The CEO's Woman

Chapter 16 Museum

Chapter 16 Museum

Today is Saturday. It had been 2 days since that incident happened and Jiang Yue still feels ecstatic.

The incident had given both Yu Chen and Jiang Mian a lot of stress lately.

Yu Chen was not allowed to leave his home. Now that his reputation is hanging by a thread, his parents pushed him to get Jiang Yue's attention even more. Jiang Yue's help alone could practically save their business. Using her name to diminish this bad rumors can be considered child's play.

Jiang Mian, on the other hand, is taking all the brunt from the incident. She is doing her best to tell everyone that her Chen gege is innocent. Still, she couldn't stop the students from talking behind her back.

The school is not doing any better. A lot of teachers want Yu Chen to be expelled but the Headmistress disagreed. Her main reason is that Yu Chen is one of the top students in the School. If they expel him now, it will affect their score in the National Exams.

A lot of teachers didn't like her line of thought but they could only grit their teeth in anger. Yu Chen also came from an influential family and to offend them is not really a good thing.

Jiang Yue didn't expect this outcome. Nonetheless, she is still happy.

Today, she asked Shen Rong to celebrate for her accomplished week. Of course, that was just to cover the true reason for her happiness. Shen Rong agreed without second thoughts. After some minutes of deciding where to spend their day, they finally decided to meet in an art museum.

Both Jiang Yue and Shen Rong loved music and art. Jiang Yue had deep memories when it comes to art. After all, her mother, Wang Rou was an artist. Wang Rou always loved to bring her to art galleries when she was still alive.

Jiang Yue chose to wear a knee-length floral printed white dress. It's still spring so she decided to wear colorful clothes, in contrast to her usual neutral colored style.

They agreed to meet at 10 am but Jiang Yue arrive earlier. She is planning to take a look at some of the paintings inside the museum.

She directly went into the place that shows their highlighted collections. Although these paintings are mostly fakes, Jiang Yue still loves to look at them. Especially her mom's favorite painting 'the kiss' by Gustav Klimt.

Her mother always loves golden colors and that is one of the reasons why she likes this painting so much.

As her eyes roamed around the gallery, another painting caught her attention. It was the 'Uranium and Atomica Melancholica Idyll' by Salvador Dalí. She made her way to the painting and examined it.

This painting is full of symbolism. It's full emotions. She can feel war, death, decay, sadness, and devastation. However, she can also feel hope. A new start. She can feel redemption.

"Very beautiful" A husky voice, pulled her out from her thoughts.

She looked at the man standing next to her. He is a tall guy around her age, trim build and not overly muscular. Her eyes traveled to his face and she couldn't help but pinch herself. This is not a man. This guy is a god. She is sure of it.

He had jet black hair hanging over his forehead paired with equally black eyes. He had a strong jaw and a celestial nose. With beautiful pink lips that are curved into a smirk.

"What did you say?" She asked him shaking the weird thoughts out of her head.

"I said... it's very beautiful. The painting." The man answered his dark eyes still fixed on her.

"You think so? But- but it's full of death and sadness and depression." She said as she moves her gaze back to the painting.

"Death is a beautiful thing. Without death, we cannot start a new life. Without death, there is no reincarnation." The man said, still looking at her. His gaze deep, as if he is trying to read her soul. Reach for it and grab it. Make it his own.

"Do you believe in reincarnation?" She asked.

"Do you?"

Jiang Yue look at the man again. She seemed to have seen him somewhere before. She can't seem to shake off the idea that she already met this guy. She narrowed her eyes trying to remember.

'No that is impossible. She cannot forget a face as beautiful as his.' She thought.

"Do I know you from somewhere? I feel like I have seen you before." She blurted her thoughts out.

"Did you?" He smirked.

Jiang Yue frowned. This mans keeps on answering her questions with another one.

"I don't know. But I feel like I couldn't have forgotten a face as beautiful as yours so maybe not." She shrugged then she walked away from the man.

The guy looks like an angel but everything about him except for his face screams dangerous. So she decided not to prolong their conversation. That- and he keeps on staring at her like he wants to devour her. It's creepy.

"You know, you are the first girl who actually walked away from me without really finishing our conversation." The guy mumbled as he followed her.

"Conversation? I didn't think we had one." She said. Her steps didn't falter.

"You are also the first who ignored my good looks and didn't seem to like talking to me," he said.

"Well, Mr. there is always a first to everything."

The guy chuckled seemed amused by their conversation. "I agree. Just like how you will be the first to my everything." He said in a voice that she couldn't hear.

Jiang Yue suddenly stopped walking. "Why are you following me?" She turned around and ask the person who is walking behind her.

"I...Why don't you like talking to me?" he suddenly asked her.

Jiang Yue rolled her eyes. "Why would I like to talk to someone I don't know?"

"I'm called Jin... Fu Jin. Now you know me" He gave her a blinding smile.

Jiang Yue was taken aback. Not because of his smile but because of his name. This guy is actually Fu Jin. The heir to the FU conglomerate. One of the four top families in the country. Why would this guy follow her around like a dog? Even trying to start a conversation having the fact that she is ignoring him?

This is not a character of someone rich and famous.

This guy must be lying.

This guy is an impostor.

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