dreamy man!' Thought Tang Li Xue as she wiped the drool that dripped from her fox muzzle.

[Heaven Splitting Wave!]

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Five of the elders' bodies exploded like gore filled balloons in the sky, their blood and organs splattering everywhere.

But there was no joy in the black-robed man…

"Cough... Cough..." The black-robed man coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood and slowly turned back while his expression became even frostier.

He saw there was a black dagger stabbed into his left shoulder, it looked like the assailant wanted to impale his heart through his back.

"Why..." The black-robed man wanted to ask why he did this but he stopped his words midway and sighed. Yes... the assailant was the black-robed man's aide that stood behind him all this time.

"This subordinate... Sorry... I was forced! They... They held my family and told me to....." The aide tried to explain but the black-robed man did not want to hear what he said anymore.

[Asura King Fist]


The aide wanted to dodge but he could not since the space around him was already locked down by the black-robed man. The aide's head burst like a watermelon under the black-robed man's fist.

No mercy!

The black-robed man's action was so decisive that it sent a chill down the spine of all the spectators who saw it, including Tang Li Xue.

'Cruel and decisive! I like him even more! He is really my type! Truly worthy of being this Lady Deity Candidate's concubine!' Tang Li Xue nodded as she sent two thumbs to him in her heart.

The black-robed man coughed out a few more mouthfuls of blood after he killed his aide and this time his blood was black! It looked like the black dagger that was stabbed into his back actually had a very lethal poison smeared on it.

"He... He is poisoned! Look! He is dying! Let's give him the killing blow together!" One of the remaining five elders shouted and awakened the rest from their daze.

"KIIIIIIIILLLL!!!" Five elders shouted as their eyes turned red, full of killing intent.

"Meddlesome insects! Scram!" The black-robed man said angrily, he spun his blood-colored sword furiously and his sword's color turned even redder.

"Nine Petal Blood Lotus, Devour!" The black-robed man murmured as his blood-colored sword began to emit intense crimson light and devoured the five elders that were charging towards him.

Those close could not see what the intense crimson light's form truly was, but Tang Li Xue saw it!

'Crazy!!! That Nine Petal Blood Lotus swallowed all those old men in a single moment, not leaving anything behind! All of those old men are pretty strong but that handsome man is truly dominating!' Tang Li Xue gasped in shock.

Yes, the intense crimson light's true form was the Nine Petal Blood Lotus shadow.

After he drew out even more of his strength, the poison inside the black-robed man's body spread even further and his consciousness began to fade away.

As the black-robed man passed out, his Qi also stopped supplying power to the flying sword under his feet and he began to plunge downward.

'Oy... Oy... Oy... You won't die after showing off such a cool performance, right handsome?' Tang Li Xue sighed, 'How could you fulfill your duty as this Lady Deity Candidate's concubine if you die here?!'

Tang Li Xue quickly activated her [Dash] skill and ran at full speed toward where the black-robed man fell.

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