Runaway Guide

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Childhood Sweetheart (e)

Xi Wei’s self-introduction surprised everyone, but he didn’t care. He said it so directly because he hated Klaire’s attitude of “Xi Wei is an Omega, we should protect him.” Who needs your protection?

Therefore, in their first class meeting, Xi Wei said publicly: I am not gentle, not cute, and I do not need protection!

He had to stay with this group of people for nine years, and during that period, Xi Wei did not want to hear “I want to protect you” said to him every day—just imagining it already gave him goose bumps.

After Xi Wei introduced himself, next in turn was his roommate, Aiden. Compared to Xi Wei’s bold and unconstrained aura, Aiden had a typical Omega character: docile and well-behaved. He walked to the stage, smiled shyly and said in a soft voice, “Hello everyone, my name is Aiden…”

Then he suddenly fell down under the gaze of the crowd…

All the children were stunned, and Xi Wei was the first one to react. He rushed to the stage, held Aiden’s hand and asked, “Aiden? What happened to you? Can you hear me? Aiden?”

The teacher, Kelly, was scared as well. She had taught in so many classes, and Xi Wei was the most special Omega she had ever seen. And while she was still feeling shocked over Xi Wei’s loud and confident self-introduction, another Omega had actually suddenly fainted…

Kelly hurried past. She looked at the pale child lying on the ground, and upon realizing he was unconscious, immediately picked him up and said, “I’m going to bring him to the infmary!”

Xi Wei followed her out of the classroom, and Klaire hurried behind Xi Wei.

The alpha and beta students left in the class looked at each other—there were only two Omegas in the class, but one of them was even more scary than Alphas, and the other one immediately fainted after introducing himself…will this class be okay?

Meanwhile, Carlo, who was sitting in the front row, frowned and said, “Omegas are a real hassle.”


At the school’s infirmary, the doctor did a comprehensive medical examination on Aiden and immediately concluded, “This child has polycythemia, a very rare ‘excessive red blood cells syndrome’, causing him to have serious anemia since an early age, and a very poor immune system. Today he suddenly fainted because of overwork caused by excessive brain ischemia.”

Kelly was very surprised, and couldn’t help asking, “How could he get this disease?”

The doctor looked at Aiden who was lying on the bed, sighed and said, “Have his parents been informed? Tell his parents quickly.”

Kelly said, “The only contact he registered during the administration was his omega father. I’ll contact him now.”

The head teacher went out to contact Aiden’s father, leaving Xi Wei and Klaire in the infirmary. They looked at each other in apparent confusion, they had never heard of this strange disease before, so they were at a loss over Aiden’s condition.

Xi Wei could not help but ask, “Doctor Uncle, excessive red blood cells syndrome, what is this disease ah?”

The doctor explained, “There are things called red blood cells (RBCs) in a human’s bloodstream. They act like cleaners which will help to clean up harmful substances from our body. However, when the number of RBCs exceed the normal amount, they will attack the normal cells in our blood and become the enemies of our body. This condition will result in anemia, organ failure, and can even lead to death in serious cases.”

Xi Wei: “…”

He originally thought Aiden just had heatstroke, but unexpectedly it was a serious disease. The normal cells in the bloodstream are constantly being swallowed up, which sounds scary.

“Is there a way to cure it?” Xi Wei asked.

The doctor answered, “People who have this disease can now rely on cytotoxic drugs to temporarily control it, but to cure it completely, it can only be done by hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and systemic blood replacement. Matching stem cells are usually found in the patient’s closest relatives.”

Watching the unconscious boy lying on the bed, Xi Wei couldn’t help the surge of pity rising inside him. Such a small child, yet he had to battle with this rare disease; Aiden’s luck sure was bad. No wonder his character was so quiet, he must be restrained by this disease of his. Even if he wanted to be lively, he couldn’t for fear of his anemia suddenly acting up.

Mrs. Kelly soon returned, and with a heavy face she said to the doctor, “I have informed his family, and the boy’s father is coming.” She looked at Aiden, then turned her gaze at the two children around him, “Xi Wei, Klaire, you two go back first. And if the other students ask, just say that Aiden got heatstroke, so they don’t have to worry. Tell your classmates to do self-study for now, I will return to the classroom soon.”

Xi Wei said, “Teacher, I want to stay here with Aiden, let Klaire go back first.”

Klaire wanted to say, “I’ll stay here with you…” but was glared at by Xi Wei, and quickly changed his mind, “Oh, OK, I’m going back first.”


Aiden’s father soon came. He looked like a very gentle man, with tall stature, the same short chestnut-brown hair as Aiden’s, and light-colored eyes—his resemblance with Aiden was uncanny.

Kelly had said that she would be contacting Aiden’s Omega Father, so this man must be the one who gave birth to Aiden, an omega male.

It was Xi Wei’s first time seeing an omega male with a child, and he somehow felt very awkward at the thought of this man giving birth to Aiden. However, the man in front of him had a very gentle temperament, and it was impossible to dislike him.

The man went to the bedside anxiously, took hold of his son’s hand and asked, “How is he, Doctor?”

The doctor said, “Your son has excessive red blood cells syndrome, do you know about it?”

The man nodded, “I know.”

The doctors continued, “To eradicate this disease he must undergo hematopoietic stem cells transplant. Does Aiden have brothers or sisters?”

The man bowed his head and answered, “No, I only have one child.”

The doctor pondered about it, “Then you’d better contact your husband as soon as possible, make plan to have another child, so you’ll have better chance of a matching stem cells for transplantation. This disease can be controlled for up to 9 years, and you should know better what would happen if you can’t find the right hematopoietic stem cells when he reaches 14 years old. ”

The man’s face was pale, and after a moment’s silence, he finally nodded, “I know…I’ll find a way.”

At this moment, Aiden finally opened his eyes. Seeing him waking up, a slight smile appeared on the man’s face. He kissed his son’s forehead lightly, and said, “Aiden, don’t be afraid, Dad is here.”

Aiden nodded, holding his hand, “Dad, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

The man touched Aiden’s head, and stood up, “Teacher Kelly, I’ll speak to the headmaster about Aiden’s special circumstances. He hasn’t been healthy since childhood, so I’ll have to bother you to look after him.”

Kelly immediately said, “You are welcome Mr. Randy, I’m just doing what I should do.”

So this man’s name is Randy? While Xi Wei was thinking this, Randy turned to him and said, “You are Aiden’s roommate, His Royal Highness Prince Xi Wei, right?” ”

Xi Wei nodded, “Yes.”

Randy bowed respectfully toward Xi Wei and asked him earnestly, “Can I trouble you to please take care of my son in the future?”

Xi Wei hurriedly answered, “It’s no trouble. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of him.”

Randy smiled and thanked him, “Thank you, First Prince.”

Xi Wei was a bit startled by the man’s smile; it was very good-looking. Aiden had obviously inherited his physical characteristic from his father, both of them looked like they were carved from the same mold, only in a larger version and smaller version. The bond and affection shared between this omega father and child was also very wonderful, it looked really warm…

However, although he did feel warm seeing these two, Xi Wei still refused to imagine himself giving birth to his own children.

Randy and Kelly went together to find the headmaster, while Xi Wei stayed in the ward with his roommate. Aiden reached out his small hand and gently held onto Xi Wei’s, saying, “Xi Wei, don’t tell the other students about me being sick, OK?”

Xi Wei smiled, “Okay, I will help you keep it a secret.”

The child lying on the bed smiled weakly, looking at Xi Wei with eyes full of trust, “Before I saw you, I always thought that the first prince must be very arrogant, and difficult to get along with. However, your personality is actually so easy-going, and you are also so good to me.”

The child was obviously feeling a bit moved by his roommate’s action, so Xi Wei smiled, and touched his head while saying: “Get some rest, I’ll be here to accompany you.”

They were clearly the same age, but Xi Wei acted like an adult as he took care of Aiden; sitting on his bedside like a parent, touching Aiden’s head, then pouring a drink for Aiden and feeding him—this view really was surprising.

When the doctor came to check on Aiden’s temperature, he couldn’t help but laugh as he witnessed this scene, he thought: Although these two small kids are omegas, their characters are really different.


After Klaire returned to the classroom, he found out what kind of mess his class had been turned into. The students had gathered into groups of twos and threes, and when they saw Klaire came back, someone immediately asked, “What happened to that Aiden? When will the teacher come back …”

Klaire explained, “Everyone don’t worry, Aiden fainted because of heatstroke, and the teacher said they’ll come back soon.”

Carlo, who was sitting next to him, frowned once again and said, “Omegas are really troublesome.”

This sentence clearly painted all omegas with the same brush, including Xi Wei. Klaire turned to him and asked, “How are omegas troublesome?”

Carlo said confidently, “Obviously we are all the same human beings, but they have that annual whatever-estrus, and have to be taken care of for three days and nights. Also, Omegas are sickly since childhood, they can’t do this, can’t do that, even casually basking in the sun can make them faint, don’t you think the existence of Omegas is kind of troublesome?”

Klaire: “…”

The rest of alphas who heard him speak were stunned. As an alpha, he not only didn’t want to care and protect omegas, but he actually thought of those precious omegas as troublesome as well. This kind of view is…very unique.

At that time, these students had yet to realize that St. Paul Academy’s Batch 579, Class 1, is a “monster concentration camp.”

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