The CEO's Woman

Chapter 17 Marriage Proposal

Chapter 17 Marriage Proposal

"Yeah. Nice try!" She turned her back and started walking again. She sure has no time for fake people. The guy didn't say anything but he also didn't stop following her.

"Don't! Don't follow me around." She said. She is starting to get irritated. Still, the guy didn't stop walking behind her.

"I said stop! Or..." She hissed as she looks at the guy. She is clearly annoyed by this guy's presence.

"Or what?" The guy name Jin walked closer. Emphasizing their height difference.

"Or I will call someone from Fu Conglomerate and have you arrested for impersonating their young master." She said. She is sure that this is not Fu Jin. Although she hasn't seen the man in person, from her previous life, she knows that the heir to the Fu Conglomerate is sickly. He didn't have the luxury to go outside. Much less roam into a museum and chase some girl he just met.

Yet, contrary to her expectations, the guy didn't show any panic or fear. He even giggled. Irritating her even more.

"You think I'm an impostor?" He raised his eyebrow and walked closer, making her took a step back until she realizes that her back is already on the wall. She is trapped.

He inclines his face towards her as she lifted her eyes and met his gaze. She could feel her heart beating wildly. For a brief second, they remained still.

"You know, I could always have you killed for sexually assaulting me." She broke the silence. Her eyes still fixed at him.

This time, the guy took a step back and laughed merrily. "I didn't sexually assault you. At least not yet." He shook his head and look at her intensely before walking away while saying something that made her shiver.

"I'll forgive you for threatening to kill me. But, I will have to ask your grandfather to compensate." Her eyes widened in shock when she heard his statement.

'What compensate? Is this guy serious? He is just an impostor. He must be threatening me.' She thought.

Then her eyes widened even more. She wondered how did this guy know about her grandfather. Did he know her? Did someone send him to harm her? She tried to look at the hallway where the guy disappeared into but she couldn't see his shadow anymore.

"Xiao Yue?" She suddenly heard Shen Rong's voice behind her.

"What are you doing standing here alone?" Shen Rong asked her.

"Nothing... Let's go" She answered as they started walking away from the hallway.

At the same time, in a dark corner of the art museum, Fu Jin was staring silently at Jiang Yue's silhouette.

"Tell me, did I do something wrong?" He said, his voice almost croaky, low and rough, almost unrecognizable.

The guy in a suit was just silently watching Fu Jin. Honestly, he didn't know what to say. Could he just tell him that he made the wrong approach? Now the Young Miss Jiang will see him as someone creepy.

His young master has been acting weirdly ever since he knew that Young Miss Jiang had an encounter with Mr. Yu Chen. He seemed to be agitated. Then excited. Then angry.

"Answer me Bei Ye" Fu Jin demanded.

"I...I didn't think so Young Master." He said, his voice brittle in fear.

"But?" Fu Jin asked.

"But I think you made the wrong approach. The young miss already thinks that you are impersonating yourself. And I think she also thinks that..." Bei Ye hesitated. He had been with the young master since they were young and this is the first time that the young master's intelligence seems to be non-existent today. "that you are a bit creepy" He continued as he lowered his head. He is afraid to face the anger of their young master. But he also knows that Young Master Jin doesn't like people who lie.

"Hmmm... the wrong approach you say?" Fu Jin said still looking at the empty hallway. His eyes darkening. He is planning to woo Jiang Yue but it seems that he needs to change his plans. He started walking away from the hallway and made his way into a secret elevator that will bring them to his transport.

"Did you hear something from the Yu's? He asked Bei Ye as they boarded the elevator.

"Yes. Young master. The patriarch is planning to have Mr. Yu Chen and Miss Jiang Yue meet coincidentally. He wants Mr. Yu Chen to get close to the Young Miss and...and perhaps marry her in the future."

Fu Jin didn't say anything. He wondered why would Jiang Yue hack Yu Chen's computer and send those images. Isn't she suppose start competing for Yu Chen's attention? The hacking also didn't happen in their previous life. What could have changed her?

He knit his eyebrows in annoyance. This is not the same as their previous life. Yu Chen didn't pursue Jiang Yue in the last lifetime, it's the other way around. If Yu Chen will start to pursue Jiang Yue in this time, then, will she fall in love with him?

He pursed his lips. 'No that cannot happen. I need to protect her.' He thought as he boarded his car absentmindedly.

"Where to young master?" He heard Bei Ye ask.

"Call father and asked him to prepare betrothal gifts. I am going to the Wang Estate to propose for marriage."

Bei Ye almost jump out of his seat when he heard Fu Jin's answer.

"Young...Master, isn't this a bit too fast? You just met the Young Miss. I... I don't think the patriarch will agree." He said.

"The young Miss Jiang just threaten to have me killed. I'm afraid that she will do that, so I will ask for her grandfather to compensate me." Fu Jin said. "Nevermind, don't tell father. I will tell him myself. Lets got to the Wang Estate. I will propose for a marriage."

Bei Ye cannot follow his Young Masters logic but he didn't say anything as he started driving towards the Wang Mansion.

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