The CEO's Woman

Chapter 15 Awakening

Chapter 15 Awakening

Later that night, Jiang Mian talked to Lu Shi and Jiang Chanming about her plans over the phone.

Jiang Chanming was quite satisfied with this daughter of his. Jiang Mian is very smart and cunning. He is proud of his daughter for being independent.

Lu Shi, however, feels impatient. The National Exams is more than a month away. They couldn't wait that long.

They need to get close to Jiang Yue as soon as possible.

After Jiang Chanming left to his study, Lu Shi dialed her phone to call someone.

She heard 3 rings before the person on the other line answered.

"What do you want?" She heard the man said. His voice laced with impatience.

"I want you to do something to Jiang Yue." She answered.

There was a long silence before she heard the man's voice again.

"How much damage do you want?"

"Just enough to put her to the hospital for a few days. And- I want it as soon as possible." She said.

"Got it. Send the payment to my account."

"No- No payment this time. I want you to do this for your daughter. Our daughter." Lu Shi said as she tried to suppress her feelings. This is just the second time that she initiated contact with this man after she gave birth. First was when she asked him to do something about Wang Rou, Jiang Yue's mother.

She heard a chuckle on the other line. "Lu Shi... ah... Lu Shi. You are still as dumb as ever. Did a donkey hit your head?" Then she heard him laugh, this time his voice is full of mockery. "Say... what would Jiang Chanming do if he discovered that Jiang Mian is not of his blood? Hm?"

"No don't. Please don't. I will send the payment tomorrow. I- just don't do something that will harm my daughter." Lu Shi said as she gripped her phone. Her knuckles turning white.

"Let me remind you about something Lu Shi... I never cared about your daughter. I only care about the money. " He said before he cuts off the line without waiting for her reply.

Lu Shi gritted her teeth as she tosses her phone over her bed. That man is so hateful. He never cared about his daughter. All he cares about is the money that she sends him monthly to keep his mouth shut.

Lu Shi knows that she couldn't just kill the man, yet. That man is very cunning. He always kept some insurance, in case something happens to him. This man has become her bane. He is Lu Shi's greatest fear.

But, Lu Shi doesn't need to think of this man for now. What she needs is to create an elaborate plan to hook Jiang Yue.


Despite the silence in her house, Jiang Yue was not feeling any discomfort. In fact, she felt quite relaxed.

Jiang Yue was lying in her king-sized bed while thinking about the events these past few days. She just finished a call to his cousin Wang Minghua. She asked her cousin to gather a specific group of people for her. People with specific expertise.

She knows that the Wang family had their own little army to protect them. But she wants to create a little group of her own to take care of her little problems. She wanted to grow as in individual. Jiang Yue knows that she couldn't depend on the Wang Family forever.

Jiang Yue let out a long sigh as she continues staring at the wall above her. She really couldn't do anything without the Wang Family. In her previous life, she died at the age of 24, turning 25. But she realized that, at that age, she really didn't know a lot of things.

After her mother's death, she felt that she didn't know a lot of things. But it seems that with each passing year, she was a lot less clear about most of it.

She realized that she died not knowing most of anything. She was too focused on scheming and competing with Jiang Mian that she didn't notice what was happening around her. Or maybe at that time, she really didn't care about it.

Even after living a quarter of a century, she realized that she was still so naive. She always thought that if she avoided all those people from her past, then she will be at peace. She even made new friends and associated herself with the people that truly like her. Yet, fate has a funny way of doing things.

She couldn't just watch those people cause chaos in her life. She is still determined to avoid them but if they insist on doing something then she won't be merciful as well. And to succeed she needs her own army. She will create her own empire to protect her.

This realization is like her awakening. What transpired today is like the catalyst for this decision. And she will do it. This is for herself and for the people that she loves. For the people that she wants to protect in the future.

After having this thought, Jiang Yue give herself a pat in the back. While she is still building her empire, she needs a diversion. She needs to do something about the people that could easily ruin her while she is still vulnerable. And she will start with Yu Chen.

As the campus student president, Yu Chen had the biggest influence not just to the students but also to the teachers. She needs to keep Yu Chen busy for while, so he will forget about creating trouble for Jiang Yue.

Jiang Yue walked into the study table across her bed. She opened her laptop and started typing a series of complicated codes.

If there was one thing that she is an expert of, that is hacking. She had been learning for the past 3 years. She did this because of 2 reasons. First was because the Wang's had a company that involves a lot of technology. And the second reason was that, she really wanted to do the things that she was not able to do in her previous life.

Her fingers flew over the keyboards like her life depended on it. Then after a while, Jiang Yue's lips lifted into an evil smile.

"So, this is what you keep in your laptop. hmmm... why don't we let everyone know about your dirty little secret?" Jiang Yue thought out loud as she hit enter.


On the next day, a big scandal hit the student president of an A list secondary school. The student president allegedly sent lewd images and videos to all of his email contacts.

People said someone hacked his computer. Some even called him pervert.

On the background, Jiang Yue was just watching as the teachers run to the headmistress' office for an emergency meeting. She was quietly sipping her iced coffee while enjoying the show.

Of course, the student president that was mentioned on the rumors was Yu Chen. And the culprit was Jiang Yue. But no one really knows that.

Well, except for one other person. The person who was always watching her.

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